We Interrupt Our Feature presentation For This Important Announcement

Don’t think this means I’m going to let you weenies off the hook from our incredibly suspenseful and slightly scary story, but first…


Meanwhile, the Mittens is a Sleeze and financial/election cheat trial continues, with Eric getting the short straw in the “Take your Daddy to Court Day” competition between his family members.

Get ready to meet in Pandiego!!!

Be the Bear
Bob T I am counting the days Panda

8 thoughts on “We Interrupt Our Feature presentation For This Important Announcement

  1. Janie Cushing

    I will be there!! I can’t wait to meet our new SDZ panda couple. And I love that our young bachelor is GG’s and BY’s grandcubbie. I hope that Yun Chuan has inherited grandpapa’s ability to “get it done”.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      So Exciting! I think Yun Chuan looks a lot like his Uncle Wu, and I was also wondering (are as most of Gao Gao’s girl frens) if he has inherited his dear grand dad’s “skills” in the Panda Season of Love department. I imagine GG will give him “the talk” before he heads for California. I look forward to visiting the pandas again!

  2. Jeannie Meyer

    Since I frequently get to SDZ I’ll be there ! Hopefully our young gentlepanda greets his lady with wine, roses and sultry music. He’s quite handsome and she is very pretty. Can’t wait for the Zoonooz to talk with them again!


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