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Surf’s Up!

Oh those wild and wacky sea going mammals! If it’s not orcas attacking boats off the coasts of Spain and Scotland, or swimming around the Puget Sound with a fish on their head, it’s surf board stealing otters in California!

Let’s go surfing’ now
Let an otter show you how
Come on a safari with me!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Surfin’ Safari Panda

Too Extreme for the Sedition Caucus

I’m still kind of having a moment after the news of Judy Young’s sudden departure so you’ll have to endure yet another rant from the fine cats and pandas at ZooNooZ about all things political.

I swear. There ought to be some kind of test to run for office.

Be the Bear
Bob T I’m sure it looked just like this Panda

Orca Orca Orca

Back in my college days, I had my nose in a Big Fish Thriller and was completely engrossed. These were the days just after the release of Jaws, and everyone wanted to get on the Malevolent Sea Creature bandwagon. I think maybe there was a novel about a giant squid too.

So there I am, nose in book, and my friend was trying to get my attention, and finally she just yelled in my face, “ORCA ORCA ORCA!!!

I might not remember what I went into the kitchen for today, but I do remember life’s high points!

This ‘toon (and Thursday’s) are based on the true story of a pod of Orcas attacking boats off the Spanish coast. Would I lie to you?

Be the Bear!
Bob don’t call me Flipper Panda

Secret Agent Bear

Last week on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me (the NPR Nooz Quiz) they shared a true story of bears in the Nooz. I thought it was worthy of a ‘toon, so I made one! Do you think this will get me on the show?

I looked up an article about the incident, which had several amusing quotes, my favorite being: Presumably the bear did not have a search warrant either.

Curious? Check out the article here after you read The Panda Chronicles version of it!

And who has the theme song Secret Agent Bear ear-worming your brain now?

Secret…agent bear
Secret…agent bear…
They’ve given you a number,
And taken away your name!

Be the Bear!
Bob T it wasn’t me either Panda

Truth…or BEAR!

There have been so many stories of bears in the Nooz lately. Are the bears being especially naughty? Or are there just more people filming the naughtiness of bears since almost everyone has a camera in their pocket?

Whatever the reason, we have bears coming out of our ears! (Which is better than hair coming out of our ears…) But here at The Panda Chronicles, we say, you can’t have too many stories about bears! Here, to tell you about bears and play a little Nooz quiz, are some of our favorite bears: Frank and Mikey (an don’t forget Pookie!) on a show we are calling;

Wait, Wait, Don’t Eat Me

Can you tell I listen to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me?

Be the Bear!
Bob T I crack me up! Panda

Keep those bear stories and videos coming!

Today’s the day we’ve been waiting for.

Maybe not the ultimate day we are waiting for, of course. But it is the day he will have to appear in court, in Floriduh, and be confronted with the charges against him, and plead guilty (guilty guilty) or not guilty.

Honestly…I’m really not sure how we’ve survived this long, what with the completely lackadaisical storage that top secret documents were stored, hauled around, and left in public spaces that anyone with access to Merde-A-Lago could just slip into and rifle through some boxes.

Considering the outrage over Hilary’s emails, the cries of “No fairs! He’s done nothing wrong!” coming from the seditionist caucus of the GQP are especially outrageous. Now Bill if the president does it it’s not illegal Barr is going on his redemption tour, saying, “Yep, if he did even half of what the indictment says, he’s going down.” TFG, predictably, now calls his former Roy Cohn lazy and incompetent, no more than a coffee boy, and claims he fired him, rather than that Barr’s obsequious resignation letter told TFG what an honor it was to serve him.

Am I mad? You bet! I hope you’ve read the full indictment by now. It’s easy reading with a lot of blank space, so shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes or so. Here’s a link to Teri Kanefiled’s excellent annotation of the indictment.

Meanwhile, I thought the day should be commemorated in The Panda Chronicles

I’m afraid things are probably going to get ugly as we see this indictment, along with the coming ones for January 6 and the investigation in Georgia. But the alternative to facing these things head on would be far, far worse.

We cannot be fated to fall into fascism

Be the Bear
Bob T I’ll be brave if you are Panda

A Bear is a Bear (Especially when there are cuppycakes!)

Once again I want to thank all my observant readers who alert me to stories of bears in the Nooz. That most of these bears are caught in the act of behaving badly, well…bears will be bears!

Yeah! Why does everyone think that Frank and Mikey were involved in any bad behavior by bears?

Stay ‘tooned! It might actually be indictment week!

Be still my heart!

Be the Bear
Bob T it’s always time for cuppycakes Panda