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Disaster Was Narrowly Averted…

But we will not forget that the GQP was ready, willing and able to shut down the government, throw the economy into a tail spin as 100s of 1000s of people were put out of work, imperil national security and the TWO worst things of all: Shut down the zoo during the last month of panda proximity AND disable the Fat Bear Contest!!!!


Let’s face facts. In a few months the only panda cams we’ll have access to are the ones from China. We will not have pandas we can visit unless we can go to China or Europe, neither of which is an option for most of us. So, we must have other bears!

As an international celebrity, you should not be surprised that Otis (aka bear #480) had some thoughts about the possibility of the Fat Bear Festival being canceled.

There does seem to be a tradition here of bears addressing the halls of government! (Pinky: I was da first! don’t forget dat!)

Be the BEAR!!!
Bob T don’t make bears mad! Panda

Nixon’s Ghost Has Indictment Envy

I mean, who wouldn’t? What with the potential of Georgia election interference and possible RICO charges landing on the sculptured fluff of TFG’s head, is it any surprise that Nixon’s Ghost has made yet another appearance?

Honestly, it is a mystery to me on how we are going to get out of this mess. Naively, I thought when Mittens lost in 2020, he would blow off some steam and then fade into oblivion. Hoo boy! What the hell have I been smoking? Nothing, that’s what. I’m not sure how I am going to survive this next two years. Pass the cake!

Birthday week is coming up for Pinky, Bubba, and Bikkie! I have not figured out what I will do to celebrate, but I might run some of my favorite ‘toons of the early birthday seasons of the three younger DC cubbies over at my Substack installation.

Be the Bear
Bob T we will get through this somehow Panda

Indictment Week Continues!

A joyous Arraignment Day for all who observe…

Let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?

I could go on and on, and I’m sure I will at some point, but I wanted to get this out to you without further ado. Tongue in cheek merriment aside, this is a sad day for our history, to realize how close we actually came to descending into fascism. I’m thinking about how glad I am to have all of you here with me, on this wild and terrifying ride.

Be the Bear,
Bob T Democracy is worth saving Panda

Mr. Wu Turns it up to ELEVEN!!!

Apologies! No new ‘toon today. Life got in the way of my time at the panda ‘toon table. So that you are not without something to chuckle over while you wait for any indictments to be handed down, here are some of my most favorite Wu ‘toons from over the years.

“Howdy do! I’m Mr. Wu! Who are you?”
“Wu calls his dance, ‘Ode to a Weaf’ “
An explorer’s work is never done.
episode 15
24) Dis. Will. Not. Stand!
birthday week
It’s so hard to be cool when you still live with your mom.

I hope these will tide you over till the next new ‘toon! (Hopefully coming Thursday!)

Be the Bear!
Bob T is on indictment watch Panda


Details to follow somewhere or other!

Too Extreme for the Sedition Caucus

I’m still kind of having a moment after the news of Judy Young’s sudden departure so you’ll have to endure yet another rant from the fine cats and pandas at ZooNooZ about all things political.

I swear. There ought to be some kind of test to run for office.

Be the Bear
Bob T I’m sure it looked just like this Panda

Today’s the day we’ve been waiting for.

Maybe not the ultimate day we are waiting for, of course. But it is the day he will have to appear in court, in Floriduh, and be confronted with the charges against him, and plead guilty (guilty guilty) or not guilty.

Honestly…I’m really not sure how we’ve survived this long, what with the completely lackadaisical storage that top secret documents were stored, hauled around, and left in public spaces that anyone with access to Merde-A-Lago could just slip into and rifle through some boxes.

Considering the outrage over Hilary’s emails, the cries of “No fairs! He’s done nothing wrong!” coming from the seditionist caucus of the GQP are especially outrageous. Now Bill if the president does it it’s not illegal Barr is going on his redemption tour, saying, “Yep, if he did even half of what the indictment says, he’s going down.” TFG, predictably, now calls his former Roy Cohn lazy and incompetent, no more than a coffee boy, and claims he fired him, rather than that Barr’s obsequious resignation letter told TFG what an honor it was to serve him.

Am I mad? You bet! I hope you’ve read the full indictment by now. It’s easy reading with a lot of blank space, so shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes or so. Here’s a link to Teri Kanefiled’s excellent annotation of the indictment.

Meanwhile, I thought the day should be commemorated in The Panda Chronicles

I’m afraid things are probably going to get ugly as we see this indictment, along with the coming ones for January 6 and the investigation in Georgia. But the alternative to facing these things head on would be far, far worse.

We cannot be fated to fall into fascism

Be the Bear
Bob T I’ll be brave if you are Panda

It’s Hot! Hot! Hot! Indictment Summer!

We’ve been waiting such a long time already!

Not that we would cheapen this event with tasteless revelry or anything like that. I hope we will be forgiven for looking towards this with some degree of anticipation.

Panda commerce note: I’m getting ready to make my original paintings from the book The Panda Cub Swap, (written by Beth Bacon and illustrated by me) available for sale. If you have a favorite painting from the book, please feel free to contact me via the contact us page/form and let me know.

Also, Amazon is raising printing prices as of June 20th this year, and I will need to raise prices so I get the same pittance I already get. So, if you were thinking about acquiring the Panda Chronicles library (10 Books! ) now would be a really good time! The latest book is the definitive look at the political cluster**k of the last 6 years! The only way to consider those times is with pandas!

Keep Being the Bear!
Bob T I know nothing about any duckies at Woodland Park Zoo Panda

Have We Seen the Last of Barker?

Alas…probably not. Like a bad penny, he is likely to turn up where we least expect him, and want him there even less. And in case you were wondering, it is true that he once did a segment on his “show” about pandas being sex crazed and vicious. Humph! The nerve!

We will return to our previous story next week. In the meantime, hold onto your hats. I wish we could say it will be all pandas all the time, but there are (alas!) powerful forces in the world that we must (we must! we must!) comment on.

Be the Bear
Bob T and the Pookies! Panda

Buh Bye Barker (Part 1)

It is a true fact, and therefore not defamatory, that Tucker Carlson was “let go” (aka sent to a farm upstate) by Foxxy Nooz. So sad! Alas, we likely have not seen the last of him. More terrible things are happening out in the real world. We can’t even. Noo shit has come to light about Rooty Patootie (aka “Amurika’s Mayor”) that I can barely even read about, let alone write about it here.

If the ‘toons are not all pandas, all the time, it is the fault of reality and my inability to ignore it. Deal with it.

We’re just asking questions!

Be the Bear
Bob T is not sure of survival Panda