It’s Debatable

Oh boy. Here we go. Election Season 2024 is officially off and running. Zoonooz is on the scene once again with a preview of the first debate (not to mention some predictions for the RNC Convention/clusterf**k)

I hope you have your snacks, some strong adult beverages and a protective screen for your TV/computer screen in case something accidentally leaves your hand at great velocity.

Feel free to check in with your observations, in the comments! Wheee!

Vote Early! Vote Often! Vote Pinky!*

*not really

Ready or not, here they come

Be the Bear
Bob T wake me when it’s over Panda

6 thoughts on “It’s Debatable

  1. Jeannie Meyer

    I’ve got it! If Mittens names Pinky as his VP, he knows he can win the Panda Vote! (It would be shame, of course, if a misdirected “poof” with Pinky’s wand happened after the election…).

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Pinky: I plays second fiddle to nobuddy. especially NOT Mittens!!!!!I should just poof him anyways.


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