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We Interrupt Our Feature presentation For This Important Announcement

Don’t think this means I’m going to let you weenies off the hook from our incredibly suspenseful and slightly scary story, but first…


Meanwhile, the Mittens is a Sleeze and financial/election cheat trial continues, with Eric getting the short straw in the “Take your Daddy to Court Day” competition between his family members.

Get ready to meet in Pandiego!!!

Be the Bear
Bob T I am counting the days Panda

Spring Has Sprung!

Happy first day of Spring, here in the northern hemisphere. Up in the upper left hand corner of the continental US, we are having what we like to call “fake spring”. That is when we have up to a weeklong stretch of days in the mid 60’s and the sun shines and gentle breezes blow, and everybody shrieks when they see how dirty their windows are, and all the things that need to be done in the yard…you get the picture.

2 days later, it will start to rain and temperatures will drop back into the 40’s and 50’s and we will remember those warm, halcyon days fondly and pining away for their return. If we are lucky, they will return just in time for the 4th of July, when we transition into Seattle Summer.

Enjoy it while you can!

I love the Spring Equinox, as the days grow longer every day till we reach the Solstice. We need to take some joy where we find it.

Be the Bear
Bob T with flowers in my fur Panda

It’s PI(E) Day!

For the mathematically challenged among us, why can’t we have a day for PIE? In fact why can’t we have pie every day? Pandas do not live by cake alone. They must also have pie!

Enjoy! (Especially the extra whippy cream!)

What kind of pie will YOU have today?

Be the Bear!
Bob T I’ll have a cherry pie Panda

The State of the Panda Union

State of the Union, State of the Pandas…can you have one without the other? I wouldn’t think so. While the State of the Union, if Mittens and his evil minions are to be believed, is hanging by a thread. But if you look at the actual accomplishments of Handsome Joe and the pre-dysfunctional Congress, there is much to stand up and cheer about.

Not least of which, the pandas will be returning to PanDiego

Meanwhile, the question on everyone’s mind tonight: will Marge embarrass herself again by acting like a yahoo at a basketball game? Or will there be other interruptions?

Any one want to take bets on whether Pinky shows up before Marge makes her first uncouth remark?

Be the Bear!
Bob T I’ll be watching Panda

California Dreaming!

It might be Super Tuesday in someplace, but it won’t be SUPER DOOPER TUESDAY until the pandas return to Pandiego!

Would it be cynical of me to use the words “Super Tuesday” in order to get more eyes on the Panda Chronicles? You be the judge!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Super Panda Tuesday Panda

DO Feed the Bears!

Once again, one of my faithful readers has come through with a VERY IMPORTANT Nooz story about…


Could it be part of a sinister plot, coordinated from afar by Henrietta (or the bear formerly known as Hank), who now lives at a luxury resort for wayward bears? Is there an army of bears going around the towns near Lake Tahoe putting up posters admonishing people NOT to use bear-proof receptacles for their garbage? Maybe leaving a double cheese, double pepperoni pizza on top of the garbage can sometimes?

But seriously, feeding wildlife is a bad idea. Especially bears. Would you want to wake up and have Frank or Mikey looking in your bedroom window, wondering where breakfast was?

In other NooZ, things are heating up in the trials of Mittens. Frank, Bikkie, and Pookie are STILL on their adventure, and I promise I’ll get back to it soon. I’m also doing my Year in Review over on Substack so go check it out!

Till later…be the bear!
Bob T pass the pizza Panda

Thanks and a Roll of Honor mention to my brother for alerting me to this important story!

Out With the Old, In with the AAAAAAAAAAHHH!

Ready, not ready

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure it is going to get worse before it gets better. Thanks for being here with me. I still don’t know what’s going to happen over at Substack, but for now I’m staying put, until a plan becomes clear. Whatever that means.

But no matter what, My Brain will Always Be on Pandas

There have been wins, there have been losses. We have lost our beloved DC pandas, but hopefully more will follow. We just have to get through this year. Fortunately, we have the Pookies in Seattle to help us through. I hope I can get in more often to see them.

Have a fun and safe New Year! This is my last ‘toon of the year (although the Panda Kindergarten might pop in for a New Year’s Eve Encore Presentation) It’s been a true joy to have you all here with me. Your continued presence does me more good than you can possibly know. Thanks to all who have reached out to tell me that the pandas do the same for you. It really means a lot to hear from you.

Till next year when we meet again…

Panda On!
Bob T pass the bootinis Panda

Sisters, Sisters!

Most of my faithful friends and readers here at The Panda Chronicles know that the real life Mei Xiang and Lun Lun are half sisters, sharing their dad, I believe. While Mei Xiang is the picture of responsible motherhood, I somehow always picture Lun Lun as the more flamboyant sister, who has taken on the persona of a southern belle, always sending her last cubbies, the somewhat…um…problematic Six and Sebben off to her sister’s house.

I mean, Meizzy has all these other bears and odd characters hanging out at the DC Panda House, so what does it matter if Lun Lun’s more …um…adventurous daughters are added to the mix, bless their hearts?

Things are about to get interesting down in Pandalanta! Are they ready for it? I guess we’ll see!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

Be sure to check out things over at Substack! Six and Sebben are featured in honor of their 7th birthday!

Pinky Will Now Receive Your Testimonials

The GQP are in equal parts enraging and hilarious. A recent news story about ol’ Smokey Eye Sarah, revealed that on the website, a requirement for people wishing jobs or to be on commissions, must write a 500 word essay about what they admired most about their dominatrix…um…I mean governor.

As you might imagine, Pinky had some thoughts.

It really should be illegal to steal ideas from a panda.

Be the Bear
Bob T what do you like most about me Panda