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Kitty Sue and the Three Pandas

Once upon a time, three pandas lived a quiet life in the forest…


This story seems a little, but not entirely, familiar!


What a perfectly charming cottage! I wonder who lives there…


In a cabin in the woods…


These guys are so full of themselves!


unhand…um…unpaw that cuppycake!

what fresh horror

…and she ate the just right cuppycake all up!

boundary issues

unauthorized search and seizure is SOOOO tiring!




Is this episode exciting? you bet it is!


The discovery of the terrible crime in the pandas’ house…

And now, for some alternative facts!


Pandas are very misunderstood, in so many ways….


What a lovely day for the 3 pandas to relax at home!

(In case you were confused about the ending, in the words of Dee Martin Wintle: They ate Kitty Sue!!!!!)

Happy Solstice, everyone, no matter which hemisphere you’re in!

Be da Bear
Bob T Panda

Daddee Knows Best

Dadde will fix everything, because, Daddee knows best. But has he really thought that he can keep Pinky from her desire for world domination? I think Daddee has not thought this through well. Not well at all.

Pinky is just so sensitive....

Pinky is just so sensitive….

It all comes back to politics, doesn’t it? Be sure to tune in again on Sunday (Not to mention fabulous Furry Friday) when Mittens the Cat makes his first reappearance on the panda debate stage. Both Bob and Pinky will be there with Mehitabel as your moderator, trying to keep things from getting nasty. Good luck with that!

Stay tuned and Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

Daddee Knows Best

I am probably revealing just how ancient I am when I say that I remember the TV show, Father Knows Best. Although to be honest, I don’t really remember much about the show, just that it was a thing, way back when. It’s possible that the hapless father in question never really called the shots, but hey, maybe I’m just misremembering or something. But when it comes to Pinky, it’s more like Mommee Knows Best, not that she has any chance of controlling her presidential Pink self. At times like this, she just has to throw up her paws and let Dad take a turn. I don’t think Mei believes that Tian will have any better luck than she does, it’s just, you know, she needs a break from being the enforcer.

Um...I think Pinky has Daddee wrapped around her fuzzy little paw. Just saying.

Um…I think Pinky has Daddee wrapped around her fuzzy little paw. Just saying.

Will Mei Xiang discover what’s under the bed? Will Bubba get Pinky’s dessert? Will Mr. Bun apply for political asylum in Canada? Stay tuned and find out in our next exciting episode!

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda

Is Tian Tian campaigning for Pinky?

The video of Tian Tian of the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington DC was all over the internet as well as television and newspapers a few weeks ago, as Tian Tian showed us just how much fun playing in the snow is. Well, it is if you’re a panda and don’t have to shovel your sidewalk and figure out how to get to work!

But the rest of us…well, at least the rest of you who live in places where snow shows up on a regular basis, we have a somewhat different relationship with the cold white stuff.

Meanwhile, Pinky seems to figured out how to turn Daddy’s fame into a plus for her presidential campaign…

Pinky never misses a trick!

Pinky never misses a trick!

Well, I did hear that the host of Meet the Press suggested that a panda should be president. Or maybe that’s just hearsay. And maybe it wasn’t Pinky, but a panda with …ahem…more experience that should be considered. I don’t know. But then again….

The results of the Giant Panda Global Awards have been announced and um…Pinky did not win the two categories she was nominated in. I am pretty sure there will be repercussions, especially since baby brother Bubba totally rocked the Cub of the Year category. This is not going to be well received. Stay tuned.

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda

Is it really Monday already?

I think we can now put to rest that very unflattering portrait painted of Tian Tian (Huh? who me?) in the New Yorker last week.  Tests have shown that he’s the father of the newest, tiniest panda in the US.  Almost everyone is hip-hip-hoorah-ing about our precious panda princess!


Who's the bear???!!!

Who’s the bear???!!!

Progress on Book 3 continues!  Stay tuned, panda fans!  And on Mr. Wu Wednesday, his new adventure really gets off the ground.  Really.

Till next time, Be The Bear!

Bob T. Panda

Huzzah, Huzzah! A Panda is Born!

The pandasphere is buzzing with the news that Mei Xiang of the National Zoo in Washington D.C. has just exceeded expectations and produced a brand new bouncing baby panda!  She has not had a cub since her first little miracle bear 7 years ago, when Tai Shan, darling of the pandaratti, was born.  He  moved to China in January of 2010 and we have been waiting and hoping ever since that Mei would rise to the occasion once again!  Huzzah!

Here’s the thing about panda reproduction:  It’s really kind of tricky.  A female panda is only in season for between 24 and 72 hours in a YEAR, and then you can’t distinguish between a real pregnancy and a pseudo-pregnancy until, HEY! look at that!  there’s a cub!  Top that off with the fact that pandas are really …well…chubby to begin with, and a cub at birth weighs about 1/4 pound.  Could you tell if a panda was preggers just by looking at her?  I don’t think so….

will the pitter patter of little paws soon follow?

Congratulations, once again to Mei Xiang, husband Tian Tian, and of course all the nanny keepers at the National Zoo! It is a happy day indeed.

Meanwhile, back at the Kickstarter ranch, we need at least $434 to make our goal by this thursday at noon.  If you were waiting until the last minute, that last minute is here now!  If only 18 more people pledge $25, the first book of the Panda Chronicles will be a reality!   Huzzah!

This is a day to be the bear!

Bob T. Panda

It’s the panda season of lo-o-o-o-ove!

Doesn’t the thought of roly poly pandas on a date just tickle your fancy?  But what does say, a panda at the Edinburgh Zoo have to do so that he will be desirable to his lady love?  According to one of the zoo panda specialists, he needs to be put on an exercise program.  I am NOT making this up.  I heard it on the BBC.  I think it maybe went something like this:

A panda by any other name, would smell...well, they would just smell...

More from the Scottish pandas later this week!

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda