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Pinky Shares The Spotlight


Excuse me. I think that the title of today’s post is really funny. As we all know, or at least those of us who have been following Princess Pinky since her earliest days know, that “share” is not a word she uses. But of course I could not resist. You might say that the phrase Pinky shares the spotlight is, in fact, not…um…true.

If you want the truth, read National Geographic or The Nature Magazine, not The Panda Chronicles.

But here is what you’ve all been waiting for! Live coverage of Bubba’s Debut at the National Zoo!

I didn't THINK that Pinky knew the "share" word.

I didn’t THINK that Pinky knew the “share” word.

In all of the excitement about Bubba’s debut, we kind of left you hanging about Pinky’s view of the change in the National Zoo opening time. Don’t worry, we will resume our exclusive coverage of this issue, according to the view from the panda house, this coming Wednesday.

In other bear related news, tomorrow is Winnie the Pooh day (in my opinion it would be the Ernest H. Shepard illustrated version) and I for one, tip my hat to the great Pooh Bear. Everyone might have something with honey to celebrate this bear of little brain’s day. And remember, most of the great philosophical questions can be answered by reading the wise words of this simple bear. Huzzah!

Till then, be the bear!
Bob T. Panda

Bei Bei Panda Debuts to Acclaim!

There is one more cartoon about Princess Pinky and her “views” of the change in hours for the National Zoo in Washington DC, but there are events that take precedent! I am, of course, referring to our latest national treasure, Bei Bei Panda, known to the readers of The Panda Chronicles as Bubba. (Pinky’s note: or boo boo!)

This past Friday marked the first day that members of the Friends of the National Zoo got to be up close and personal with him, and he did not disappoint. But what was going on behind the scenes? How did Bei Bei prepare for his role as a national icon? (Pinky’s note: excuse me. i am the only icon around here. Get in line, boo boo.) Rumor has it, he even waved to the crowd.

But let’s peek behind the scenes, shall we?

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Stay tuned for our next look behind the scene of bei Bei’s…um I mean bubba’s big debut!

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda