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The True Scoop on Hank the Tank comes to you on ZooNooZ!

So. Many. Bears in the NooZ!!!!! If it’s not bears in swimming pools, reports of bears climbing Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, (Really! More to come on this shocking story!)bears breaking into cars, it’s the top story of the day, the arrest of Hank the Tank!

Of course, ZooNooZ got the first interview!

well, I don’t know that we’ll be RIGHT back with more on Hank…I mean Henrietta’s story, but we will be back eventually!

As you know, it is Birthday Week in DC!

Monday was Bikkie’s 3rd birthday (where DOES the time go?) today is Bubba’s and of course, tomorrow is Pinky’s birthday. I’ve done birthday extravaganza posts over at Substack, so if you want to see what some of my favorite ‘toons for each of the bears are, head over to Substack to see!

Be the Bear!
Bob T I wasn’t trying to take her purse Panda

Bears will be Bears!

A big thanks and a couple of cuppycakes to my faithful friends and readers, who send me nooz stories of bears behaving badly! Apparently a bear had to be rescued from a California amusement park. Thanks for the valuable* tip! (*No actual monetary value)

Has anyone seen Frank and Mikey around?

And who among us can resist that pink cotton candy that proliferated at amusement parks and county fairs?

Be the bear everyone!
Bob T Panda