Felties: More Than Just Pandas

I’m going to try this again. The last page crashed and wouldn’t work anymore, and maybe it was because it was an old construction, or maybe there were just too many pandas on it.

Rather than trying to put all the felties up, I will be changing pictures, depending on what I feel like making.

Felties on the ledge!

New felties!

Frank and Mikey’s Nephew has come to visit the Panda House! For how long? I guess it depends on if/when his mother (Josie) finds him. He is an adorable playmate for Bikkie, standing at about 2″ tall with a little scarf around his neck. Available for $46 +shipping

Mr Wu commemorative Birthday Cake. Wu is about 2.75″ tall, cake is hand cut felt decorations. with felted watermelon slices, approc=ximately 4.5″ tall. A one of a kind creation. $125 +shipping

To Purchase Felties:

I’ll be posting images of felties various places on the inter webs, but you’ll need to come back here to order them. I know this is a bit of a clunky system, but I make felties to order, so it’s kind of clunky all around.

Here’s what ya do:
1. Fill out the form below with all information requested
2. I will email a confirmation with prices for felties ordered, plus shipping costs (Usually $5 for 1, a little more if you get a couple and free US shipping for orders over $250. International shipments are at actual shipping costs)
3. I will then send an invoice from Square (Payments). You pay directly from the invoice to Square. I never see your credit card #
4. When I get an email from Square that the invoice is paid, I mail your felties to you

A current selection with prices for felties. Shipping is additional