Get Ready for More Stories About Bears!

I have a little series coming up, that I wrote to make myself feel better about the recent Supreme Court Nomination Debacle. I’m thinking that this series had it’s roots in an exercise our Nevada SCBWI Mentor class had in a session during our final weekend. Our leader for the class, Timothy Travaglini, (@DevilWrsBowTies on Twidder) had everyone write a couple sentences about someone who had done something really awful to us, for which we would like revenge. We then exchanged the papers and pared up with another writer in the group to write a story of revenge.

I’m just saying: do not make writers mad. The story they will write in retaliation will be very scary.

Just keep that in mind when you read our little series starting on Sunday!

Oh those polar bears! What jokers they are!

because…misery bear!!!!!

The irony of Mehitabel criticizing Pooh Bear for his wardrobe, does not escape me.

I’m not sure Mehitabel has anything to talk about.

Today, you are a bear.

…if I were a panda, yadda dah dah da- da- da- AAARGH! I can’t stop!!!!!

Bob still likes to get out in the field once in a while.

Panda On!
Bob T Fabulously Furry Panda

2 thoughts on “Get Ready for More Stories About Bears!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Revenge shared is enjoyment shared. (For reference, Murder on the Orient Express, amIright?) We must do something to keep our sanity. Today’s revelations that “45” ACTUALLY wanted to prosecute Clinton and Comey are signs of the escalating insanity. I know you’ll enjoy Wednesday’s and next Sunday’s ‘toons too. More bears! #ILikeBears


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