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Bears Will Be Bears or I Bet You Can’t Eat Just One

Those fluffy, fun loving, frolicking Pookies residing at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo were in the NooZ yet again! It seems that they provided some “unexpected” science and nature lessons on the food chain for a group of elementary school age kids having a birthday party at the zoo.

What can we say, except that bears ARE at the top of most food chains?

Fun fact: This incident was a question on last week’s NPR Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me! NooZ quiz show. Needless to say, I was jumping up and down yelling, “I KNOW! I KNOW! ASK MEEEEEE!!!” Are bears fun or what?

Fun Fact 2: Bai Yun was reported to occasionally grab a low flying Mallard duck out of the air, for a between meal snack.

Pandarella will return on Tuesdays, for more of our very exciting adventure story starring Bikkie!

Be the Bear
Bob T bet you can’t eat just one Panda

The Jig is Up!

Throne of Pandas continues!

Wouldn’t ya know…Six had a bad idea and Sebben knew a guy who knows a guy! What will those little pandas think of next? Um….better not to ask.

As usual, politics is making my head hurt. It should be more clear than ever that Mittens must not return to power. I just got my voter’s guide for the March primaries and I will be voting for Handsome Joe. He’s not perfect. Nobody is. But I can’t think of another person running who could even possibly get us out of the mess we are in. A world where I would willingly read a book written by Liz Cheney is a weird world, indeed.

Now WHY is it that Pinky shouldn’t be allowed to have missiles?

Be the Bear
Bob T I know a guy too Panda

DO Feed the Bears!

Once again, one of my faithful readers has come through with a VERY IMPORTANT Nooz story about…


Could it be part of a sinister plot, coordinated from afar by Henrietta (or the bear formerly known as Hank), who now lives at a luxury resort for wayward bears? Is there an army of bears going around the towns near Lake Tahoe putting up posters admonishing people NOT to use bear-proof receptacles for their garbage? Maybe leaving a double cheese, double pepperoni pizza on top of the garbage can sometimes?

But seriously, feeding wildlife is a bad idea. Especially bears. Would you want to wake up and have Frank or Mikey looking in your bedroom window, wondering where breakfast was?

In other NooZ, things are heating up in the trials of Mittens. Frank, Bikkie, and Pookie are STILL on their adventure, and I promise I’ll get back to it soon. I’m also doing my Year in Review over on Substack so go check it out!

Till later…be the bear!
Bob T pass the pizza Panda

Thanks and a Roll of Honor mention to my brother for alerting me to this important story!

There’s No Bears Like Holiday Bears!

Thanks to an especially observant reader, here at Panda Central, we’ve been alerted to another Bear Behaving Badly, HOLIDAY EDITION!

So of course we had to take a time out from out continuing story, to tell the tail!

Not only was this bear behaving badly, I found another instance from a few years ago of another bear behaving like the Grinch! Can’t you just imagine the conversation between the bears?

I can!

Frank: Whoa! look at that deer! He’s YUGE!!!!! I’m gonna take him down!
Mikey: um…I don’t think…
Frank: No! He looked at me in a threatening manner! This will not stand!
Mikey: That’s not a real deer…
Frank: CARABUNGA!!!!TAKE THAT!…oh…um…
Mikey: I TOLD you….
Frank: also, it wasn’t us.

Check it out and see if you can’t hear them talking…

Be the Bear!
Bob T in the holiday spirit Panda

Was That Actually a Bear or Was Ron Death Sentence Wearing a Bear Suit?

What better way to sneak into the World of the Mouse, than by wearing a bear suit? I mean, I wouldn’t put it past the absentee governor who would be dictator president to pretend to be a bear and reconnoiter your enemy.

Or maybe it was just a bear who wanted to go on the It’s a Small World After All ride. At least it wasn’t an alligator!

Bears just want to have fun!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

We Interrupt Our Feature Presentation…

…for this breaking NooZ

So many bears in the Nooz! I could not resist the story of a bear and her cubby breaking into a Krispy Kreme donut truck. I mean come on! Wouldn’t you? (gift link to the story)

Lordy! There are tapes!

Be the bear
Bob T pass the donuts Panda

Bears! Bears! Bears! Bears Everywhere!

Bears are laughing…all the way to the top of Half Dome in the fabled Yosemite National Park. But wait…don’t you need a permit to climb half Dome?

Bears: Permits? PERMITS??? We don’t need no stinking permits!!!

Naturally, ZooNooZ has sent their intrepid reporters to Yosemite to get the REAL story!

Yosemite might be where I first saw a video of bears behaving badly in cars. The ranger station has a parade of bad bears playing on an endless loop in the check in office, to remind people not to leave food in their cars overnight.

If you doubt Frank and Mikey, you can read about enterprising bears here.

Be the (snorf) Bear!

Bob T keep your friends close and your food closer Panda

Consequences Must Be Paid

We can only hope there will be consequences for Mittens and all his minions. In the meantime, another career criminal has been taken the streets. Or is that trails? (Gift Link)

Will Mittens’ lawyers show up as required to Judge Chutkan’s court? I guess we’ll see. meanwhile, Hank the Tank (aka Henrietta) is going to face some consequences!

I bet she’ll be interviewed on ZooNooZ first, though!

Be the Bear
Bob T no bear shaming here Panda

Is This a Coup?

Six and Sebben are in So. Much. Trouble!

I don’t even know what is going to happen next!

Bless their hearts!

Stay ‘tooned. Maybe I’ll figure out what is going to happen next? No dull moments at the Panda House!

Panda On
Bob T is on indictment watch Panda

The Panda House is Overflowing…

Now where were we?…Oh yes. Josie (Frank and Mikey’s sister and Pookie’s mom) has arrived. Lun Lun and Yang Yang snuck off from the goodbye party for Ya Ya, leaving Six and Sebben at the Panda House in DC (Bless their hearts!) Mei Xiang has been trying to figure out where to put everyone including Six and Sebben.

And then there is the new penthouse suite that Pinky had built for herself…

If none of this makes sense or rings a bell, just go back a month or two in the archives and catch up. What are you waiting for?

Oh no! Six and Sebben hav hacked Pinky’s security system and hijacked her elevator! And Mr. Bun went with them!

Stay ‘tooned for further developments!

Be the Bear!
Bob T is on indictment watch Panda