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Notes from a Small Island

It’s the 3rd of July here on Whidbey Island. I’m happy to say, that it has been raining all day and the temperature has not topped 60. What’s that you say? Shouldn’t I wish for warm summer weather?

Well, as last year, most of June was in the 80’s, with some temps above 90, even out here on the island (Seattle went above 100 several times, even before July arrived) AND as Island County has not seen fit to put provisions in place banning fireworks when fire danger is high, last year at this time I was completely stressed out in fear that some moron would burn down my neighborhood and me along with it.

So, this year, as we have had a very cool start to summer, I was happy when I woke up to rain, which has continued through the day.


The show of my (serious non-panda) paintings opened last night, with a well attended reception and a few sales. If you’d like to see it (and you don’t live within range of Langley) your can see it here. I got a very nice comment form an artist friend who had come into see the show. I hope she won’t mind me sharing it here: ” …the light feels brave, like something fighting the darkness that is trying to overtake us…

That is exactly what I have been feeling these past 8 months as I worked on these paintings. That I am desperately clinging to some shard of optimism in the face of the evil that still is trying to take us down.

There are glimpses of hope: people speaking up for the January 6 committee that we might not expect, testifying to events we feared and now are confirmed. While it is true that we haven’t gotten everything we want from those we have elected, I can pretty much guarantee that we won’t like ANYTHING the republicans inflict on us should they regain power.

Here is one of my paintings from the show:

Bush Point Duet

And here are a few panda-‘toons commemorating the holiday:


I would point out that this ‘toon was drawn in 2019, and take no credit (or responsibility) for giving the idea to attack the Capitol to Mittens and his band of thugs.

Made by the same highly scientific company as the Cute-o-Meter!

Panda on, no matter what!
Bob T Panda

It’s Fabulous Furry Fourth of July Friday

I love watching movies where things blow up (OK, now you know my dirty little secret) but I really wish that fireworks displays were limited to professionals that (mostly) know what they are doing, and hardly ever burn down stuff (like my house) that isn’t supposed to burn down.

Did I mention it’s hardly rained in the last month?  And Mehitabel doesn’t like them either.  At least Guy Fawkes Night is in November when everything is nice and soggy.  And now, The Panda Chronicles tribute to the Fourth of July!

Just saying.

uh. oh.

uh. oh.

Huzzah for Rumpy Dog!

Huzzah for Rumpy Dog!

Thanks to Rumpy T. Drummond for making a guest appearance at The Panda Chronicles!

And lest I forget, the answers to the art history quiz! #1 is, of course, John Singer Sargent’s Madame ‘P’, #2 is Edgar Degas, That pesky number 3 is Mary Cassatt (and yes, in the Boston Museum’s version of A Cup of Tea, there are two women, but there was not another panda to model available to Ms. Cassatt .) #4 is Claude Monet’s Panda with a Parasol, and of course, everyone’s favorite in #5, James Abbott McNeill Whistler’s Arrangement in Black, White, and Gray.

I will be contacting the winners forthwith.

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda