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Our Commitment to You, The Viewer

Here at The Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire, we take our commitment to mental health (ours and yours) very seriously, and while we do feel a need to pontificate about our ongoing political nightmare, we are going to do our best to keep Mittens and his fascist minions off of the ZooNooZ stage.

Unlike certain TV networks, we have not offered lucrative contracts for Mittens apologists to spread their nonsense on our ‘toon waves.

We are, we should add, powerless to keep Pinky off ZooNooZ.

For reference, a Scaramucci= 11 days.

Be the Bear
Bob T has not been fired by NBC Panda

Trying to get out of The Doldrums

Not unlike three bears in a cubvertible, I struggle with how to get out of the Doldrums. I’m sure I might have more to say about this sooner or later, but since the shadows are already growing long, I’ll cut to the chase, and bring on today’s ‘toon!

I new a Wu Bear…um…I mean Watch Bear to help me find my way out!

Be the Bear!
Bob T only 9 days till the solstice Panda

Our Story Continues Again!

I went on a retreat with my group of kid lit writing buddies, and so I am behind on posting. Hopefully, next week I will be back on schedule.

I am taking part next weekend in a local holiday artist sale and will have some of my original watercolor illustrations from The Panda Cub Swap available for sale, so if you were thinking about getting one of these for yourself, now would be a good time before I sell the one you wanted! Send me a message through the CONTACT US page!

I am going to add a design or two to my Redbubble store, so if you were thinking stuff with pandas on it would make great presents, be sure to check in this week. I can’t keep up with all the sales they are running this month, but pretty much from day to day, they are offering some great discounts. Check them out HERE!

Dis Will Not Stand!

Be the Bear
Bob T Buy Stuff With Pandas Panda