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Day 8 Two pandas are cuter than one

Oh, stand back Princess Pinky, your cuzzins from ‘Lanta have entered the fashion fray!  (I even think Mr. Wu will make an appearance in the paper doll pages as well!)

There’s lots-o-fun coming up in the 31 Days of Pandas extravaganza! Mr. Wu’s adventure, the Wizard of Wu is going to ramp up with multiple episodes in the week ahead, so that the adventure can finish before Mr. Wu’s brother Yun Zi has to go off to his new life in China. (what? say it isn’t so!)

But first, Here are the Atlanta Twinkies with their favorite outfit for relaxing around the den.

Atlanta panda cub twins

Huzzah! It’s Bert and his brother Ernie!

Zoo Atlanta Twin panda Cubs

…and their jammies! Huzzah!

Some computer size adjusting may be necessary to make the outfits fit.  Just sayin, my tech skills are vastly inferior to my drawing skills!

Be the Bear!
Bob T. Panda