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Okay, It’s Not Still Breaking Nooz, But…

Pinky had some thoughts she wanted to share about the (hopefully) arriving pandas to the Pandiego Zoo later this year. I say hopefully, because as we know, many things can go wrong between now and then, so while I’m keeping my fingers crossed and my thoughts hopeful, I’m not all in on positivity, if you take my meaning.

Isn’t it reassuring that Pinky is so consistent in her viewpoint?


Oh well.

Be the Bear!
Bob T trying to remain hopeful Panda

Pandas for President!

DO Feed the Bears!

Once again, one of my faithful readers has come through with a VERY IMPORTANT Nooz story about…


Could it be part of a sinister plot, coordinated from afar by Henrietta (or the bear formerly known as Hank), who now lives at a luxury resort for wayward bears? Is there an army of bears going around the towns near Lake Tahoe putting up posters admonishing people NOT to use bear-proof receptacles for their garbage? Maybe leaving a double cheese, double pepperoni pizza on top of the garbage can sometimes?

But seriously, feeding wildlife is a bad idea. Especially bears. Would you want to wake up and have Frank or Mikey looking in your bedroom window, wondering where breakfast was?

In other NooZ, things are heating up in the trials of Mittens. Frank, Bikkie, and Pookie are STILL on their adventure, and I promise I’ll get back to it soon. I’m also doing my Year in Review over on Substack so go check it out!

Till later…be the bear!
Bob T pass the pizza Panda

Thanks and a Roll of Honor mention to my brother for alerting me to this important story!

This is Not Nam, Man…There are RULES!

Can you tell I just watched The Big Lebowski again?

As we go to press here, TFG is hopefully getting schooled by the 2nd Circuit, on the facts and the laws, which he is not above. As more than one person has mentioned, if the president is above the law, what is to stop our current Commander in Chief from throwing tfg’s ass in jail and declaring HIMSELF dictator for life?

We have assembled the best legal minds available to appear on ZooNooZ (Barbara McQuade was not available) to discuss why Mittens cannot use The Pinky Defense.

You would think it would be self evident.

A brief note about the weather: I am setting this up on Monday, to be posted on Tuesday, just in time for the 2nd circuit to laugh in TFG’s face. Really, the fact that I even know what the 2nd Circuit is, grieves me no end. What happened to my apolitical, apathetic existence? It’s been RUINED!!! That’s what! I never wanted to be informed about political stuff!

Anyway…where was I? oh yeah. Weather. We are supposed to start getting some serious wind in a couple hours, which means there is a good possibility we will lose electric power. I’ve been charging what can be recharged, putting fresh batteries in flashlights, and organizing ice packs for the freezer and food to go in the cooler on my porch. If I don’t open the freezer or fridge, it can go for at least 2 days, maybe 3 if we have a long outage.

Wish me luck!

Till the lights come back on,
Be the bear!
Bob T can I use the Pinky Defense Panda

It’s a Whole New Year

What a way to start the year! The firehose of NooZ, real and fake has already started. If we are going to survive this year, we need to do a little editing about how much of the firehose we allow to blast us in the ears.

First of all, obviously ZooNooZ needs to stay on your radar of what you should listen to. Then, you should subscribe To Joyce Vance‘s Substack Newsletter, along with Heather Cox Richardson. Add Jay Kuo for a little more in depth analysis. For a sweary look at the Nooz, you can’t do better than Jeff Tiedrich. You can find all of them on the Substack website or app, if you are someone who likes apps. You can find me there too! I’ve been doing a Year in Review there, and will be doing that for a few more weeks!

You can listen and watch a little bit of main stream news, but take it all with a grain of salt and don’t over do it. A little bit goes a long way!

Here are the things I won’t be paying (much) attention to: The GOP primary, for starters. I mean, that’s not something I’ll be voting in. I guess if you’re a Republican that’s something you probably should pay attention to (although what are you doing HERE if you’re a Republican?) But since I won’t be voting for any of those people, my attention can be minimal.

There are a few other things that I need to draw back from, both because I can’t do anything about them, or they are conditions that are so complex and so long running, I don’t have the knowledge or understanding to make any meaningful contribution.

In other NooZ, my birthday Season is now officially over.

Hang on tight and buckle up, folks! It’s gonna be a hell of a year!

Be the Bear!
Bob T I’m not sure I’m ready for this Panda

Out With the Old, In with the AAAAAAAAAAHHH!

Ready, not ready

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure it is going to get worse before it gets better. Thanks for being here with me. I still don’t know what’s going to happen over at Substack, but for now I’m staying put, until a plan becomes clear. Whatever that means.

But no matter what, My Brain will Always Be on Pandas

There have been wins, there have been losses. We have lost our beloved DC pandas, but hopefully more will follow. We just have to get through this year. Fortunately, we have the Pookies in Seattle to help us through. I hope I can get in more often to see them.

Have a fun and safe New Year! This is my last ‘toon of the year (although the Panda Kindergarten might pop in for a New Year’s Eve Encore Presentation) It’s been a true joy to have you all here with me. Your continued presence does me more good than you can possibly know. Thanks to all who have reached out to tell me that the pandas do the same for you. It really means a lot to hear from you.

Till next year when we meet again…

Panda On!
Bob T pass the bootinis Panda

More Bears in Review!

2023 was Bulging with Bear Nooz!

There were Pandas and Pookies galore! Otis and Josie and Grazer, to name a few!

And who would have thought that Pookie would step in, in the role of “Actually, Reply Guy?”

If you thought you missed The 12 Days of CrispMoss you can find it HERE and HERE! Don’t forget to sing along with the bouncing bear! (I had to split it into 2 parts to present it in it’s full glory, as there are limits on how many pandas will fit in an email!)

It’s gonna be a bumpy ride in 2024. I’m so glad you all are here with me to see our way through it, with all the pandas!

Be the Bear!
Bob T bringing all the bears to bear Panda

Pinky in the (Bully) Pulpit!

Uh oh. It’s another election cycle and guess who else is running (besides the usual suspects?)

Stay ‘tooned for next week’s Holiday Encore presentation, of The 12 Days of CrispMoss. (Pinky thinks it should be the 12 days of Pinky…what do you think?)

There is some stuff going on over at Substack that needs to be sorted out. If you are a follower over there, I am going to be asking you for your input. I try to stay off the computer most of the day, so sometimes stuff starts happening and then I’m like, “Huh? WTF?” anyway…stay ‘tooned! One thing that is certain, The Panda Chronicles is controlled by me, so you will always have a home here.

Be the Bear
Bob T Why do we always have to contend with nazis Panda

It’s Time for Some Year in Review ‘Toons!

We will get back to our story about Bikkie and Mister Poppee’s adventure soon, but as we are in the waning weeks of the year, it’s time for that popular feature, The Year in Review, where we look backwards and forwards and then trip over our own two paws.

And here, with our first installment, are Bob and Mehitabel, and a very special guest!

I can’t believe it’s almost 2024!

Be the Bear
Bob T where does the time go Panda

There’s No Bears Like Holiday Bears!

Thanks to an especially observant reader, here at Panda Central, we’ve been alerted to another Bear Behaving Badly, HOLIDAY EDITION!

So of course we had to take a time out from out continuing story, to tell the tail!

Not only was this bear behaving badly, I found another instance from a few years ago of another bear behaving like the Grinch! Can’t you just imagine the conversation between the bears?

I can!

Frank: Whoa! look at that deer! He’s YUGE!!!!! I’m gonna take him down!
Mikey: um…I don’t think…
Frank: No! He looked at me in a threatening manner! This will not stand!
Mikey: That’s not a real deer…
Frank: CARABUNGA!!!!TAKE THAT!…oh…um…
Mikey: I TOLD you….
Frank: also, it wasn’t us.

Check it out and see if you can’t hear them talking…

Be the Bear!
Bob T in the holiday spirit Panda

Some Holiday Encore Presentations!

The weekend got away from me, and I have a full plate this week, but even though I don’t have a new addition to our story in progress, I didn’t want to leave you panda-less!

Enjoy these holiday classics!

panda christmas
“why do I always get so kerfuffled when it comes to decorating for the holidays?”
sugar plum pandas
sugar plum pandas
The Frank and Mikey burning 2020 dumpster Diorama! Complete with artfully hand stenciled habitat and burning marshmallows!

I hope you enjoyed these holiday encore presentations!

Be the Bear
Bob T I am way too busy Panda