We The Pandas! Pandarella Episode 16

Don’t dissent from reading Pandarella! Things are starting to go Bikkie’s way!

It’s been a heck of a week, but we’re still here. We *might* rant about it a little bit on Thursday. Till then…

Be the Bear
Bob T we dissent Panda

6 thoughts on “We The Pandas! Pandarella Episode 16

  1. Melissa Suzanne Fisher

    I love this da pookies are here. I was thinking about when your pandarella today would appear, and puff, next thing I knew, it was in my email inbox. Thanks so much for these stories and characters. I love it.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Poof! It’s like magic! It might have been sooner but I got distracted. (it happens!)Glad you are enjoying the story.

  2. Jeannie Meyer

    Yes! Tiny Pookie had help with the big horsies! Ppj has this gig down perfectly. ( As long as Frank and Mikey aren’t afraid of horses).
    And PLEASE rant Thursday! I’ve been ranting all week! As someone who has laid an egg public speaking, I’m so furious on Joe’s behalf. And while I’d be fine with President Kamala, I really respect that she’s holding firm and being nothing but supportive.
    Whew! Soapbox over…


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