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Back to the Bears!

I’m sorry to leave the bears upon in the air, but there has been so much going on! I hope this will fill in a narrative gap or two. (While I figure out what is going to happen next, and take care of a few other things!)

Bears will be bears!

Be the Bear
Bob T bears behaving badly Panda

BTW I have a new rant on Substack this week! Check it out!

It’s Time for Another LiarpalOOza!

I thought KittySue would jut go away after Mittens lost, but nooooooo! She’s STILL HERE!!! How can we miss you if you won’t go away. (We say that a lot, don’t we?) And now, we have the Liar-in-Training, Georgie Porgy, a very promising candidate for biggest liar ever! He has big shoes to fill if he wants to go up against KittySue (she’s available!) and Mittens.

And remember! The parts of republican characters here are now played by spineless jelly fish. The elephants just weren’t having it any more!

My head hursts. Will these spineless jellyfish just go away and leave us in peace?

Thanks to all who have bought Litter Box of Chaos! I’m glad SOMETHING good came out of Mittens’ reign of terror! And even bigger thanks to those who have left glowing reviews on Amazon! It really helps get my book moved up in the dreaded algorithm!

Be the Bear!
Bob T nothing to add today Panda

Insurrection Update!

Surely, you don’t want to rely on all that main stream media to hear the latest! No! You want a reliable NooZ source! One with Pandas! And cats!

You can always trust what a panda tells you!*

*Um…unless maybe if it’s Pinky or PPJ.

Hang on to your hats. It’s gonna be…um…well, you know.

Be the Bear
Bob T why isn’t this over Panda

Hey! Yes you! Did you know I have a new book collection of my ‘toons you read here? It’s Book 10 of The Panda Chronicles: Litter Box of Chaos – The Mittens years. Yes, its my political leaning ‘toons from the last 5 years and you can get it on Amazon!

If you like it, it really helps with visibility and sales if you leave a review. It doesn’t need to be long! One or two sentences saying you peed your pants you were laughing so hard or that coffee squirted out your nose. Thank you!

Look out DC! There’s a New Bear in Town…

Oh my.
Oh My


Be the Bear
Bob T maybe if I hide under the sofa…Panda

This would be a good time to order Book 10 of the Panda Chronicles! Quick, before Josie catches up with me!

More about the so- called Sedition Panda

It hurts my fingers to type that phrase!

This is Panda Defamation. I’m pretty sure there is a law against that!

I mean if that P.A.B. (look it up in the Congressional Record) Ron DeSanctus wants to make bloggers who want to say mean things about him register with the state of Floriduh, it surely must be illegal to portray pandas in an unflattering way!

Be the Bear!
Bob T I’ll say anything I want about Floriduh Panda


This just in!

Noo s**t has come to light!

I know you were all waiting to hear what PPJ’s cunning plan was, but we just had to deal with this SHOCKING Nooz story!!! We are a Nooz show, after all!

And yes, someone DID have the bad taste to dress up as a panda and then commit a crime!

Be the Bear
Bob T there should be a law against impersonating pandas Panda

You Knew Someone Was Going to Get Grounded, Didn’t You?

Was it YOU?

We have recently received reports of the arrest of one of the Jan 6 insurrectionists who was reported to have worn…I can’t believe I have to say this… a PANDA SUIT when he invaded the Capitol.

Do I have to remind you that pandas are peaceful and a force for good and would never, never, never support Mittens? Needless to say, ZooNooZ will be covering this shameful episode next week. Defamation suits are being considered.

Be the Bear
Bob T pandas would never do that Panda

BTW, I have a new thingie on my Substack Noozletter!

Did I mention there will be a new book SOON?