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From the Shameless Commerce Division…

The Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire wants you to know…

Pinky has cubpaign merch available (Pinky: FINALLY!!!) ready for your enjoyment and ordering! Here is the link and the image to look for on my Redbubble website. Accept no substitutes!

Thank you and Be the bear! We’ll be back with another episode on Pandarella on Tuesday!

Bob T vote early vote often Panda

There’s no Fool Like an April Fool

Alas! My regular posting day did not fall on April 1st (aka a typical news day in our post apocalyptic times) but as I like a good joke as much as the next bear, please accept our one day late tribute to April Fool’s Day, and to Bob’s capacity for belief in these troubled times.

Pinky sez: “put mittens in the big house, not the White House!”

Be the Bear!
Bob T well it might have happened Panda

March Madness Panda Style!

I am not a sports person. I have heard of the so-called March Madness of (I think) college basketball tournaments. I have never watched said contests, or bet on them and have no interest in doing so. Don’t ask.

But as you may recall, Pinky won a bracket sort of competition back when she was Baby Pinky, and beat out a whole bunch of things for the Smifsonian Icon of the year.

Pinky thought it was time to win at everything again. Or something like that.

Things are heating up in politics land. It’s going to be a challenge to keep our sanity. Remember, when the going gets tough, you need pandas or cuppycakes or maybe both!

Be the Bear!
Bob T pass the frosting Panda

The Rebuttal to End All Rebuttals

Of course, Pinky had something to say.

Meanwhile, we watch the GQP being taken over as the party of Tr**p in real time. We would really be better off with pandas in charge.

If you haven’t watched Scarlett Johansson’s spot on satire of the GQP “response” to the State of the Union address, I suggest you get over to the You-tubbies tout sweet! I mean, the actual response seemed like it had been done by SNL, so it must have practically written itself, so to speak.

Panda On!
Bob T is this really happening Panda

The State of the Panda Union

State of the Union, State of the Pandas…can you have one without the other? I wouldn’t think so. While the State of the Union, if Mittens and his evil minions are to be believed, is hanging by a thread. But if you look at the actual accomplishments of Handsome Joe and the pre-dysfunctional Congress, there is much to stand up and cheer about.

Not least of which, the pandas will be returning to PanDiego

Meanwhile, the question on everyone’s mind tonight: will Marge embarrass herself again by acting like a yahoo at a basketball game? Or will there be other interruptions?

Any one want to take bets on whether Pinky shows up before Marge makes her first uncouth remark?

Be the Bear!
Bob T I’ll be watching Panda

Pandas Pandas PANDAS!!!

We are still celebrating the impending arrival later this year, of a new generation of pandas in Panda Canyon! We *might* need to distract ourselves from current events.

Of course, Pinky has inserted herself into the process of welcoming the next California pandas!

Be the Bear!
Bob T will we never be free of Mittens? Panda

Okay, It’s Not Still Breaking Nooz, But…

Pinky had some thoughts she wanted to share about the (hopefully) arriving pandas to the Pandiego Zoo later this year. I say hopefully, because as we know, many things can go wrong between now and then, so while I’m keeping my fingers crossed and my thoughts hopeful, I’m not all in on positivity, if you take my meaning.

Isn’t it reassuring that Pinky is so consistent in her viewpoint?


Oh well.

Be the Bear!
Bob T trying to remain hopeful Panda

Pandas for President!


Panda watchers around the US woke up to the NooZ that negotiations have been underway, agreements are being signed, permits are being applied for to BRING MORE PANDAS TO PANDIEGO!!!!! Before the end of this year!

We west coast folks have been having a real sad since early in 2019 when Bai Yun and the Very Wu Self left for China. Papa Gao Gao had left earlier in 2018. We were hoping that more pandas would be coming, but You Know Who had been messing things up with China since his reign of terror began and then the Covid pandemic arrived and we despaired of ever getting pandas on the west coast again.

To put an extra helping of frosting on the cupcake, part of the negotiations is to get one of Bai Yun’s descendants as the female half of the new panda pair. Bai Yun has a LOT of descendants. I need someone with better record keeping abilities than I have to inform me on just how many grand babies and great grand babies Bai Yun has, but there are a lot of them. Next to Pan Pan, Bai Yun could be one of the most consequential pandas to have participated in taking pandas off the extremely endangered list. If you have info to share with the panda fans here, feel free to chime in in the comments.

And now, our story (well, one of our stories) continues

I’m sure the new pandas at Pandiego will be way more better behaved than Pinky and Six and Sebben. Probably.

Be the bear,
Bob T pandas return to San Diego Panda

The Jig is Up!

Throne of Pandas continues!

Wouldn’t ya know…Six had a bad idea and Sebben knew a guy who knows a guy! What will those little pandas think of next? Um….better not to ask.

As usual, politics is making my head hurt. It should be more clear than ever that Mittens must not return to power. I just got my voter’s guide for the March primaries and I will be voting for Handsome Joe. He’s not perfect. Nobody is. But I can’t think of another person running who could even possibly get us out of the mess we are in. A world where I would willingly read a book written by Liz Cheney is a weird world, indeed.

Now WHY is it that Pinky shouldn’t be allowed to have missiles?

Be the Bear
Bob T I know a guy too Panda

Throne of Pandas!

Just so we are clear here, I have never watched Game of Thrones, but if there was a version with pandas in it, Six and Sebben would be the star evil villains in it.

Things are starting to heat up in TFG’s trial schedule. Be prepared for dirty tricks, attempts to delay, obstruct, and spew crazy things on his Toxic Social network. Meanwhile, Smiling Joe will continue to keep doing his job, and doing it well. Try to tune out the naysayers. They are just trying to depress you, so you’ll stay home, even if you would never vote for TFG.

And…um…pay no attention to those drones flying around the Panda House. I’m sure it’s all…um…fine.

Be the Bear
Bob T wake me when it’s over Panda