Fun with Science

Oh, how Mehitabel tries to run a tight ship over at Zoonooz, but somehow someone (usually a panda, go figure!) manages to disrupt her carefully laid out plans. Can you blame Bob for wanting to have a little fun with science?

Meanwhile, I am trying to get over some really nasty crud that I picked up coming home from Panda Fest in Pandiego, and am trying not to spray anything disgusting into my keyboard. Was that TMI? Sorry, but today’s cartoon just has me thinking gross thoughts!

Well, it is kind of funny, isn't it?

Well, it is kind of funny, isn’t it?

And speaking of inappropriate behavior, (Who was? Was that you?) Princess Pinky has been up to her old tricks, with more to come. We’ll have a new ‘toon starring Bubba (And Pinky!!!!!!!) coming your way on Wednesday, and I will be sending out my first newsletter in a very long time this week. It will reveal the secret page and password thereto, that tells the story of my rise (or descent, depending on your point of view) into the world of panda satire. This is the transcript- with many, many pictures- for the talk I gave to the 2016 Pandamonium Convention which was held last weekend at the San Diego Zoo. Yes, Virginia, there IS a panda convention.

So, if you would like to join my mailing list for my relatively infrequent newsletters, you can sign up with the second sign-up form at the top of the right-hand column. (The first one is to get new posts automatically emailed to you as they come out 3 times a week). I actually have come up with a bit of a plan for future newsletters that you might find interesting. Or maybe not. Anyway, it is very easy to unsubscribe as well as subscribe, and we pinky-promise not to post your email address in any public bathrooms, or share it with any other entity.

And because it is Easter….

What's Black and White and carries cuppycakes in a basket?

What’s Black and White and carries cuppycakes in a basket?

A tiskitt a taskitt , a great big wheelie basket!

A tiskitt a taskitt , a great big wheelie basket!

Be the bear,
Bob T. panda

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