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And Now, the Moment You’ve ALL Been Waiting For!

Well, all of you, except maybe for Pinky. I just have NO IDEA how she is going to take the emergence of this little charmer from France: the one, the only, the maximumly adorable Bebe` Maurice! If you have not seen him yet, feast your eyes of this video of Bebe` Maurice! (Editor’s note: the folks at Zoo Parc Beauval have NO IDEA that their little baby panda’s name is Bebe` Maurice, but we know better, don’t we?)

Well you’ve been waiting for him to make his debut appearance and now you must wait no longer! Huzzah!

Zank hebben…for leettle bears!

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

What a World We Live In

It’s no wonder some people (such as myself) have a little bit of a hard time separating fact from fiction. As you will see in next week’s ‘toons, when Mittens takes to the stage, there was so much of his dialog that I could pull from actual news items, that I really didn’t have to make much up. In some ways, it makes my life easier, but in other ways… I’d like the world we live in to be kind and fair and…um…have so many pandas that they become a pest: invasive rather than endangered. They could go into neighborhoods where people have foolishly planted bamboo, which has now gotten out of control, and take care of it, providing fertilizer in addition to pesky plant removal. The Putting Pandas to Work program could go global!

Should Pandas pay their own way?

Putting Pandas to Work goes global!

Along with all the political news of the week, I’ve also seen a few references to “sock puppet” accounts on various social media outlets. I don’t know what the big deal is. I’ve always loved puppets.

But they're so cute!

But they’re so cute!

And as various politicians toot their horns about their popularity, as opposed to that of their opponents…

See? I told you it was broken!

See? I told you it was broken!

(Ha ha! That one has become one of my all time favorites!)

But as we head into the home stretch of this very long campaign season, let me leave you with a ‘toon that reminds us, that the most important positions in the world should not be awarded through stoking the fears of some, but because of what we can bring to a table where there is room for all.

Consider this my Werld Peez Pandifesto

Consider this my Werld Peez Pandifesto

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda

And now for a word from our sponsor! If you enjoy these cartoons and want to support *me* the creator of the aforementioned cartoons, consider visiting my Book Page and buying my books for yourself or for friends! A portion of my sales also goes to support our friends at Pandas International, who support actual pandas!

The Cute-o-Meter

The other evening, I was sitting around regaling my friend, Mr. Badger about Bubba’s debut at the National Zoo and he asked if Bubba broke the Cute-o-Meter which of course gave me the idea for todays’s ‘toon.

All kidding aside, Bubba has been wowing his fans in the Panda House and in the media around the world ever since he first stepped on the stage last week. He was recently the subject of this article in the New Yorker, by Robin Wright. I’m telling you people, panda fans are everywhere!

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen just who broke the Cute-o-Meter.

See? I told you it was broken!

See? I told you it was broken!

And back at the 2016 Presidential race, it seems that Pinky has been given yet another assist from one of her loyal fans who took Pinky on a White House  tour, introduced her to the Secret Service, and allowed Pinky to take measurements for curtains and furniture. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pinky didn’t make a visit to the White House kitchen to see what kind of bamboo they keep in stock. (Answer: none!)

The following photographs have been leaked by our intrepid Washington DC correspondent!

Is Pinky headed for an off limits area of the white House?

Is Pinky headed for an off limits area of the white House?

Could this be Pinky's future office?

Could this be Pinky’s future office?

I do not have a good feeling about this....

I do not have a good feeling about this….

Many thanks to intrepid correspondent, Anna Lisa, who shared her trip to the White House with Pinky, and her pictures with us!

Now if I could just get ahead in the polls…..

Till next time,
Be the Bear
Bob T. Panda!


Day 15: 31 Days of Pandas

We’re back with the next episodes of It’s a Wun-derful Life, starring Mr. Wu, Bee (the Bear) and other pandas besides!

It's a wonderful Life parody

Bee the bear tells it like it is

It's a Wonderful Life parody

What part of “you don’t exist” didn’t you get?

Where IS Mr. Wu’s mom? It’s getting very existential around here!

Tune in tomorrow for the next episode!
Be the Bear!
Bob T. Panda

Under the influence…


Ultimately, we try to understand the ubiquitous appeal of Pandas. Is it their understated and unabashed cuteness that puts us under their spell? Is it their unadorned and unadulterated style that makes them the unanimous choice of untold millions of their fans? Such unassuming bears are uncanny in their unceasing, unbearable cuteness of being.

pandamorphosis illustration

Don’t you just hate it when your refrigerator is infested by…pandas? But it’s really cute, right?

Meanwhile, I’m making a few appearances around the interweb.  You can read my post comparing art to farming over at the blog of The Little Brown Farm (the place on Whidbey to meet all your cheese-y desires).

I’ve also made a recent visit to Cordelia’s Mom, Still, to talk about the inadvisability to use the excuse, but I’m too old, to start something new.

Legalize cake today!  Prevent illicit cuppycake activities.

Going Undercover! (And where did that little panda get that money?

Hang on to your hats, kids, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

I should have posted this one yesterday, on the day of “T”, but I totally spaced it!

Keep being the bear!
Bob T. Panda

Day 22: Princess Pinky is a STAR!

But you already knew that, didn’t you?  Well, now it’s official, at least according to Smithsonian Magazinewhere Princess Pinky Bao Bao is this month’s cover girl. And in her Princess Pinky fashion, she demanded a cartoon to commemorate the occasion.

A girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do, and that applies equally to mama pandas.

Bao Bao, Smithsonian Magazine cover

Beware, the power of the paw!

Don’t you just hate it when your mom hides your important stuff?

Well, we have just 9 more days remaining in our 31 Days of Pandas series, and we are going to wind up the year with a short feature presentation, It’s a WUnderful Life! Tune in tomorrow for the first episode.

Thank you, to everyone who has joined in with the panda fun! I am so glad you have come along for the ride.

Peace be with you, embrace your inner panda, and keep being the bear.
Bob T. Panda

Day 8 Two pandas are cuter than one

Oh, stand back Princess Pinky, your cuzzins from ‘Lanta have entered the fashion fray!  (I even think Mr. Wu will make an appearance in the paper doll pages as well!)

There’s lots-o-fun coming up in the 31 Days of Pandas extravaganza! Mr. Wu’s adventure, the Wizard of Wu is going to ramp up with multiple episodes in the week ahead, so that the adventure can finish before Mr. Wu’s brother Yun Zi has to go off to his new life in China. (what? say it isn’t so!)

But first, Here are the Atlanta Twinkies with their favorite outfit for relaxing around the den.

Atlanta panda cub twins

Huzzah! It’s Bert and his brother Ernie!

Zoo Atlanta Twin panda Cubs

…and their jammies! Huzzah!

Some computer size adjusting may be necessary to make the outfits fit.  Just sayin, my tech skills are vastly inferior to my drawing skills!

Be the Bear!
Bob T. Panda



Day 7: Pinky wants another outfit…

…so who am I to say “no?”

Bao Bao in her pajamas

Just the thing for a cozy evening at home with mom and the panda cam!

Bao Bao in pajamas

Tell me a story, mommy!

Stay tuned for the next 31 Days of Pandas installment.  Tomorrow, the Twinkies model their paper panda attire!

Be The Bear!
Bob T. Panda




Day 5: Bring Princess Pinky Home With You!

OK, not really, but a Princess Pinky Paper Doll is the next best thing..um…isn’t it? The dedicated pandologists at the Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire are committed to bringing you the best in panda satire, not to mention all the fun that pandas can bring.  Many (OK, three) of our fans have already had fun bringing Babette de Panda paper dolls along with them on trips near and far.  Just think how much fun you can have with Princess Pinky!

Princess Pinky paper doll

Princess Pinky and her very first tutu, gifted to her by her big brother Tai Shan!

Your Princess Pinky Paper Doll has been scanned at a higher resolution than most of our cartoons, so it is suitable for printing.  To print, click on the image and then save to your computer. You can glue pinky to cardboard and make a thingie so she can stan up. then you can dress her in her new outfit.  There will be additional outfits added during the month of December.

You know the rules: Pinky is for your own non-commercial use, so don’t make me send the panda kindergarten after you. ‘kay? And if you are inclined to take pictures of Pinky at her holiday parties, be sure to post them to Bob T. Panda on Facebook, or @pandachronicle on Twitter.

Huzzah! Be the Bear!
Bob T. Panda

Day 4 and Episode 13 (gasp!) of the Wizard of Wu

Oh boy! I’m so excited at how many panda satire loving people are showing up for 31 Days of Pandas! But don’t think we are going to leave Mr Wu hanging in the breeze in his most recent adventure, The Wizard of Wu!

Things are really getting scary in today’s episode, the 13th in the series! Hmm…I said that last week, but this time I really mean it!  That cat is just so evil!

(Note to Mehitabel’s fans: it’s fiction. Get over it.)

The wizard of Oz with pandas

Who would have thought cuppycakes could be enchanted?

Oh boy, ‘dis is getting so ‘citing!

Thanks to everyone who ordered books yesterday. Pandas in China thank you! You are the bears!

Be the Bear!
Bob T. Panda