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Hey! Remember that story I started a couple months ago?

We’re trying to get back to it. I thought it might be useful to have a bit of a re-run of the first 4 episodes today, and have the next installment on Thursday. But then again, maybe I’ll do it the other way, so that today’s toon, joins up better with last Thursday’s episode.

Somedays I just confuse myself!

While I’m thinking about it, both Spoonflower and Redbbuble are in the throes of their holiday deal season. So this would be a very good time to hope over to my shops on Redbubble or Spoonflower to do a little holiday shopping. I’ve also been easing into my winter felty routine so if you were thinking about ordering some felties, this would be a great time to do it. Just reach out to me through the Contact Us page with your wishes and desires!

Be sure to tune in (or should I say ‘toon in?) on Thursday to catch up on the beginning of our Bikkie/Pookie/Mister Poppee story! Maybe between 2nd nap and 3rd dessert!

Be the Bear!
Bob T pass the mashed potatoes Panda

BTW did everyone see the SNL cold open on Saturday?

Panda Exodus? Not So Much!

They just WANT you to believe that the pandas have gone back to China

But we know better, don’t we?

I am going to get back to my other story (The Mister Poppee, Pookie, and Bikkie adventure) sooner or later, but we had to provide some answers about what would happen vis-a-vis the “real world” (as if!) relocation of our pandas to China. I mean, the late Mehitabel is still commanding the NooZ desk at ZooNooZ heading onto 7 years since she departed for other realms, so do you think a little thing like reality is going to dissuade me from pretending the pandas are all still here?

Panda On!
Bob T is delusional Panda

Josie Tells All!

Can she help it if Otis is such a cutie pie?

I’m afraid to tell you, that Otis did not win this year’s completion. I think there is one more day to go, but he has already been eliminated. I know, I know, all bears are worthy, but geez…you’d think there could be more people who recognize Otis’s contribution to the Fat Bear Festivities. Maybe a lifetime achievement award?

Oh well…

Be the Bear!
Bob T Otis was robbed! Panda

We Interrupt Our Feature Presentation…

…for this breaking NooZ

So many bears in the Nooz! I could not resist the story of a bear and her cubby breaking into a Krispy Kreme donut truck. I mean come on! Wouldn’t you? (gift link to the story)

Lordy! There are tapes!

Be the bear
Bob T pass the donuts Panda

Is This a Coup?

Six and Sebben are in So. Much. Trouble!

I don’t even know what is going to happen next!

Bless their hearts!

Stay ‘tooned. Maybe I’ll figure out what is going to happen next? No dull moments at the Panda House!

Panda On
Bob T is on indictment watch Panda

Back to the Panda House!

Meanwhile, back in the Panda House, Mei is trying to juggle room assignments, head off fights between Six and Sebben and well, anyone else there, and keep Josie happy while keeping Frank and Mikey out of her way. Whew! I’d say she has her paws full.

Hold onto your boo shoots. I think this summer is going to get crazy between indictments and panda room assignments.

Be the Bear!
Bob T never been indicted Panda

Now where were we?

Oh yes…As we return to our previous story…let’s see…Josie arrived looking for her cub Pookie. Pookie and Bikkie did not want to be separated, so somebody (who knows who…maybe Bikkie?) invited Josie to move in too. We’ll see how long that lasts. Lun Lun snuck out with Yang Yang after Ya Ya’s goodbye party, leaving Six and Sebben behind.

Fortunately, construction was completed on Pinky’s penthouse suite (hey, it’s fiction!) in advance of scheduled completion, so looks like there is room for everyone! As usual, Mei Xiang must make everything work and keep everything from falling into chaos.

Mei Xiang holds a meeting with all the cubbies and bears Frank, Mikey, Josie, and Pookie. Pinky, once again, takes advantage of the situation to get extra stuff for herself.

I’ve been writing a little Inner Panda Diary over at my Substack home. You could check it out.

Also, I have procrastinated getting these original watercolors from The Panda Cub Swap posted. Rather than bombard you with all of them, all at once, I thought it might be easier to post them in groups.

This group is the small spot illustrations that appear in a double page spread in the book. They are each $95 including US postage. Outside the US (if anyone is interested) postage will be at cost. International shipping has gone up, so be forewarned. If you are interested, use the Contact Me page, and identify the painting by number.

The individual paintings are all about 4″x6″ ish, and are matted at 6″x8″

Be the Bear!
Bob T my house is still standing after the fireworks Panda

Back to the Bears!

I’m sorry to leave the bears upon in the air, but there has been so much going on! I hope this will fill in a narrative gap or two. (While I figure out what is going to happen next, and take care of a few other things!)

Bears will be bears!

Be the Bear
Bob T bears behaving badly Panda

BTW I have a new rant on Substack this week! Check it out!