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There’s No Bears Like Holiday Bears!

Thanks to an especially observant reader, here at Panda Central, we’ve been alerted to another Bear Behaving Badly, HOLIDAY EDITION!

So of course we had to take a time out from out continuing story, to tell the tail!

Not only was this bear behaving badly, I found another instance from a few years ago of another bear behaving like the Grinch! Can’t you just imagine the conversation between the bears?

I can!

Frank: Whoa! look at that deer! He’s YUGE!!!!! I’m gonna take him down!
Mikey: um…I don’t think…
Frank: No! He looked at me in a threatening manner! This will not stand!
Mikey: That’s not a real deer…
Frank: CARABUNGA!!!!TAKE THAT!…oh…um…
Mikey: I TOLD you….
Frank: also, it wasn’t us.

Check it out and see if you can’t hear them talking…

Be the Bear!
Bob T in the holiday spirit Panda