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Open Late Gate 3

Yes, I had promised to conclude our story about the change in the National Zoo opening times, but several things got in the way, like Bubba’s debut and whoever it was that broke the Cute-o-Meter.

And then there was Snomaggedon 2016 known on twidder as #Snozilla. The video of Tian Tian, the paterfamilias of the National Zoo Panda clan has been going wildly viral on the interwebs, which I know because at least 6 separate people either tagged me in the video or posted it on my FB page. My sympathy goes out to all of you who are stuck at home with nothing to do while the storm rages on outside, and the snow drifts reach your upper story windows, other than watch panda videos, curl up on the couch and read and eat microwave popcorn. You did remember to stock up on that, didn’t you?

So, without any further ado about nothing, here is the final episode of Open Late Gate

How many times do we have to tell you...Don't make pinky mad!!!!

How many times do we have to tell you…Don’t make pinky mad!!!!

What can we say?

Starting this week, we will be exploring the potential for pandas in the Pacific Northwest! Could it happen? We don’t know, but people who know people are talking about it. And by that, I mean, “people other than me!”

Be the Bear
Bob T. Panda

The Cute-o-Meter

The other evening, I was sitting around regaling my friend, Mr. Badger about Bubba’s debut at the National Zoo and he asked if Bubba broke the Cute-o-Meter which of course gave me the idea for todays’s ‘toon.

All kidding aside, Bubba has been wowing his fans in the Panda House and in the media around the world ever since he first stepped on the stage last week. He was recently the subject of this article in the New Yorker, by Robin Wright. I’m telling you people, panda fans are everywhere!

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen just who broke the Cute-o-Meter.

See? I told you it was broken!

See? I told you it was broken!

And back at the 2016 Presidential race, it seems that Pinky has been given yet another assist from one of her loyal fans who took Pinky on a White House  tour, introduced her to the Secret Service, and allowed Pinky to take measurements for curtains and furniture. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pinky didn’t make a visit to the White House kitchen to see what kind of bamboo they keep in stock. (Answer: none!)

The following photographs have been leaked by our intrepid Washington DC correspondent!

Is Pinky headed for an off limits area of the white House?

Is Pinky headed for an off limits area of the white House?

Could this be Pinky's future office?

Could this be Pinky’s future office?

I do not have a good feeling about this....

I do not have a good feeling about this….

Many thanks to intrepid correspondent, Anna Lisa, who shared her trip to the White House with Pinky, and her pictures with us!

Now if I could just get ahead in the polls…..

Till next time,
Be the Bear
Bob T. Panda!


Pinky Shares The Spotlight


Excuse me. I think that the title of today’s post is really funny. As we all know, or at least those of us who have been following Princess Pinky since her earliest days know, that “share” is not a word she uses. But of course I could not resist. You might say that the phrase Pinky shares the spotlight is, in fact, not…um…true.

If you want the truth, read National Geographic or The Nature Magazine, not The Panda Chronicles.

But here is what you’ve all been waiting for! Live coverage of Bubba’s Debut at the National Zoo!

I didn't THINK that Pinky knew the "share" word.

I didn’t THINK that Pinky knew the “share” word.

In all of the excitement about Bubba’s debut, we kind of left you hanging about Pinky’s view of the change in the National Zoo opening time. Don’t worry, we will resume our exclusive coverage of this issue, according to the view from the panda house, this coming Wednesday.

In other bear related news, tomorrow is Winnie the Pooh day (in my opinion it would be the Ernest H. Shepard illustrated version) and I for one, tip my hat to the great Pooh Bear. Everyone might have something with honey to celebrate this bear of little brain’s day. And remember, most of the great philosophical questions can be answered by reading the wise words of this simple bear. Huzzah!

Till then, be the bear!
Bob T. Panda

Bei Bei Panda Debuts to Acclaim!

There is one more cartoon about Princess Pinky and her “views” of the change in hours for the National Zoo in Washington DC, but there are events that take precedent! I am, of course, referring to our latest national treasure, Bei Bei Panda, known to the readers of The Panda Chronicles as Bubba. (Pinky’s note: or boo boo!)

This past Friday marked the first day that members of the Friends of the National Zoo got to be up close and personal with him, and he did not disappoint. But what was going on behind the scenes? How did Bei Bei prepare for his role as a national icon? (Pinky’s note: excuse me. i am the only icon around here. Get in line, boo boo.) Rumor has it, he even waved to the crowd.

But let’s peek behind the scenes, shall we?

006 bubba debut 1 100res

Stay tuned for our next look behind the scene of bei Bei’s…um I mean bubba’s big debut!

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda

Day 20: You Better Watch Out

You better watch out
and listen up good,
and don’t ever say that
Pinky’s no good.

Pinky Paws is coming to town

She’s making a list
of political foes,
this is one place
you don’t want to go,

Pinky Paws is coming to town.

She knows where you are sleeping,
so don’t make no mistake.
If you are good to Pinky,
she’ll share some cuppycakes!

On with a brand new ‘toon!

You better watch out....

You better watch out….

I could not, could not, COULD NOT resist making a mug design for Bubba. Stay tuned next month for more Bubba gear to celebrate his public debut (or is that DeBOO?) next month.

Recent postings of relative cub weight at the approximate number of days of age reveals that Bubba is not only larger than either of his two siblings were at the same age, but also larger than all of the cubs born at the San Diego Zoo. So….

Of course, it is available at Pandyland, my CafePress store.

Of course, it is available at Pandyland, my CafePress store.

Isn't that just the cutest thing?

Isn’t that just the cutest thing?

Keep being the bear! Tomorrow stay tuned for the 12 days of Crispmoss!
Bob T Panda

31 days of Pandas Day 6

31 Days of Pandas, day 6, and at last! A new ‘toon!

It was Bubba’s 100th day birthday earlier this week, and the panda fans of DC gathered to celebrate, even though the guest of honor has not yet made his public debut! Thanks to my good friend and videographer to the (panda) stars, Doxie M Panda (my cousin on my mother’s side), we can see some of the highlights (so far!) of Bubba’s first 100 days.

Princess Pinky is looking forward to another kind of first 100 days, but maybe she shouldn’t count her chickens too soon and all that.

Meanwhile, let’s join the celebration…

Happy 100th day Birthday! More frosting!

Happy 100th day Birthday! More frosting!

Tomorrow, we rejoin Mr. Wu and the whole cast of The Wizard of Wu, as the story continues. If you are tuning in late, you can start here.

I would also like to send out a birthday greeting to one of Princess Pinky’s most faithful pandarazzi! Happy Birthday Daniel Reidel. May your lens never fog, may your batteries be fully charged, and may Princess Pinky never grab the camera out of your hands and demand a ransom to get it back. Have a cuppycake! Huzzah!

Be the bear ya’ll and thank you for visiting!
Bob T. Panda

The Campaign of Bob…

The campaign of Bob does not run smoothly. No, really. Did you think it would? Well, you are in the wrong place for things to run smoothly. Just saying. What? Did you think you had tuned in to an episode of Little Den on the Prairie or something?

No, this is panda satire! It’s hard! It’s gritty! We are endangered! Excuse me, now it is time for my nap. But first…

And how did Pinky manage to hack into my computer again?

And how did Pinky manage to hack into my computer again?

You would think that Mama Mei would be happy that Pinky is taking her little brother in paw to teach him a few things. Not to mention being proud that her little girl is so tech savvy!

Meanwhile, in other news, Amazon has opened a store in Seattle, and I am thrilled. I would be more thrilled if they actually put my books in their stores, but that may be too much to hope for.  If you live in Seattle, and happen to drop by their store, put in a good word for pandas, okay? We are endangered, you know.

And progress on my coloring book is humming along. I hope to finish compiling it in the next week, so I can get it out in the world (via Amazon!) before the holiday shopping season. I am also working on a major revision of “The Case of the Picturesque Panda” so that it is a middle grade graphic novel. Some major changes are afoot (a paw?) and I can’t resist sharing one of the sample pages here:

Yes, Mr. Wu gets to be the smart one!

Yes, Mr. Wu gets to be the smart one!

I’d love to know what people think about the color, style of the illustrations, whatever you want to tell me. and I…um…promise I’ll read it and won’t ignore any negative things you might have to say. I might whimper a bit, but you don’t mind do you? This is a VERY long term project, so don’t be expecting this one any time soon, but you will be among the first to know when it is finished!

Well, pandas wait for no man!
Be the Bear!
Bob T. Panda




Everything Wants to be Round

I’ve been having so much fun watching the newest of the DC panda cubs reach milestone after milestone…surviving, getting his black and white markings, opening his eyes, and getting fatter, and round and fatter…and…fatter.

This was bound to happen sooner or later.

Feed me, Mama!

Feed me, Mama!

Meanwhile, I don’t think that Pinky was in the least reformed after her adventure in A Halloween Carol. ( You can see them here if you missed them.) As you can see, she has hacked into my computer again and put her headline over mine. Hmmph!

In other panda satire related news, by popular demand, I am working on a Panda Chronicles Coloring Book. If you hadn’t already noticed, coloring books are not just for kids anymore. Adults are jumping on the bandwagon, and getting their own sets of colored pencils and big boxes of colorful marker pens.  These will be available in short order (I hope) as I recently published The Panda Chronicles Book 6: WE R Endangered, so the process is fresh in my mind. I will let you know here on this very site (as well as on Fezbook and Twidder) when the pandas create a colorful swath through the pages of Amazon.

Speaking of Amazon, They have just opened a brick and mortar store at University Village in Seattle (We used to call it Village of the Damned when I worked for a coffee behemoth which shall remain nameless.) If you are a Seattle person, who might occasionally visit said VotD, please stop in and ask for my books. I would love to see the Panda Chronicles in a live bookstore in Seattle. I would happily send you a signed bookplate or three! You can contact me through the “Contact” page. Handy, that!

Till we meet again,
Be the Bear
Bob T. Panda


A Bei Bei Bubba Interlude

Editors Note: After almost four months of having cartoons done weeks in advance, I find myself finishing a cartoon mere hours before it is to go live, in order to stay on schedule. What can I say? I have been having way too much fun, what with visiting artist friends, a small gathering of the panda faithful, and then last week, a trip out of state to a writers conference/workshop.

Actually the last bit is pretty exciting, and it has some future implications for the state of panda satire. I can’t say just what may transpire, but I think something will. I’ll tell you when there is something to tell.

But in the meantime, Pinky’s baby brother Bubba Bei Bei is growing in leaps and bounds, or at least grunts and rolls. And he’s small and doesn’t take long to draw.

He's small for now, but Bubba Bei Bei is shaping up to be a whole lot of panda!

He’s small for now, but Bubba Bei Bei is shaping up to be a whole lot of panda!

We are all celebrating the fact that Pinky and Bubba’s panda cam has not been shut down. Huzzah! And it would be very naughty of me NOT to mention that our latest collection of The Panda Chronicles has been published and is now available on Amazon! Huzzah!

We’ll be back on Friday with encore presentations of your favorite pandas, and another episode of A Halloween Carol on Sunday. See you then!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda