The panda is political…

Every once in a while, someone will send me a message or comment saying that they can no longer read my ‘toons because “it’s just too upsetting, how political they have become.” I try to take a deep breath and calmly explain the history of cartoons (political), the rights of the artist to determine the content and style of our own work, and then we get to pandas….

And I have to remind/inform/exclaim that pandas are the most political animal, and most politically used animal in existence. Panda loans (and before them gifts of pandas) are used to curry favor, or reward the recipient. It’s really a pretty simple concept. You are nice to us? We will let you have a couple of pandas. Oh, but all the kids are ours, and that will be $1M a year to rent them, bamboo and cuppycakes not included.

But could pandas be up to something more sinister?


Speak into the flower pot!
Bob T Panda

BTW: “President” Mittens is visiting the UK again. I hope he behaves himself this time!

Yep, that old Mittens…he’s SUCH a charmer!

8 thoughts on “The panda is political…

  1. Lora Schweikert

    Please do NOT stop doing political Panda humor! It’s the only time I can read the news, enjoy reading the news and laugh! Satire has always had a place in politics and the reporting thereof. It’s been done for centuries. Panda on!!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Ha ha! No worries. There are limited ways available to shut me up, and telling me not to do something is not one of them. I don’t want to think about the ways that “they” can shut me up, as they are all rather awful. But I’m old, so there’s not a lot to lose, right?

  2. Aimee W

    I am always amazed that there are animal lovers, and Panda lovers in particular, who support HWMNBN. He is the MOST anti-animal, anti-nature, anti-earth “leader” who has occupied the White House. He wouldn’t give a crap if Pandas went extinct, along with just about every other animal (including most humans). These people need to wake up and I am glad your art riles them. Now if we could just get the Chinese to respect Rhinos, Elephants, Pangolins … 🙁

  3. Nancy

    I love political cartoons and I love when the pandas get political. (But then again my politics seem to align with yours.) Panda on!

  4. Val

    Exactly why I was so irritated over some of the latest panda placements. Those from the San Diego Zoo were not retained or replaced, even though San Diego has done so very, very much for panda preservation, and yet Moscow gets a pair. How is that not a pile of political panda poo?

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Agreed!!!! I was shocked at the Moscow placement, and also shocked that SDZ did not get a promise of new bears I was really hoping we would get a girlfriend for the Wu self. I fear that China does not want to reward the Orange Menace.
      Political panda poo indeed!


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