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May I Have the Envelope Please?

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting increasingly frustrated with the “OH MY GOD I NEVER REALIZED JOE BIDEN IS OLD WE MUST DOOOOOOO SOMETHING ABOUT IT RIGHT! NOW!” narrative in the so called mainstream media and the pundit class is yelling from the rooftops.

Some of you (maybe about 150 million) seem to be unaware we have what is called a “Primary Election” that is held in different states, roughly from the end of January till the late spring. At this time, you could vote for other people who chose to run. Dean Phillips (who?) and the failed scion of the Kennedy clan ran and mostly finished behind “no voice” or “uncommitted”. Pretty far below, if I remember correctly.

Look. I don’t know if Biden is going to make it through 4 years. That’s why there is a Vice President and we have a good one. Apparently there is a faction that just noticed she is a multi racial woman, a fact they seemed to ignore while there was no chance she would actually become president if something happened to Biden. Maybe all the viable alternates didn’t run because they knew it would be a cluster*ck and maybe hand the election to TFG.

To be clear I will vote for a box of donuts if it is running as the head of the Democratic ticket, but I’m happy to vote for Handsome Joe if he is indeed the one running. He must feel like he’s under a million microscopes right now. If there is a fight at the convention, it won’t be exciting (at least not in a good way) and it won’t be fun. It will only make us weaker and lead some people to stay home and not vote at all.

And that is what Felon 45 and his ilk wants.

Meanwhile, maybe by this time next week we’ll know who FFF (Felon Forty Five, get it?) is bringing to the prom.

I’m staying as far away from the election food fight as I can.

Be the Bear
Bob T tell me when it’s over Panda

It’s Debatable

Oh boy. Here we go. Election Season 2024 is officially off and running. Zoonooz is on the scene once again with a preview of the first debate (not to mention some predictions for the RNC Convention/clusterf**k)

I hope you have your snacks, some strong adult beverages and a protective screen for your TV/computer screen in case something accidentally leaves your hand at great velocity.

Feel free to check in with your observations, in the comments! Wheee!

Vote Early! Vote Often! Vote Pinky!*

*not really

Ready or not, here they come

Be the Bear
Bob T wake me when it’s over Panda