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Part Two of our Encore Presentation of Beary Poppins!

Now where were we…oh yes…

Gosh I really hate to leave you on this cliffhanger for the weekend, but…
Bikkie has a name!!!!
Once upon a time…
Bike loves Beary Poppins! Also Rory the Dinosaur by Liz Climo
I think Biscuit and Beary Poppins are forming a real bond!
It wasn’t me!
A promise is a promise, even among grizzly bears!
Let’s go fly a kite…
uh oh.
I was afraid there would be yelling…so much yelling!
Silly old bears!
Ebbryone needs a Beary Poppins!

Yes, Bikkie was the best thing about 2020 (and as it turns out 2021 so far). We are grateful for our little Miracle Bear, and hope this Beary Poppins Encore Presentation distracted you from the fact I left you hanging about who is knocking at the door, will bear Poppins arrive in time for Bikkie’s birthday party and just where is PPJ? Heh!

‘Toon on tomorrow to find out if Bikkie got his birthday wish!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

OMG Tomorrow is the beginning of 31 Days of Pandas!!!!!!

Nothing is more exciting than the beginning of 31 Days of Pandas, unless of course, it is finding out you just won the MegaGazillionsPandaPaloozaLottery!!! (BTW, I did NOT win this, so don’t ask for money, okay?)

So, as I gather up pandas from hither and yon, let’s warm up a bit with today’s Fabulous Furry Friday Encore Presentation! (It is not good to enter an endurance event like 31 Days of Pandas without doing a little bit of training! Cuppycakes, anyone?)

Get ready…get set…LET’S PANDA LIKE IT’S 1999!!!!!

In honor of the blue wave that just swept in…TSUNAMI PAINTING!!!

You say sumi-e, I say Tsunami

Always read the directions…

The panda kindergarten in las vegas hotel room

What happens in the panda kindergarten, STAYS in the panda kindergarten

This looks kind of dangerous, doesn’t it?

this old den 2nd episode

The panda kindergarten is so very helpful.

And what would the holiday season be without a gingerbread house competition?

You left the panda kindergarten alone with my house?


Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

And while you’re shopping on line, why not hop over to the Panda Chronicles Books page, for links to places to buy Panda Satire! Tis the season, Ho Ho Ho!

It’s Black and White Friday!

Join us as we attempt to push away from the table (no! Really, I couldn’t…oh, well, maybe a fifth piece of pie would go down nicely) and gather around the computer to enjoy a few vintage ‘toons as we gear up for 31 Days of Pandas, starting a week from Saturday.

The news just keeps getting newsier and newsier and I am thankful that my friends in north central CA home was spared, but so many were not. Perhaps the panda kindergarten could be enlisted to rake the forest floor. Sigh….

But enough about reality! Let’s have some pandas!

pass the beans!

More literature of the panda!

Bob, Bob, Bob…when will you ever learn?

Last Supper, Cupcakes, DaVinci

Princess Pinky says, she is thankful for cuppycakes and da panda kindygarten and her magical wand!

It’s beginning to look a lot like pandas….too soon! too soon!

Zank hebben…for leettle bears!

comics history

Maybe Bubba is having a Halloween SEASON! Did you ever think of THAT, Pinky?

Also, in the future panda file, I just found out 2019 is The Year of the Banky Pig! Huzzah!        Be sure to tune in on Sunday for the final episode of “Bears will be Bears!”

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

Have a Fabulous Furry Friday! (burp!)

Get Ready for More Stories About Bears!

I have a little series coming up, that I wrote to make myself feel better about the recent Supreme Court Nomination Debacle. I’m thinking that this series had it’s roots in an exercise our Nevada SCBWI Mentor class had in a session during our final weekend. Our leader for the class, Timothy Travaglini, (@DevilWrsBowTies on Twidder) had everyone write a couple sentences about someone who had done something really awful to us, for which we would like revenge. We then exchanged the papers and pared up with another writer in the group to write a story of revenge.

I’m just saying: do not make writers mad. The story they will write in retaliation will be very scary.

Just keep that in mind when you read our little series starting on Sunday!

Oh those polar bears! What jokers they are!

because…misery bear!!!!!

The irony of Mehitabel criticizing Pooh Bear for his wardrobe, does not escape me.

I’m not sure Mehitabel has anything to talk about.

Today, you are a bear.

…if I were a panda, yadda dah dah da- da- da- AAARGH! I can’t stop!!!!!

Bob still likes to get out in the field once in a while.

Panda On!
Bob T Fabulously Furry Panda

Will Fridays ever be Fabulous and Furry Again?

We survived the midterms and while we didn’t get everything on our wish list, we did get some of it, most importantly Democratic control of the House of Representatives. That’s not just chopped liver, I’m telling you!

Meanwhile, we are gearing up for 31 Days of Pandas and I think I have a plan! Meanwhile…

Let’s scamper down memory lane, with Pinky and her minions, who just turned FOUR years old last week!


Triple Trouble indeed!

What are Pinky and her minions getting up to?

Maybe you shouldn’t plug that many things into an extension cord, Pinky.

did someone turn out the lights?

And Zoonooz is on the job!

Cause and effects are very complicated concepts for baby pandas, don’t you think?

Zoonooz is on the job. Can you say “cover up”?

Pinky for what??????

Bob wouldn’t try anything sneaky, would he? Would he??????? Ah…such innocent times…

Panda on!
Bob T Panda

PS: For those of you who have been following the news in Pittsburgh, my friend was recently moved from ICU to a regular hospital room, so I am more optimistic, cautiously so. Thanks to all who have asked.

Just because Halloween is over…

…it doesn’t mean we can’t have a round up of Halloweenie ‘toons from the past.

But first…do you know what happens this weekend?

Bob explains daylight savings time to the panda kindergarten

spring back, fall forward?

And now, I think this is the very first Halloween ‘toon I did…

Panda Kindergarten halloween party

Trick or Trick!!!!!!!

Darn those Meihems!!!!

Okay, so this one is not strictly Halloween, but still…


Well, who did you THINK she would enlist in her final attempt to stop Mittens the cat? also not really Halloween, but VERY scary, none the less!

all pandas eve

Okay. That was just WAY too scary.


Ha ha! That Pinky is so clever!

all pandas eve

Will Pinky EVER quit tormenting her brother?

trouble…trouble…trouble…It starts with “T” and that rhymes with “P” and that stands for Pinky!

Hope you enjoyed your double extra pandy Friday round up! It’s been a hard week with…um…everything and on top of all the everything, there was THIS!!!

Don’t forget to VOTE!!!!!!

Panda on
Bob T Panda

Well this is a fine kettle of fish…

Oh dear. Why did I think that a bunch of rich, white, male Senators would give any credence to what a woman had to say. Sorry to ruin your Friday morning, but if you thought the Senate Judiciary Committee (run by the Repugnant Republicans) was going to…oh, I don’t know…call for a full investigation to either prove or disprove the allegations against the Supreme Court nominee, but oh noOOOOOO. We can’t have that. We might have to believe the women and we know that is just not going to happen.

So, I realize I have too choices here. I could search for all the darkest ‘toons, and sink into the pit of despair (taking all of you with me for company) or…I could search for the pandiest ‘toons that bring us joy. Because we need it, I need it. The world needs it.

Pandas will always #RESIST

Huzzah! Bring pandas to Washington State!

Panda Satire Made Easy

Panda satire explained for you!

I'm not a doctor but I play one on television

Bob, Bob, Bob…when will you ever learn?

Never say “no” to Pinky!

Mei puts her paw down…

Mr Bun has a question, daddee.

Really, Pinky….It’s not nice to tease your little brother.

Nooooo! Not the PINK crayon! and yes, there really is a Panda Chronicles Coloring Book.

What goes around, comes around…

And because this may be my favorite ‘toon ever….

See? I told you it was broken!

Well, I hope this extra helping of pandas being silly has helped you deal with the news of the day, but we have have work to do. Call your Senators, tell them what you think, and remind them that you are paying attention, and that you VOTE.

And then in November, please please please VOTE

Pandas and people are counting on you.


Bob T Panda

What could be more fabulous than FriBEI?

So much crazy coming out of the OTHER Washington. (FYI the one in the upper left hand corner is THE Washington, making the home of Mei, Tian and the kids the OTHER one. Hey…I don’t make the rules…oh wait…yes I do!) So let’s get right to the pandas, shall we?

Oh Yes! Pandaing commences now!

Pinky and the Twinkies, eh?

“If Pinky is grounded, can I have her dessert?”

uh oh…

Um…I think Pinky has Daddee wrapped around her fuzzy little paw. Just saying.

Ooooh! Did Daddee actually yell at Pinky?

What do you mean you left a note saying they are at my house?

Bubba is having so much fun with his new friends!

Panda on!
Bob T Panda

What is Friday if it’s not Fabulously Furry?

Indeed! We need Fabulous! We need Furry! we need a distraction from the Bread and Circus extravaganza taking place in the other Washington! Reading my ‘toons of the last few years as I look for pertinently prognosticating and prescient ‘toons to share with you, I am amazed anew about how what seemed absurd 2 + years ago (Pinky declaring war on Canada) is hardly funny now that it is not our of the realm of possibility, under the tiny paws of Mittens.

What is this country coming to? What can save us? How did we get here?

Panda satire, that’s the answer to everything!

Pinky never misses a trick!

That Pinky is too clever for her own good!

What’s that blinking red light over there?

“I thought I had until November.” -Bob T Panda

Hey! That’s not fair!!!!

Bubba: but why should I be in trubble?

I’ll talk! I’ll talk!

be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

The only thing that would make Friday more Fabulous…

…would be the impeachment of Mittens. Sigh… That is too much to hope for this early in the game, but that train is coming round the bend and it’s picking up steam!

Meanwhile, I hear panda videos are very relaxing….

Pinky is just so sensitive….

Oh, Mr. Bun! Where have you been?

Did Unka Justin write this letter?

What happens at the debate, states at the debate…

Uh oh. Is Bubba about to rat someone out?

Remember when we still had hope all would turn out well?

Whoever could it be, to see Pinky in her lair?

Oh Bubba! What were you thinking?

Just what kind of deal is Pinky making?

Biggest scandal since Watergate? Hold my beer….

Um…I had some fluff in my eyes….

Do you suppose the Zoo will hold another referendum on PHEXIT?

Oh those red pandas! They are such characters!

Just when Mei thought everything would calm down….

Panda on! It’s Fabulous Furry Friday!
Bob T Panda