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Unka Justin is just being sensible.

Unka Justin has the right idea. I mean, if people around the WH are going to swan around  without masks on, probably coughing and sniffing indiscriminately, then he is just better off staying home. But You Know Who would rather…

Blame Canada! (Our Neighbors to the North!)

Please, please PLEASE, Canada! Won’t you annex Whidbey Island? Please?

*Now over 4.5 million cases and over 156,000 deaths, and I only wrote this cartoon about 2 weeks ago.

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Be the bear!
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Pinky has some ‘splaining to do

Oh, Pinky…did you really think that you would not be found out when you brought underaged pandas across international borders? The wrath of Mommee may be the least of your problems! How does it look for a presidential candidate to appropriate pandas that do not belong to you, for your own evil purposes?

Do you think this is presidential behavior?????

Ahem….There may be another panda candidate running for office this year, if maybe you were thinking that Pinky was one of those extremist candidates. Hey! Why not vote for Bob?

Ooooh! Did Daddee actually yell at Pinky?

Ooooh! Did Daddee actually yell at Pinky?

Ever the politician, did you notice how Pinky promises not to go to Canada again, but doesn’t promise not to leave the zoo? Very sneaky, Pinky, very sneaky! But I don’t think Unka Justin is going to let the twins get away quite this easily, since he is rather fond of them. Put those cubbies back right this minute, young lady!

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

With news of a state dinner for the folks from Canada at the White House, following quickly on the heels of the photograph of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with two adorable panda cubs on his lap, It’s anyone’s guess who’s coming for dinner!

Are Pinky and Bubba invited as well? I mean, now that the PM and the Toronto Twinkies are such good buds, I can’t believe he’d leave them at home! and will Mei Xiang and Tian Tian be invited as well? Seems like the PM might be the sort who has permissive attitudes towards pandas and would let them get up to any number of hijinks, and where Pinky is concerned, well, you just can’t be too careful!

The long, dark tea time of the soul....

The long, dark tea time of the soul….

You can lead a bear to culture, but....

You can lead a bear to culture, but….

And this would not be the first time that pandas attended state dinners at the White House…

I am only making some of this up. copyright 2012 -A. Belov

I am only making some of this up. copyright 2012 -A. Belov

And if you are not aware, this weekend we leave Daylight losing time behind, and get up one or earlier…or is it we go to bed later…Fall forward…spring back…heck…I don’t know. Let’s just have a pajama day and sleep in!

Bob explains daylight savings time to the panda kindergarten

spring back, fall forward?

And if you haven’t bought any stuff with pandas on it lately, now is a good as time as any!

Be the Bear!
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