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Pinky Had Something to Say

Pandarella will be back next week, but in the meantime, Pinky had something that was really bothering her. (And you know we can’t ignore what Pinky wants)

The stoopyhead Supremes have a LOT to answer for.

Be the Bear
Bob T no one is above the law Panda

I know that all sorts of news stories are avalanching around the internet and news media right now. I hope you’ll all take a deep breath and get more than one look at all of these stories from as many sources as you can find.

For me, here’s how it shakes down:
If Biden is the D candidate, I’m voting for Biden
If Harris is the D candidate, I’m voting for Harris
If Pinky is the D candidate, I’m voting for Pinky

3rd party candidates are just a vote for TFG.

Please read even some “highlights” of the rethuglican Project 2025. They cannot be allowed to put this into practice.

A Small Request

I really had no idea what she was up to.

We can’t rely on Pinky and her magical wand to get us out of this.

The one thing we don’t want is for the “Biden steps down — Democrats lose” to become a self fulfilling prophecy. It would be good to let your Senators and House rep know your opinion on this. Feel free to use or modify my text shown below, that I am sending to my representatives today. You can call their offices if you’d like, but most offices have a contact form you can use. Let’s flood our reps with the opinion that the most important thing is to defeat Trump and stave off Project 2025 and the Trump dictatorship.

This is most useful if you have Democratic Party reps, but it wouldn’t be amiss to send to Republican representatives as well.  You can copy and paste my text if you’d like.

Message to Senators/ Representative:

I believe that President Biden is the most capable person to decide whether or not he has the will and the energy to see this election through. He has been an excellent president, passing many initiatives that benefit a wide swath of the American people.

I believe him when he says he has the stamina to both run and defeat the former president. He has an excellent Vice President in Kamala Harris, as well as a very capable cabinet. He has more he would like to accomplish on our behalf and I think that constantly questioning whether that is the case is harmful to our prospects in November.

One bad debate should not be the beginning of the end for the American experiment. The former president at the most benign interpretation would bring in a regressive era with the loss of many rights and personal autonomy.

I believe President Biden is the best president I have seen in the 12 presidents of my lifetime. Please stand by him and let him finish the job.

Links to WA state Senator and Rep’s contact pages (obviously use your own state’s/district representatives)

Senator Patty Murray 

Senator Maria Cantwell

Representative Rick Larsen

The real tigers are the Republican Party and their insidious Project 2025

Be the Bear
Bob T this will only take 5 minutes Panda