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They only WANT You to Believe The Pandas Left DC

Well, it COULD have happened this way…

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m still having a hard time coming to terms with the pandas leaving DC. I mean…how do we know that they didn’t double back, go through the secret tunnels Pinky had built, (MX: “WHAT secret tunnels?” Pinky: “um…you must have mis read dat, mommee…”) and are now hanging out in the luxury suite behind the scenes?

I guess we’ll find out soon!

Be the Bear
Bob T I know nothing about any secret tunnels Panda

It’s Election Day…not the, ya know, Big One, But Still Important

The world is insane. Don’t forget to make a little less insane, and get out and vote.

Mehitabel is still trying to school Bob on being a good citizen. Good luck with that!

BTW, I am not ignoring the fact that our DC pandas are heading to China. I am in denial, or more like, not quite sure how this will manifest in The Panda Chronicles. I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?

Please remember to vote today. Whether it is for school board or your city council, it’s all important. And really, don’t vote for Pinky. (Don’t tell her I said that)

Be the Bear
Bob T I voted and my ballot has been received Panda

It’s Actual Halloween Today!

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite Halloween ‘toons from over the years, as today’s post coincides with Halloween!

Panda Kindergarten halloween party
Trick or Trick!!!!!!!
comics history
Maybe Bubba is having a Halloween SEASON! Did you ever think of THAT, Pinky?
Make sure Pinky doesn’t try to steal Bubba and Ping’s candy!
This is from 2019 and unfortunately still somewhat relevant

Be the Bear!
Bob T trick or treat Panda!

And Now, for Part 2 of A Halloween Carol!

Starring Pinky!

Hmmm… Pinky still does not seem impressed. Perhaps the ghost of Halloween present will have more influence over her.
Uh oh, the ghost of halloween present just caught up with Pinky…
Was that list in small type, single spaced?
The Spirit of Halloweens yet to come is not a spirit to be messed with, right?
Surely you didn’t think she would totally reform, did you?

I hope you enjoyed this encore presentation of A Halloween Carol. It is still one of my favorites, with Pinky at her Pinky-est! You can still catch up with The Wizard of Wu over at Substack. You know you want to!

Be the Bear
Bob T not a pouty panda Panda

And Now for Another Holiday Classic!

A Halloween Carol!

I hope you are enjoying the October Encore Presentation of The Wizard of Wu over on Substack! I thought that, for the sake of being less confusing, I would have our annual re-broadcast of A Halloween Carol right here!

Get out your poppy-corn, put your feetsies up and enjoy the show!

Bubba’s first feature role!
you…is…not…da…yawn…boss of…pinky…
Mr Wu makes a very cute ghost, don’t you think?
Hey! who said Wu could poof things?
One of Pinky’s misdeeds has come back to haunt her… can her campaign survive this?

Uh oh! Has Pinky’s crimes of the past come back to haunt her? ‘Toon in next time for the exciting conclusion of A Halloween Carol! And don’t forget to check out The Wizard of Wu over on Substack!

Be the Bear!
Bob T super spooky Panda

As We Wrap Up Our Coverage of Fat Bear Week…

We call upon our cub reporters, our “Bears in the Know” Frank and Mikey…

Hey…Where is Frank?

By the way, I am re-running the annual Encore Presentation of The Wizard of Wu over at my Substack space! Check it out. The posts will continue through next week so don’t miss any! Installment 2 is here!

I also wrote an amusing little fantasy about the REAL story as regards why Commander was banished from the White House.

Till next time,
Be the Bear!
Bob T I could win the fat bear contest if I really wanted to Panda

Fat Bear Week is Over for Another Year

The fish breathe a sigh of relief, the bears loosen their belts, start looking for their jammies and teddy bears, and start to think about snuggling up as the days grow short and the air and snow blow through the cracks of their dens.

What do the bears think about all these people hanging on their every snack? About all these well heeled hikers and trekkers that make the difficult and expensive trip to see them in their fat, fuzzy glory?

I bet they think some of them look like pretty good eating, and maybe not as hard to catch as salmon.

Otis may not have won the competition this year, but he’ll always be Number One Bear in my book. Otis Abides.

I expect there will be a bit more commentary here on ZooNooz, from our favorite bears around the Hood, Frank and Mikey. Till then…

Be the Bear
Bob T time for a nap Panda

Josie Tells All!

Can she help it if Otis is such a cutie pie?

I’m afraid to tell you, that Otis did not win this year’s completion. I think there is one more day to go, but he has already been eliminated. I know, I know, all bears are worthy, but geez…you’d think there could be more people who recognize Otis’s contribution to the Fat Bear Festivities. Maybe a lifetime achievement award?

Oh well…

Be the Bear!
Bob T Otis was robbed! Panda