Our Story Continues…

What could possibly go wrong?

I mean…should we be worried about where the car came from? About what happens when the pass through the tollbooth?

We just don’t know! I’ll be re-reading The Phantom Toll Booth over the weekend to figure out where my version goes next!

This is exciting, isn’t it?

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Bob T I’d never let anything bad happen to Bikkie Panda

The Adventure Begins…

Are you ready?

Hmmm… I’m not so sure this is a good idea…

I would be remiss if I did not point out that this is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! And as such, I must share a ‘toon from the archives…

Yo ho ho and a bottle of BooBeer!

I think I will have an encore presentations of this whole story over at my Substack tomorrow. Yo ho ho!

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Bob T avast me hearties Panda

The Phantom Toll Booth, Revisited

Maybe my favorite book in the entire known universe is The Phantom Tollbooth, by Norton Juster and illustrated by Jules Feiffer. It seems like a good idea to have Bikkie and Mister Poppee have an adventure that might “borrow” a bit of the storyline.

I hope the authors will forgive me.

Apologies for posting late today. There was a lot of cross hatching in today’s ‘toon.

Don’t forget to visit me on Substack to read the encore presentation of Six and Sebben’s naming day story, “Being Endangered is Such a Curse“!

Okay bye!

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A New Adventure for Bikkie and Mister Poppee (and Pookie!)

You asked! Panda Satire Delivers!

Thousands of our fans have asked, “but what about a new adventure for Bikkie and Mister Poppee?” Okay, actually it was only Valerie, but I’m sure she spoke for the multitudes.

I’m not really sure where this is going (although I am beginning to get an idea) but here we go!

Be sure to pop over to my Substack thingie tomorrow to read the second half of Six and Sebben’s naming day story! It’s the really exciting part.

Sisters, Sisters!

Most of my faithful friends and readers here at The Panda Chronicles know that the real life Mei Xiang and Lun Lun are half sisters, sharing their dad, I believe. While Mei Xiang is the picture of responsible motherhood, I somehow always picture Lun Lun as the more flamboyant sister, who has taken on the persona of a southern belle, always sending her last cubbies, the somewhat…um…problematic Six and Sebben off to her sister’s house.

I mean, Meizzy has all these other bears and odd characters hanging out at the DC Panda House, so what does it matter if Lun Lun’s more …um…adventurous daughters are added to the mix, bless their hearts?

Things are about to get interesting down in Pandalanta! Are they ready for it? I guess we’ll see!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

Be sure to check out things over at Substack! Six and Sebben are featured in honor of their 7th birthday!

Six and Sebben Find a Purpose

In case you were wondering, Six and Sebben turned sebben…um…I mean seven this year on Sunday. I’m going to put together a little retrospective for them over at the Substack, maybe around Wednesday…

Anyway, due to recent events taking place down in Pandalanta, they decided to give Pinky back her suite as they have VERY IMPORTANT things to do!

I’m sure Six and Sebben will be a HUGE help to D.A. Fani Willis!

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Bob T Is not an un-indicted co-conspirator Panda

Bears! Bears! Bears! Bears Everywhere!

Bears are laughing…all the way to the top of Half Dome in the fabled Yosemite National Park. But wait…don’t you need a permit to climb half Dome?

Bears: Permits? PERMITS??? We don’t need no stinking permits!!!

Naturally, ZooNooZ has sent their intrepid reporters to Yosemite to get the REAL story!

Yosemite might be where I first saw a video of bears behaving badly in cars. The ranger station has a parade of bad bears playing on an endless loop in the check in office, to remind people not to leave food in their cars overnight.

If you doubt Frank and Mikey, you can read about enterprising bears here.

Be the (snorf) Bear!

Bob T keep your friends close and your food closer Panda

Pinky Will Now Receive Your Testimonials

The GQP are in equal parts enraging and hilarious. A recent news story about ol’ Smokey Eye Sarah, revealed that on the website, a requirement for people wishing jobs or to be on commissions, must write a 500 word essay about what they admired most about their dominatrix…um…I mean governor.

As you might imagine, Pinky had some thoughts.

It really should be illegal to steal ideas from a panda.

Be the Bear
Bob T what do you like most about me Panda

Let’s go back, back to the Panda House!

Bikkie has the important job of narrating the previous events that brought us to where we are now!

Just a reminder that it is DC Panda Birthday week over at my Substack encampment! Pop on over there if you haven’t already, and read a nice little assortment of ‘toons about the panda kids!

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The True Scoop on Hank the Tank comes to you on ZooNooZ!

So. Many. Bears in the NooZ!!!!! If it’s not bears in swimming pools, reports of bears climbing Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, (Really! More to come on this shocking story!)bears breaking into cars, it’s the top story of the day, the arrest of Hank the Tank!

Of course, ZooNooZ got the first interview!

well, I don’t know that we’ll be RIGHT back with more on Hank…I mean Henrietta’s story, but we will be back eventually!

As you know, it is Birthday Week in DC!

Monday was Bikkie’s 3rd birthday (where DOES the time go?) today is Bubba’s and of course, tomorrow is Pinky’s birthday. I’ve done birthday extravaganza posts over at Substack, so if you want to see what some of my favorite ‘toons for each of the bears are, head over to Substack to see!

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