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July 29 is not only the Wu Self’s birthday…

It is also the birthday of the actual Princess Pinkie’s own little princess, Princess Pinky Junior, also known as Dou Ban, who has joined the family of Xi Dou, along with her brother Chao Tianjiao.

Since she is just turning a year old, I don’t have the deep archive that I have for Mr. Wu, but I DO have her introduction story for The Panda Chronicles!

So get some poppy corn, mebbee a bootini, and sit back to enjoy a little story we called “Pinky’s Dream!”

This isn’t a dream…it’s a nightmare!

We shall see what we shall see! Till next time!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

Everyone’s Got an Opinion

Who was it that said “everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. They’re not entitled to their own facts.”? Whoever said that, they got it totally right. Unfortunately there is still a large (too large) group of people who either believe the former guy is still “president” and a group that pretends to believe it because they think that stance will benefit them.


But Pinky is ALWAYS right, right?

Pinky is relentless!

There is no rest for those of us who would kind of like democracy to continue being the philosophy of this country. Not that we can’t be better at it, because we can and should be, but a one party authoritarian state would definitely not be an improvement!

Panda on,
Bob T Panda

Was it all a Dream?

Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s real.

Are we all having a mass delusion or what?

Meanwhile, back at the real SNZ, Bikkie seems to be taking the throngs of real life visitors in stride, or at least in cubby trot! So just remember, when real life gets too surreal, there is always the panda cam!

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda

No One Expects the Panda Kindergarten!

Certainly not the Arizona GQP!

It’s not an audit, it’s a “Fraudit”!!!!!


It’s getting harder to keep the faith, but keep the faith we must! Meanwhile, I’m sure things are getting sorted out at the Panda House…is PPJ real, or a collective figment of everyone’s imagination, what with Pinky being a teenager still and living at home with her family.

No One Except Pinky Should be President for Life

And probably not even her! Despite her early trauma from the panda cam shut down, she is not entirely trust worthy, if you want to know my opinion. (Pinky: No, we really don’t want to hear your ‘pinion, unka bob!!!!)

But why don’t you tell us what you REALLY think, Pinky?

Well, she does have a valid point…

Viva Les Pandas!
Bob T Panda

The Pinky Defense

Apologies for my absence from the pandasphere, but I have been updating my skills in the fine art realm! Yes, I’ve been taking another class in egg tempera, and while this has nothing to do with pandas, I am learning lots of fine arty stuff! Huzzah! For any of you out there who are also artists, you may know that the technique of egg tempera is an old one, and full of myths and mythology in its history and practice.

The class is taught by the extremely talented Koo Schadler, and if you’ve never heard of her, do take a look at her work; you’ll be glad you did. And not only is she a damn fine painter, she is a very generous human being, both with her knowledge (which is encyclopedic) and her personal warmth. If you are looking to expand your art skills in a supportive, information rich class, you can’t go wrong taking one of her classes.

But now! The Pinky Defense! I know you’ve been waiting!

pinky defense

Would YOU believe this panda?

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

Bear and Breakfast

Pinky has an idea: bear and breakfast !
It is an idea that could make her LOTS of money for her cubpaign.
It is also an idea that could get her into lots of trouble with Mommee and the zoo director.

But when has that ever stopped Pinky?

Aren't you already in enough trouble, Pinky?

Aren’t you already in enough trouble, Pinky?

Meanwhile, the end of summer approaches and Lun Lun is waiting in her den, hopefully cubs are on the way soon! Stay tuned! You’ll know as soon as we do (or maybe even before!) Panda keepers and veterinarians are on the job round the clock now, and with twins, that will go on for some time.

Be the (expectant) Bear!
Bob T panda

An Embarrassment of Pandas

Ever since I learned that the collective noun for pandas is “an embarrassment of pandas” I have looked for an excuse to use it here. Of course I learned this on the internet, so, I am not entirely certain that this is correct, but since I couldn’t find anything else* I decided to go with this and hope for the best.

  • I did find the term “a cupboard of pandas”, but since this was in the entirely facetious book, 101 Facts About Pandas, which, among other “facts” classified pandas as a species of walnut, I decided that “cupboard” was probably not correct.

But no matter! One thing that we can be absolutely certain of, is that Pinky will embarrass her mother at any opportunity, especially in public in front of large numbers of people!

An Embarrassment of Panda (Mothers)

Never fear, Pinky has a cunning plan!

Never fear, Pinky has a cunning plan!

Bubba is getting entirely too comfortable with having an opinion that is not Pinky’s.

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda