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Beware, the Ides of Pinky!

Hey, it’s the Ides of March today, March 15th! I’m not entirely sure what the reference is from, but I think it might be something Shakespearean.

With that in mind…

After all, the playings the thing….

As people hunker down into self isolation or quarantine, it has been suggested that you read or watch something funny or uplifting to counter each thing you read about COVID19 or HWMNBN.

The Panda Chronicles is here to help!

Mr. Wu was very expressive and creative...By request!

We are sailing in uncharted waters. All schools in Washington State are closed, people are being asked to self isolate, voluntarily for now. I’m doing what I can to say home (actually, pretty easy as I work at home) and not amass ridiculous quantities of toilet paper and canned soup. (I do need to up my frosting supply! I need to keep my strength up!)

For now, the best service I can provide to humanity is to share funny stuff, so here we go!

new years eve party, panda kindergarten

The panda kindergarten at their best…or is that worst?

yoga for pandas

All salute the sacred cuppycake!

Pandanastics star, PO of Atlanta Zoo, practices for the Olympics, while the Torch Bears continue their around the world journey. Where will they turn up next?

This looks kind of dangerous, doesn’t it?

Maybe Pandas DO have a better idea…..

Princess Pinky helps with new years resolutions

You say you want a resolution, well, you know, it is hard to change a bear….

deleted footage from press conference

Pinky answers difficult questions from the press in her own way.

And remember, the best advice we can give you to stay healthy is…

pandas in the laboratory

Can you calibrate the cuppycake?

Stay safe, everyone! let’s be careful out there!

I can’t afford to lose any readers!

Panda on!
Bob T Panda!

The panda is political…

Every once in a while, someone will send me a message or comment saying that they can no longer read my ‘toons because “it’s just too upsetting, how political they have become.” I try to take a deep breath and calmly explain the history of cartoons (political), the rights of the artist to determine the content and style of our own work, and then we get to pandas….

And I have to remind/inform/exclaim that pandas are the most political animal, and most politically used animal in existence. Panda loans (and before them gifts of pandas) are used to curry favor, or reward the recipient. It’s really a pretty simple concept. You are nice to us? We will let you have a couple of pandas. Oh, but all the kids are ours, and that will be $1M a year to rent them, bamboo and cuppycakes not included.

But could pandas be up to something more sinister?


Speak into the flower pot!
Bob T Panda

BTW: “President” Mittens is visiting the UK again. I hope he behaves himself this time!

Yep, that old Mittens…he’s SUCH a charmer!

It’s Black and White Friday!

Join us as we attempt to push away from the table (no! Really, I couldn’t…oh, well, maybe a fifth piece of pie would go down nicely) and gather around the computer to enjoy a few vintage ‘toons as we gear up for 31 Days of Pandas, starting a week from Saturday.

The news just keeps getting newsier and newsier and I am thankful that my friends in north central CA home was spared, but so many were not. Perhaps the panda kindergarten could be enlisted to rake the forest floor. Sigh….

But enough about reality! Let’s have some pandas!

pass the beans!

More literature of the panda!

Bob, Bob, Bob…when will you ever learn?

Last Supper, Cupcakes, DaVinci

Princess Pinky says, she is thankful for cuppycakes and da panda kindygarten and her magical wand!

It’s beginning to look a lot like pandas….too soon! too soon!

Zank hebben…for leettle bears!

comics history

Maybe Bubba is having a Halloween SEASON! Did you ever think of THAT, Pinky?

Also, in the future panda file, I just found out 2019 is The Year of the Banky Pig! Huzzah!        Be sure to tune in on Sunday for the final episode of “Bears will be Bears!”

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

Have a Fabulous Furry Friday! (burp!)

Zhennie’s Wild Adventure: the Finale

Zhennie’s wild adventure may be coming to an end, but only time will tell if a little cuppycake is in the oven, so to speak! Stay tuned to whatever real panda network you watch, to see if there are announcements of a little half wild bundle of joy! Of course, since her dad Gao Gao is also wild, this would make any resulting cubs…um…well, I don’t do math, so someone else will have to figure this out.

Math is not my friend!

But let’s see how Miss Zhennie’s adventure ends!

All’s well that ends well!

Be sure to tune in next week (not to mention this Fabulous Furry Friday) because now that it’s August, you know who has a birthday coming up! (Note from Bubba: akshually it is TWO birfdays coming up!)

See you then!

Panda On
Bob T Panda

The News Is Just Too Newsy Today

Won’t someone save us from all the news that keeps getting thrown at us from every direction? You Know Who (aka He Who Cannot Be Shamed) wants to start a fight with Canada? really?

I mean, if we are going to have world domination by a megalomaniac, it should be…


Pinky: i keep telling ebbryone you should have voted for me!

I mean, really…this kind of self serving rhetoric is kind of funny when a small, cartoon panda says it. The (Supposed) leader of the Free World? Um…not so much. I mean, you’d almost think You Know Who was getting his talking points from Pinky. I really don’t want to think about that.

Somebody, can’t we please just Panda On?
Bob T Panda

I guess we are going to have to feature our pandas to the north again on Fabulous Furry Friday to make sure Canada knows that sensible people still love them. (And would move there if we could!)


Who Are You Calling a Loser?

Oh my! Pinky called the other zoo residents Loser Animals! I don’t know if they will let her get away with this! And no way Mommee Mei is going to let her “Phexit” the Panda House! Has Pinky been channeling Mittens the Cat?

I just don’t know, dude!

Mommee Mei puts her foot down.

Mommee Mei puts her foot down.

I guess Pinky will have to come up with a new plan.

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda


The Olympics are Coming!

The Olympics are coming! Cue the torch bears! Yes, athletes are heading to Brazil to compete in this year’s summer games, and while I have not done any new Olympic cartoons for our favorite pandatheletes, I do have a nice stash of ‘toons from previous games.

Grab your pop corn and overly sugary beverage and sit yer butt down to enjoy these encore presentations of The Panda Olympics!!!!


Maybe they have a point...

Maybe they have a point…

See, What did I tell you?

See, What did I tell you?

another boring rerun

another boring rerun, but so much fun!

I love the torch bears, don’t you?

Pandas aren't dopes!

Pandas aren’t dopes!

The early days of panda rights groups....

The early days of panda rights groups….and early days of panda satire!

What do you think of my blob?

What do you think of my blob?

'and for the record, it's just "giant slalom." It's not just for pandas.'

‘and for the record, it’s just “giant slalom.” It’s not just for pandas.’

And one of my all time favorite pand-olympic games ‘toon…

Pandas using performance enhancing substances? Say it isn't so!

Pandas using performance enhancing substances? Say it isn’t so!

Well that it for this week! Maybe (if I remember) we’ll have more Olympic pandas next week.

Till then,
Be the Bear,
Bob T Panda


Pandas in Science

If pandas know anything, they know about science, so today Fabulous Furry Friday is very pleased to present Pandas in Science or, everything you wanted to know, but want to know the wrong information!

We start our encore presentation with a cartoon that was inspired by a real story about pandas, and also contributed to this past Wednesday’s cartoon!

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is that handsome panda I see before me?

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is that handsome panda I see before me?

And one of my all time favorites, a news story about how an animal’s abstract patterning can increase the likelihood of becoming a successful predator.

No nonsense to be found here!

No nonsense to be found here!

And if we take the way-back machine to a couple of our early explorations of the conjunction of pandas and science, we have this in depth interpretation of our carbon foot print:

are you SURE it's not "carbonated"?

are you SURE it’s not “carbonated”?

well, what if I....

well, what if I….



Hmmm…I hope these cartoons don’t get out. Pinky may have some additional ammunition in the next debate. Don’t tell, ‘kay?

Be the Bear and have a Fabulous Furry Friday!
Bob T Panda

Fun with Science

Oh, how Mehitabel tries to run a tight ship over at Zoonooz, but somehow someone (usually a panda, go figure!) manages to disrupt her carefully laid out plans. Can you blame Bob for wanting to have a little fun with science?

Meanwhile, I am trying to get over some really nasty crud that I picked up coming home from Panda Fest in Pandiego, and am trying not to spray anything disgusting into my keyboard. Was that TMI? Sorry, but today’s cartoon just has me thinking gross thoughts!

Well, it is kind of funny, isn't it?

Well, it is kind of funny, isn’t it?

And speaking of inappropriate behavior, (Who was? Was that you?) Princess Pinky has been up to her old tricks, with more to come. We’ll have a new ‘toon starring Bubba (And Pinky!!!!!!!) coming your way on Wednesday, and I will be sending out my first newsletter in a very long time this week. It will reveal the secret page and password thereto, that tells the story of my rise (or descent, depending on your point of view) into the world of panda satire. This is the transcript- with many, many pictures- for the talk I gave to the 2016 Pandamonium Convention which was held last weekend at the San Diego Zoo. Yes, Virginia, there IS a panda convention.

So, if you would like to join my mailing list for my relatively infrequent newsletters, you can sign up with the second sign-up form at the top of the right-hand column. (The first one is to get new posts automatically emailed to you as they come out 3 times a week). I actually have come up with a bit of a plan for future newsletters that you might find interesting. Or maybe not. Anyway, it is very easy to unsubscribe as well as subscribe, and we pinky-promise not to post your email address in any public bathrooms, or share it with any other entity.

And because it is Easter….

What's Black and White and carries cuppycakes in a basket?

What’s Black and White and carries cuppycakes in a basket?

A tiskitt a taskitt , a great big wheelie basket!

A tiskitt a taskitt , a great big wheelie basket!

Be the bear,
Bob T. panda

Be the Bear

I just listened to an interview with the guy who played the grizzly in the movie The Revenant, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and ahem…THE BEAR!!!!! Let me say right here that no matter how many well deserved Academy Awards this movie wins this weekend, I have no intention whatsoever of seeing this movie. This guy studied a lot of bear attacks, so he could…um…be the bear.

It was really interesting to hear about all of the preparation and mechanics/ technological magic that went in to making the scenes with the bear attack so realistic. If you’re interested, you might be able to catch the podcast on CBC’s Day Six.

However, I would never dream of boycotting movies containing …pandas. Um…KUNG FU PANDA 3!!! (which I have plans to see tonight!) 

So, in honor of both the bear (yay!!!!!) from The Revenant and the Kung Fu Pandas, here are some being the bear related cartoons for your Fabulous Furry Friday Fun!

"Is it a documentary?"

“Is it a documentary?”

Being the bears!

Being the bears!

Huzzah! Bring pandas to Washington State!

Huzzah! Bring pandas to Washington State!

Speaking of being mauled by bears...

Speaking of being mauled by bears…

Thanks again to Henry Nicholls for alerting me to this story

Thanks again to Henry Nicholls for alerting me to this story

And I’ll be sure to let you know what I thought of Kung Fu Panda 3 after I see it tonight. I bet is going to get an Oscar for best panda in a dramatic role!

Be the BEAR,
Bob T Panda