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Home at Last

Now that the Canadian Twinkies are home at last we can all breathe a deep sigh of relief! It would not be prudent to annoy the Prime Minister of Canada by keeping his favorite panda friends here in the US. We are relieved that an international incident has been avoided for the time being.

But can we put this regrettable incident behind us?

I think not.

There may be political concussions!

There may be political concussions!

Life continues to get more and more absurd in the political trenches. It is hard to know whether to be completely horrified, or excited at the wealth of material for satire. A bit of both, I think. Meanwhile, one of Bob’s former political opponents rears his fuzzy head this week. International incidents are nothing compared to this.

Stay tuned!

Be the Bear,
Bob T Panda

Pinky has some ‘splaining to do

Oh, Pinky…did you really think that you would not be found out when you brought underaged pandas across international borders? The wrath of Mommee may be the least of your problems! How does it look for a presidential candidate to appropriate pandas that do not belong to you, for your own evil purposes?

Do you think this is presidential behavior?????

Ahem….There may be another panda candidate running for office this year, if maybe you were thinking that Pinky was one of those extremist candidates. Hey! Why not vote for Bob?

Ooooh! Did Daddee actually yell at Pinky?

Ooooh! Did Daddee actually yell at Pinky?

Ever the politician, did you notice how Pinky promises not to go to Canada again, but doesn’t promise not to leave the zoo? Very sneaky, Pinky, very sneaky! But I don’t think Unka Justin is going to let the twins get away quite this easily, since he is rather fond of them. Put those cubbies back right this minute, young lady!

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda