Felties revisited!

I’m going to try this again. The last page crashed and wouldn’t work anymore, and maybe it was because it was an old construction, or maybe there were just too many pandas on it.

Rather than trying to put all the felties up, I will be changing pictures, depending on what I feel like making.

Felties on the ledge!

The felty cat project! It’s Happening!

As of March 18, 2022 there are 12 kitties left!

Where did all these cats come from?

So, as life has NOT gotten calm or predictable, I still spend several evenings a week at home watching movies or listening to podcasts, making needle felted animals, and decided I wanted to try making some cats.

Then Betty White died, and as she was a very dedicated supporter of animals and animal shelters, my brain started turning. The radio station I listen to in the morning is out of Bellingham WA, and every week, Laura Clark, the director of the Whatcom County Humane Society brings an animal to the studio and they put a little extra effort in to getting these animals adopted.

So here’s my idea:

Right now there are 25 cats available. Each cat will be $55 which includes a $25 donation to the Whatcom Co Humane Society and US shipping. (I can ship to other countries, but there will be additional shipping charges.) The donation comprises most of the profit I make on my felties, so I can’t do an unlimited number of them. These are first come, first serve and logistically speaking, there is no individual selection. When these 25 are gone, I’ll take a paws (ha ha, get it?) and that will be that. I’m sure more cats will start piling up among the pandas, and when I have another sizable herd of cats, I’ll do this again.

If you are interested in having one of these cats, please fill out the contact form below!I will then send an invoice from Square, and once it is paid your little cat will be headed your way!

A current selection with prices for felties. Shipping is additional