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Our Commitment to You, The Viewer

Here at The Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire, we take our commitment to mental health (ours and yours) very seriously, and while we do feel a need to pontificate about our ongoing political nightmare, we are going to do our best to keep Mittens and his fascist minions off of the ZooNooZ stage.

Unlike certain TV networks, we have not offered lucrative contracts for Mittens apologists to spread their nonsense on our ‘toon waves.

We are, we should add, powerless to keep Pinky off ZooNooZ.

For reference, a Scaramucci= 11 days.

Be the Bear
Bob T has not been fired by NBC Panda

A Cubpaign takes a Lot of Money!

While we don’t approve of A.I. in general, you can hardly fault Pinky’s creative use as part of her cubpaign fundraising efforts! Well, at least until Mommee finds out about it.

We are watching in real time as Mittens loses his grip on reality. We should petition any force of nature or divine entity you may subscribe in, to keep us safe until Joe Biden is in the White House for a second term. Stay safe, friends, Panda on!

Be the Bear
Bob T friend to bears Panda

It’s a Whole New Year

What a way to start the year! The firehose of NooZ, real and fake has already started. If we are going to survive this year, we need to do a little editing about how much of the firehose we allow to blast us in the ears.

First of all, obviously ZooNooZ needs to stay on your radar of what you should listen to. Then, you should subscribe To Joyce Vance‘s Substack Newsletter, along with Heather Cox Richardson. Add Jay Kuo for a little more in depth analysis. For a sweary look at the Nooz, you can’t do better than Jeff Tiedrich. You can find all of them on the Substack website or app, if you are someone who likes apps. You can find me there too! I’ve been doing a Year in Review there, and will be doing that for a few more weeks!

You can listen and watch a little bit of main stream news, but take it all with a grain of salt and don’t over do it. A little bit goes a long way!

Here are the things I won’t be paying (much) attention to: The GOP primary, for starters. I mean, that’s not something I’ll be voting in. I guess if you’re a Republican that’s something you probably should pay attention to (although what are you doing HERE if you’re a Republican?) But since I won’t be voting for any of those people, my attention can be minimal.

There are a few other things that I need to draw back from, both because I can’t do anything about them, or they are conditions that are so complex and so long running, I don’t have the knowledge or understanding to make any meaningful contribution.

In other NooZ, my birthday Season is now officially over.

Hang on tight and buckle up, folks! It’s gonna be a hell of a year!

Be the Bear!
Bob T I’m not sure I’m ready for this Panda