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Trying to get out of The Doldrums

Not unlike three bears in a cubvertible, I struggle with how to get out of the Doldrums. I’m sure I might have more to say about this sooner or later, but since the shadows are already growing long, I’ll cut to the chase, and bring on today’s ‘toon!

I new a Wu Bear…um…I mean Watch Bear to help me find my way out!

Be the Bear!
Bob T only 9 days till the solstice Panda

Hey! Remember that story I started a couple months ago?

We’re trying to get back to it. I thought it might be useful to have a bit of a re-run of the first 4 episodes today, and have the next installment on Thursday. But then again, maybe I’ll do it the other way, so that today’s toon, joins up better with last Thursday’s episode.

Somedays I just confuse myself!

While I’m thinking about it, both Spoonflower and Redbbuble are in the throes of their holiday deal season. So this would be a very good time to hope over to my shops on Redbubble or Spoonflower to do a little holiday shopping. I’ve also been easing into my winter felty routine so if you were thinking about ordering some felties, this would be a great time to do it. Just reach out to me through the Contact Us page with your wishes and desires!

Be sure to tune in (or should I say ‘toon in?) on Thursday to catch up on the beginning of our Bikkie/Pookie/Mister Poppee story! Maybe between 2nd nap and 3rd dessert!

Be the Bear!
Bob T pass the mashed potatoes Panda

BTW did everyone see the SNL cold open on Saturday?

Our Story Continues…

What could possibly go wrong?

I mean…should we be worried about where the car came from? About what happens when the pass through the tollbooth?

We just don’t know! I’ll be re-reading The Phantom Toll Booth over the weekend to figure out where my version goes next!

This is exciting, isn’t it?

Be the Bear
Bob T I’d never let anything bad happen to Bikkie Panda

The Adventure Begins…

Are you ready?

Hmmm… I’m not so sure this is a good idea…

I would be remiss if I did not point out that this is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! And as such, I must share a ‘toon from the archives…

Yo ho ho and a bottle of BooBeer!

I think I will have an encore presentations of this whole story over at my Substack tomorrow. Yo ho ho!

Be the Bear
Bob T avast me hearties Panda