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You Are Probably Not Going to Like Today’s Episode…

Pandarella Episode 10

Out in the real world, a bear in a town in California has developed a taste for Oreo cookies. Rumor has it he is going to be interviewed by ZooNooZ later this week! Won’t that be fun?

If you enjoy reading about my fine art life, I’m writing a series about my upcoming show over on Substack. You can find it here. I’m planning on writing about one of my paintings for my upcoming show at Rob Schouten Gallery later in the summer.

Meanwhile, Pinky is hoping that you will support her candidacy by wearing Pinky merch! Redbubble often has sales, so keep your eye on the webpage. For now, stickers ship for free to US addresses. Here is the image for Pinky’s 2024 Cubpaign!

Be the Bear!
Bob T likes Oreo cookies Panda

Okay, It’s Not Still Breaking Nooz, But…

Pinky had some thoughts she wanted to share about the (hopefully) arriving pandas to the Pandiego Zoo later this year. I say hopefully, because as we know, many things can go wrong between now and then, so while I’m keeping my fingers crossed and my thoughts hopeful, I’m not all in on positivity, if you take my meaning.

Isn’t it reassuring that Pinky is so consistent in her viewpoint?


Oh well.

Be the Bear!
Bob T trying to remain hopeful Panda

Pandas for President!

Throne of Pandas!

Just so we are clear here, I have never watched Game of Thrones, but if there was a version with pandas in it, Six and Sebben would be the star evil villains in it.

Things are starting to heat up in TFG’s trial schedule. Be prepared for dirty tricks, attempts to delay, obstruct, and spew crazy things on his Toxic Social network. Meanwhile, Smiling Joe will continue to keep doing his job, and doing it well. Try to tune out the naysayers. They are just trying to depress you, so you’ll stay home, even if you would never vote for TFG.

And…um…pay no attention to those drones flying around the Panda House. I’m sure it’s all…um…fine.

Be the Bear
Bob T wake me when it’s over Panda

Pinky *Might* Have a Mommee Problem

Perspective is everything, and while some might say that Mei Xiang has a Pinky problem, (not to mention all those other bears hanging around the place), Pinky would say that the problem is Mommee. What is a presidential candidate to do when those around her don’t, can’t or won’t share her vision!

I love Pinky’s extremely innocent look! It should come in handy…um…later.

Be the Bear!
Bob T I am not all that I appear to be Panda

Who will be the next Presydent?

Well, DUH!!!!

Pinky says “Buh Bye, LOSERS!!!!

Pinky’s opponents are dropping like flies! Will Mittens be next? Will today’s New Hampshire Primary change the GQP ticket? Put a panda in the White [Pink] House!

Be the Bear
Bob T wake me when it’s over Panda

A Pouty Pinky Ponders…

Will she or won’t she? A decision best made with cocoa!

don’t steal Pinky’s ideas!!!!

Also posting tonight, my annual remembrance of Mehitabel, over on my Substack thingie!

Panda on!
Bob T I coulda been a contender Panda

Open Late Gate 3

Yes, I had promised to conclude our story about the change in the National Zoo opening times, but several things got in the way, like Bubba’s debut and whoever it was that broke the Cute-o-Meter.

And then there was Snomaggedon 2016 known on twidder as #Snozilla. The video of Tian Tian, the paterfamilias of the National Zoo Panda clan has been going wildly viral on the interwebs, which I know because at least 6 separate people either tagged me in the video or posted it on my FB page. My sympathy goes out to all of you who are stuck at home with nothing to do while the storm rages on outside, and the snow drifts reach your upper story windows, other than watch panda videos, curl up on the couch and read and eat microwave popcorn. You did remember to stock up on that, didn’t you?

So, without any further ado about nothing, here is the final episode of Open Late Gate

How many times do we have to tell you...Don't make pinky mad!!!!

How many times do we have to tell you…Don’t make pinky mad!!!!

What can we say?

Starting this week, we will be exploring the potential for pandas in the Pacific Northwest! Could it happen? We don’t know, but people who know people are talking about it. And by that, I mean, “people other than me!”

Be the Bear
Bob T. Panda

Pinky’s White House Selfie

Unnamed sources have hacked into princess Pinky’s twidder and insta-pand accounts to steal her personal photos and um…we have uh… “obtained” them and share them here. Is Pinky jumping the gun by taking her photograph HERE????!!!???

You might remember this shocking photo from last week’s post:

I'm sorry, but this seems like Pinky is taking liberties...again!!!

I’m sorry, but this seems like Pinky is taking liberties…again!!!

I know you can now take your own White House selfie, but do they let pandidates pose in the White House so they can look more presidential? This seems like an unfair advantage. They might ban selfies with the Pres himself, so does this disqualify Pinky? Hmmm?

Mei should not be getting all excited like this in her condition!

Mei should not be getting all excited like this in her condition!

Stay tuned! Pinky is on a roll!

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda

Youthful Indiscretions

When I first started watching and drawing pandas, people would send me pictures of pandas from the internet, as well as any video that featured an adorable panda. Okay, I think all pandas are adorable, even muddy messy ones.

But one video made the rounds more often than any other. Recently, an interesting discovery was made by the good folks at Pandas International, because, enquiring minds wanted to know!

What could this youthful Indiscretion be?

What could this youthful Indiscretion be?

Of course, my other favorite panda video is this one.  I really want that job.

Stay tuned to learn of Mei Xiang’s secret, early film career!

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda

Panda Commerce news!
I just added several new designs to my Pandyland Store on Cafe Press! Included are items for Princess Pinky’s Presidential Campaign, as well as a mug celebrating the Panda Kindergarten! Here are the new designs, for bumper stickers, t-shirts and sweat shirts, and magnets. 10% of the profits from June sales will go to Pinky’s campaign…um…I mean Enrichment Fund at the NZ. Many of her toys are funded by donations from her loving fans, so this is a chance to put panda satire to work for Pinky. Here are the new designs:

Nobody expects the Panda Kindergarten!

Nobody expects the Panda Kindergarten!

Declare your support for Pinky!

Declare your support for Pinky!

Vote for Pinky. Do YOU want to explain why you didn't?

Vote for Pinky. Do YOU want to explain why you didn’t?