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Welcome to the new Panda Commerce Page!

In addition to special projects such as my Kickstarter pin projects,  I have re-established a shop on Redbubble, with several image designs on a variety of items. The site is a bit clunky, (although this is supposed to improve soon) and you have to click trough the various designs to see what items they are featured on. I also am starting to have fabric, wallpaper, and other houseware designs available on Spoonflower. They have wonderful quality fabrics! Right now there are 4 designs available with more to come!

I hope you’ll stop by and take a look. As we all know, life is better when there are pandas around! Check out the PandaChronicle page on Redbubble today!

The Felty Panda Project: Hold Me Closer Tiny Panda

Who knew that tiny (about 3 inches tall) needle felted emotional support pandas would be such a popular thing? My recent Kickstarter project in January proved that every day should be take your panda to work day. Now that I am wrapping up the last of the felty panda production from this project I am ready to start taking order for more pandas, for those who have either missed the completed Kickstarter project, or realize that they needed more pandas!

These three inch tall bears are needle felted by me from (mostly) Whidbey Island wool from Whidbey Island sheep. Each of these little bears is unique, and small enough to carry with you in a pocket. They are all made with a soft, squishy core, so if you are having an unpleasant meeting at work, you can reach in your pocket and give him a little squeeze! Most of the wool I’m using is sourced from a local business, Abundant Earth Fibers. If you are a knitter (or needle felter!) they have a great website and ship all over the US.

It’s time for some new Pandas!

The Bikkiesaurus! Available in 2 colors (I like the blue the best, but also available in Yellow and red- scale colors will vary) $59 each

The Bikkiesaurusand friends: The Bunnasaurus and the BankyPigasaurus add either for $12 each, or both for $20

WonderPandy! Protector of felty pandas everywhere! $59

Please order using the form farther down the page.

Frank and Mikey are in the House!

Is that a donut I see before me?

Prices for Frank and Mikey are in the picture above. Please order using the form farther down the page.

Update: More Pandas ARE HERE!!!! (Six and Sebben, THE MEIHEMS, and  Deluxe Bubba with Banky Pig!) Babette de Panda and Bèbè Maurice are HERE TOO!!!!
New Arrivals! Rusty the Red Panda and The Pandalorian; Qi Zai, Kevin (the slightly scorched koala) and the panda accessory pack! Prices are all below

Now available!

And All the Bears that came before….

Basic Pinky, Bubba, Ping, and Mr. Wu!

The Meihems and Six and Sebben are in da HOUSE!!!

Bebe Maurice, Six and Sebben, the Meihems, Bee the Bear, Babette and RPG, and Special Pinky, Bubba, and Wu

International Panda of Mystery, Babette de Panda

Babette, all dressed up for a costume ball!

Here Comes da Judge: Ruth Panda Ginsbear

The Notorious RPG: She came into being at the suggestion of H.S., a reader (dare I say fan?) of panda satire. Wearing her judicial robes with a little Lacey bling, and her signature glasses, RPG is ready to pass judgement on whoever you think needs to be judged!

Nobody Expects the Panda Kindergarten!

The most basic of emotional support pandas. Best not to have too many or they could get in to trouble! Hide the frosting.


New Pandas!
The Bikkiesaurus: 
Just Bikkie: $59
Bikkiesaurus with  Bunnasaurus: $71
Bikkiesaurus with BankyPigasaurus: $71
Bikkiesaurus with both: $79

WonderPandy: $59

Basic Pinky: $49
includes wand, tiara and tutu

Deluxe Pinky: (add Mr. Bun and fancier tutu) $65

Six and Sebben: $130
Wearing their panda scout uniforms! (Colors will vary depending on available fabric colors)
The Meihems: $130  (if purchased with Six and Sebben, $250 for all four)
Before Six and Sebben came along, Bert and Ernie, the Meihems, were the only twins in the US. They were also boys, before Pinky poofed them with her magical wand) They are also dressed inbox heir panda scout uniforms, which are distinguished from their younger sisters’ with badges on their sashes.

Babette de Panda (always deluxe!): $75
Babette de Panda comes as unique editions. While there are some variations for all of the pandas, with Babette, I am letting my artistic impulses run wild! If you have a concept in mind, (For instance, the Babette above was asked for as “spooky, Halloween Babette”) feel free to share your idea with me, and I’ll see if I can do it.  Because they are unique pandas, I will send you a picture for you to approve before completing the order and sending you an invoice. Order as you do other pandas, via the contact form farther down this page.

Bubba (Don’t call mee boo boo): $49
Includes bib and spoon

Deluxe Bubba with Banky Pig (and cuppycake): $65

Ping Ping: $65

Bebe Maurice!!!: $49
Slightly pink, definitely fluffy, and wearing a jaunty beret!

Bee (the Bear): $65
Lace wings will vary

Ruth Panda Ginsbear: $65
Lace trimmed judicial robes and (very) abridged Constitution

Mr. Wu: $49
Includes “tape” on his ear

Deluxe Mr. Wu: $65
Wearing the magic bunny slippers from The Wizard of Wu

Super Deluxe Mr. Wu: $79
Includes the magical Bunny Slippers AND Mr. Toasty!

(Nobody expects) The Panda Kindergarten: $35
A “no frills” tiny panda

The Panda Accessory package: $45
Includes Mr. Toasty, Banky Pig, Mr. Bun and Larry, Mouse at the Zoo (For shipping counts as one panda)

Qi Zai: $42
the only brown panda (that we know of)

Kevin: $38
The slightly scorched Koala

Rusty the red panda: $65
Comes with a red panda rights protest sign

The Pandalorian: $58
An enigmatic panda who may or may not have mystical powers!

Shipping costs: (Note, new LOWER shipping costs!) (How often does that happen?)
US Shipping:
$4 for 1 panda
$6 for 2-3 pandas
$9 for 4-8 pandas
$15 for 9-12 pandas (does anyone want more than that? 🤣)

Please inquire with country for international shipping rates

Who wants a panda?

Current wait time: approximately 1-3 weeks, depending on size of order

Ordering information:
Fill out form with the required information and
in the message section (“Please send me all the things”), include the panda name(s) and quantity you would like. Please include your shipping address in the appropriate field. This information will not show up publicly on the blog.
I will email you with the amount due, including tax and shipping, and then send you a Square invoice. You do not need a Square account, they will ask you for your credit card information. Do not include credit card information on this form.

example: I want  a set of Washi tapes and a Ruth Panda Ginsbear
my address is:


Please note: The pandas are unique hand needle felted bears, made one at a time by me, so actual bears will vary a little. Orders will be completed in the order received. If there are any delays caused by high demand, I will contact you before sending an invoice.

A Note on Panda Commerce: As you may know, I am a one bear band. This means I am not on the computer all the time. (Well, some days it may seem like I am, but really…)  Don’t worry if you don’t hear back immediately. I can see the order that the messages come in, and will contact you and send the invoices in that order. In other words, if you haven’t heard from me, no one else has either! Doesn’t that make you feel better?

The Washi Tapes

Produced by the folks at Alchemy (Formerly Pin Game Strong), these are the folks that produce my pins and patches. Now they are offering Washi tape, a decorative tape with many uses.

Available as a set of 4 for $20+ $4 shipping (can be combined with felty pandas. Count as an additional panda in calculating shipping price)


Here is a picture of the actual tape! Tape is approx 1.25″ wide and 10 meters long per roll.

Pins and patches from my previous Kickstarter projects. If you’re curious and can’t wait, please ask! It may spur me to getting around to photographing them.