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It’s Time for Another LiarpalOOza!

I thought KittySue would jut go away after Mittens lost, but nooooooo! She’s STILL HERE!!! How can we miss you if you won’t go away. (We say that a lot, don’t we?) And now, we have the Liar-in-Training, Georgie Porgy, a very promising candidate for biggest liar ever! He has big shoes to fill if he wants to go up against KittySue (she’s available!) and Mittens.

And remember! The parts of republican characters here are now played by spineless jelly fish. The elephants just weren’t having it any more!

My head hursts. Will these spineless jellyfish just go away and leave us in peace?

Thanks to all who have bought Litter Box of Chaos! I’m glad SOMETHING good came out of Mittens’ reign of terror! And even bigger thanks to those who have left glowing reviews on Amazon! It really helps get my book moved up in the dreaded algorithm!

Be the Bear!
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