The only thing that would make Friday more Fabulous…

…would be the impeachment of Mittens. Sigh… That is too much to hope for this early in the game, but that train is coming round the bend and it’s picking up steam!

Meanwhile, I hear panda videos are very relaxing….

Pinky is just so sensitive….

Oh, Mr. Bun! Where have you been?

Did Unka Justin write this letter?

What happens at the debate, states at the debate…

Uh oh. Is Bubba about to rat someone out?

Remember when we still had hope all would turn out well?

Whoever could it be, to see Pinky in her lair?

Oh Bubba! What were you thinking?

Just what kind of deal is Pinky making?

Biggest scandal since Watergate? Hold my beer….

Um…I had some fluff in my eyes….

Do you suppose the Zoo will hold another referendum on PHEXIT?

Oh those red pandas! They are such characters!

Just when Mei thought everything would calm down….

Panda on! It’s Fabulous Furry Friday!
Bob T Panda

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