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The Panda Kindergarten Must Be Stopped!!!

I’m fairly sure that the Panda Kindergarten must be responsible for the difficulties I’ve been having with the Pandashpere. I am now setting this up in what WP calls the Block Editor. Things appear and disappear randomly, as if a certain small panda was using her magical wand to foul things up.


But when I try to use the “classic editor” which has helped me lo these many years to bring you all the panda satire you need and want, it does other strange things like not publish scheduled posts or stop working while I’m in the middle of composing these wise pontifications…um…I mean incoherent blatherings.

Oh well…maybe I should just ask Pinky!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

It’s Halloweenie! Trick or Trick!

We need a little fluff and humor, and as it is the favorite holiday of pandas everywhere, let’s just dive right in!

Ping already has his costume!

Make sure Pinky doesn’t try to steal Bubba and Ping’s candy!

Need to see last year’s Halloween ‘toon? See it here!

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

Update on my friend in Pittsburgh: I finally got in touch with a mutual friend, and learned that his wife was not present during the shooting. He is still in critical condition, but they are expecting him to recover. It will be a long, hard recovery, but there is hope. Thanks for everyone’s concern.

Pinky in Wonderland: Episode 13

What’s a little red paint among sisters?

We’re painting the roses a really, really dark shade of PINK!!!!

Time to go off to find Mr. Bun!

We’ll be taking another station break from Pinky In Wonderland, because we have some breaking stories, but have no fear! Pinky in Wonderland will return (as soon as …um…I finish reading the source material!)

And a very happy birthday to our beloved Boo Boo!

our story

Mommee pandas have laser vision. Don’t even think you can hide, Bubba.

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

Cue the theme from The Twilight Zone

Once again, the Panda Chronicles predicts…

So, I try to work at least several weeks ahead on my ‘toons (doesn’t always happen, but right now I am in good shape for keeping the pandas running on schedule.) At least I am when I remember to post them. (Friday was a LIDDLE late, but who’s counting?) So let me say right now that I wrote today’s ‘toon several weeks ago and then I heard this story on NPR this morning.

I think this subject warrants further panda satire scrutiny, as does the “commemorative pin for bogus event” idea that our Embarrassment in Chief dreamed up to add money to his coffers. How many people think the sales of those pins will go to decrease the national deficit? Uh Huh. Me neither.

But meanwhile….you never know who is listening.

The Mommee Security Agency is always watching

Panda On
Bob T panda

Don’t let the Panda Fly the Helicopter

What could possibly go wrong?

Pinky, Bubba and Ping are heading for home, but surely you didn’t think this would go smoothly, did you? Did you????

Did you?

I wonder what this button over here does….AAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Panda On
One if by Air…
Bob T Panda