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Pinky Had Something to Say

Pandarella will be back next week, but in the meantime, Pinky had something that was really bothering her. (And you know we can’t ignore what Pinky wants)

The stoopyhead Supremes have a LOT to answer for.

Be the Bear
Bob T no one is above the law Panda

I know that all sorts of news stories are avalanching around the internet and news media right now. I hope you’ll all take a deep breath and get more than one look at all of these stories from as many sources as you can find.

For me, here’s how it shakes down:
If Biden is the D candidate, I’m voting for Biden
If Harris is the D candidate, I’m voting for Harris
If Pinky is the D candidate, I’m voting for Pinky

3rd party candidates are just a vote for TFG.

Please read even some “highlights” of the rethuglican Project 2025. They cannot be allowed to put this into practice.