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The Party of the First Part…

Well…did you really think that the Meihems could get away with inviting Bubba to their party and that Pinky would not find out about it?

No, I didn’t either.

Not Banky Pig!!!!

Not Banky Pig!!!!

Mei Xiang will be so relieved when this presidential stuff is all over. (like the rest of us.)

Be the Bear.
Bob T Panda

Trespassers W

One of my favorite books as I was growing up was Winnie the Pooh. (No surprise there, huh?) And although I loved the stories, and still re-read them whenever I need something familiar and comforting to read, what this artist loved best was the drawings. and within those drawings were so many wonderful details that enhanced the story in a way that was not necessarily obvious. It was there for you to find on the many re-readings of this well loved story. And one of my favorite details was the sign outside of Piglet’s house that read, Trespassers W which Piglet claimed was his grandfather, short for Trespassers William.

So along with all the other signs and surveillance paraphernalia that Pinky had installed in “her” tree, is it any wonder that this sign should make it’s way there?

You keep using that word "share", mommee!

You keep using that word “share”, mommee!

What’s not to love about Pinky! That panda has a lot of…um…spunk.

Have a fun Sunday. Now would be an excellent time to eat all of that Easter candy that you have leftover. Run, chocolate bunnies! Run!

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda

Smile! You’re on Pandid Camera

Come on Bubba…won’t you give us a little smile? didn’t you know we were…um…watching you?

What's that blinking red light over there?

What’s that blinking red light over there?

As any of you who happen to be younger siblings know very well, that it is the time honored tradition, (or is that privilege?) for older siblings to torment younger siblings. Now, I was not watching pandas when Tai Shan was a mere cub, but I don’t think he would have put his little sister through the same things that Pinky has put Bubba through. That’s just my opinion and I have nothing to back this up. He did send her….ahem…some very nice presents.

We might say that as the middle child, Pinky has worked hard to distinguish herself. One could wish that she didn’t appear quite so gleeful when she gets Bubba all wound up. But what fun would that be?

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

Pinky has a Cunning Plan

Oh that Pinky! She snuck off to the Iowa caucuses, using Daddy’s credit cards and now there are rumors of her showing up in New Hampshire, as well as appearances scheduled in South Carolina! But what kind of cunning plan has she used so that no one will realize she has left the zoo?

And is her willingness to let Bubba play with Mr. Bun NOT a sign that Pinky has learned to share (as IF!!!!) but a way to buy his silence when she sneaks out of the zoo?

What do YOU think?

That Pinky is too clever for her own good!

That Pinky is too clever for her own good!

Meanwhile, after listening to the GOP “debates” on Saturday night, (didn’t I have anything better to do? Apparently not.) I think I can honestly say that having a roomful of baby pandas on stage would not have been any more unruly than what was happening before the world and everyone. I get that there are legitimate differences of opinions both between and within political parties. I have even (gasp!) voted for republicans in state elections. But I think that requiring participants of these “debates” to wear shock collars which would provide a mild but emphatic shock when the wearer lied, would have provided a more illuminating discussion.  Just saying.

You have a clear choice. #HeyWhyNotVote4Bob or #Vote4Pinky

We could do worse.

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda

Open Late Gate #2

We thought that since all political scandals have been dubbed some sort of “Gate” thingie, since the days of Watergate, We decided to name this debacle Open Late Gate, or if you want to use the hashtag version, #OpenLateGate.

As we saw just a few days ago, Princess Pinky was not amused at the reduction in hours when her most faithful fans can visit her. We won’t even talk about all the joggers that use the zoo for their early morning runs, or the cars that rely on North Road as a commuting alternative.

Far be it from me to jump on a pony that is not tethered in my own paddock, (ha!) but as a promoter of panda satire, I have a close relationship, not only with pandas, but also with the people who visit them regularly, if not incessantly. While the national zoo is free to walk in by anyone with no admission charge (huzzah!) many of the panda faithful, and I’m guessing fans of other animals as well, (wait! There are other animals at the zoo besides pandas?) buy zoo memberships in order to support this beloved institution. At the higher levels of membership, you can also park your car there, which is an added benefit. (Did I mention they have PANDAS???)

An article I read recently added up the lost hours, which amounts to being closed for 7.5 days each month.

As Pinky is inclined to say…

“Dis. Will. Not. Stand!!!!!”

...or as Bubba says, "dis. not. stan!"

…or as Bubba says, “dis. not. stan!”

I hope you noted Mei Xiang’s masterful attempt at censoring Pinky’s comment. Sigh…what’s a mother to do?

So, if you have an opinion about all this, and would like to weigh in (more respectfully than Pinky, of course) here’s the link to the contact page at the Smithsonian National Zoo. After all, if they don’t know what the people think, they’ll just think we don’t care. After all, it is the people’s zoo!

Be the Bear
Bob T. Panda

National Zoo Opening Time

You would think that the director of the Smithsonian National Zoo would know better than to mess with Pinky, not to mention Pinky’s fans. And this is not even taking into account the number of cars that use the zoo route to speed their morning commute. Looks like with the changes for the National Zoo opening time, gridlock will not only be happening in Congress.

Washington DC luminaries, such as DC Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, have weighed in on the controversy as well. This is going to be one big mess, come six AM tomorrow morning.

Well, they ain’t heard nothin’, until they’ve heard from Pinky!

I think we'll call this little debacle: Open Late Gate

I think we’ll call this little debacle: Open Late Gate

As I mentioned on Friday, I’m not really one to make New Year’s resolutions, but I will say this: 2016 is going to be a rip roaring year, politically speaking. There will be lots of rhetoric ripping the air, and The Panda Chronicles will be no exception. Cartooning has a long history in politics, in fact, most of the earliest cartoons were political in nature. Last year I visited the Cartoon Museum in Brussels, Belgium, and saw several exhibits that brought that fact home.


Yes, I have my own point of view, and it may or may not agree with yours, so let’s agree now that if we disagree, we will still be civil about the whole thing and listen to each other’s point of view. And let’s check our facts before we get our panties in a twist, okay?

That said, I can’t be responsible for Pinky’s opinions. Pinky’s opinions have always been her own.

Stay tuned in right here, to hear more from Pinky later this week about her views on the Zoo’s change of opening time. It is a matter of earthshaking importance. (At least as far as Pinky is concerned.)

And keep Being the Bear, Okay?
Bob T. Panda

By the by, Vicky Vladic and I just had another cuppycake recipe posted on They Draw and Cook’s website! You can find it here

Day 4, 31 Days of Pandas

Well, not only is it 31 Days of Pandas, it is also Fabulous Furry Friday. We like to have some extra panda goodness to get us in the right frame of mind for the weekend. I mean, if you have a weekend and aren’t working all weekend or something unpleasant like that.  Wait a minute….I’m working this weekend.

Well, maybe there will be time for a cuppycake.
I thought I would share a ‘toon or two about the early day’s of Pinky, since she has been sneaking in some appearances to The Wizard of Wu…

National Zoo cub makes mom Mei Xiang disappear

oops. Pinky gets her magical wand!

Princess Pinky is fooled by Mei Xiang at the National Zoo

Oh Princess Pinky, mom has a trick or two up her paw, I think…Bubba had best keep that in mind!

And now, continuing with our feature encore presentation of The Wizard of Wu

Mr Wu meets up with someone who looks a lot like his brother, shortly after setting out on his journey

I have a bad feeling about this….

Mr Wu hears a cry for help

Are you SURE there will be no flying monkeys?

The wicked cat of the west attacks Mr Toasty

That cat is pure evil!

Mehitabel soaks Mr Toasty

Sorry, no photo bomb from princess Pinky. her mother thought todays cartoon was too scary for her

Wow! Mr Wu and his friends are in a tight spot!

As it is Fabulous Furry Friday, AND the middle of the holiday shopping season, We feel compelled to add a little reminder that not only books make  great presents, but so do “Vote for Pinky” and “Vote for Bob” goodies from our store at Pandyland. Not to mention prints from Pandamorphosis, available here! Consider yourselves informed! You can always find the links on our home page, too.

Until tomorrow!
Be the Bear,

Bob T Panda


Behind the Scenes at The Panda Chronicles

You may wonder what the lives of The Panda Chronicles pandas are like when they are not on camera. Mr Wu, being a California bear, enjoys surfing and driving around in his cubvertable. The Meihem twins, besides being Panda Scouts, enjoy relaxing together and plotting ways to make Pinky mad.

And Pinky… well, Pinky likes to relax in her luxuriously appointed private quarters, while catching up on some educational reading.

What is Pinky reading?

What is Pinky reading?

And if you are wondering what your nearest and dearest would like for this year’s holiday, consider Pinky’s campaign swag!

Although why I am suggesting this instead of "Hey! Why not vote for Bob" merchandise is beyond me!

Although why I am suggesting this instead of “Hey! Why not vote for Bob” merchandise is beyond me!

Aren’t we in enough trouble already?

Be the Bear
Bob T. Panda

Let the excesses of the season begin! It’s almost time for 31 Days of Pandas!

Shark Week at Pinky’s Pond

This past week was Shark Week on TV. It’s some big anniversary year for the movie Jaws, the movie that caused more loads of laundry than…oh…never mind. I don’t even watch TV, but you can’t step foot into the inter webs and not be bombarded with posts about Shark Week.

So be it.

Anyway…Princess Pinky’s minions are celebrating Shark Week in their own unique and adorable way. So…um… does anyone know if there are actually strap on shark fins available for smart-ass swimmers? Just wondering.

It's Shark Week at the panda kindergarten! Roar!!!!

It’s Shark Week at the panda kindergarten! Roar!!!!

Sharks have got nothing on Pinky, who is still hacking into my computer and messing up my headline graphics.

Sigh. This cannot continue.

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda

But First, a Word From Reality

We all love pandas. And we all love panda satire. (okay, I’m stretching the point a little, but just be patient with me.) So if you are here, and reading this blog, I think we can agree that we have at least one thing in common. Pandas.

But now, let’s have a word from reality…

I’m guessing that we all have differing opinions on some things and that’s okay. Every once in a while, I make someone mad because I put words in my pandas’ mouths that disagree with what the reader believes and that’s okay too.

Today, the Supreme Court agreed that any two people in this country can get married and that their marriage will be recognized throughout the country.  I think that’s marvelous. I myself have no intention of getting married, but that has been my right to get married or not for my whole life. I have friends and family who this has not been their good fortune, to have this as their decision to do or not. But now they have that right and I say huzzah!

The cynic in me says that as the years and decades go by, same sex couples will discover the rights of divorce, child custody and community property, but perhaps that’s as it should be. Why should heterosexual couples have all the fun?

The pandas  have nothing to say about this, at least not yet. The general atmosphere in the pandy kindy is one of celebrations. After all, it’s really hard to tell what sex pandas are, let alone whether they are the same sex or not.

This political season promises to be an even more acrimonious one than those that preceded it. I will do my best to only make fun of the things that people actually say and do, and so far it seems like this is going to be a bonanza year for satire. If I make something up, I will try to make sure that it is rooted in reality, and not just me saying something nasty about someone whose politics I disagree with.

Okay. enough of this serious crap. Let’s have fun with pandas! Vote Pinky 2016!

Vote for Pinky. Do YOU want to explain why you didn't?

Vote for Pinky. Do YOU want to explain why you didn’t?

Bring on the clown car!

Bring on the clown car!

BTW, you can show your support for Pinky by buying Vote  Pinky merchandise at my pandyland store. Huzzah!

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda