The Panda Chronicles Book 10: Litter Box of Chaos (The Mittens Years)

The Panda Chronicles Book 10: Litter Box of Chaos (The Mittens Years)

The 'toons no reputable Nooz outlet would publish! It's the Mittens years, as told by pandas (and cats!)

From Leaping Panda Press comes the story no reputable news outlet has been willing to tell! Since everyone from former government officials hoping to redeem themselves, to journalists who saved their best scoops for their book deals, they all cashed in on the sordid Tr**p saga, so why not us?

From 2017 until 2023, our airwaves and minds have been held hostage by a political landscape we couldn't imagine in our worst nightmares. Wouldn't it be better if pandas could explain everything? Or even be in charge? Join Bob T Panda, Mehitabel the cat, Pinky and the whole panda gang as they examine the last four... no EIGHT YEARS of life in the United States.

As Pinky says, "you should have voted for Pinky!"

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About the Book

My 10th collection of Panda Satire Comics from my website, The Panda Chronicles, comes after several years of keeping back all my most political ‘toons. From Pinky’s 2016 and 2020 runs for president, to visits from Nixon’s Ghost, right up through both impeachments of the former guy, there is no subject too sacrosanct that pandas won’t make fun of it.

We make the acquaintance of Frank and Mikey, two large friendly bears from Alaska who may or may not have eaten a SCOTUS nominee.

This is my largest collection of ‘toons to date, having saved them for a political themed book. I hope you enjoy it! History would be well served if there were more pandas telling us about it!

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Series: The Panda Chronicles, Book 10
Genres: Comics, Graphic Novel, Humor, Panda Satire
Tags: comics, graphic works, humor, pandas, Recommended Books
Publisher: Leaping Panda Press
Publication Year: 2023
ASIN: 099978871X
ISBN: 9780999788714
List Price: 16.99
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About the Author
Anne Belov

Artist and instigator of The Panda Chronicles

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