The Plot Thickens…or Something

Please enjoy this brief moment of peace before all the bad stuff begins to happen. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

(Is she talking about Pandyland or in the real world?
Both are true, I think!)

I think I need a cookie too!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Teller of Tales Panda

10 thoughts on “The Plot Thickens…or Something

  1. Jeannie Meyer

    I was braced… On the bright side, he can’t be marrying Lun Lun since she has a loving hubby so Six and Seben can’t be the wicked stepsisters.
    But then again, this is a fairytale. Or horror movie. Or something…

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      You are partly right, but remember all the pandas play roles that are not necessarily who they are in “real” (Panda Chronicles) life. And most fairy tales have at least a little bit of the horror story in them.

      1. Jeannie Meyer

        Now I’m wondering if a certain “blast from the past” will reappear in a role as the wicked stepmother?

  2. Billie

    Cookies all around!! And keep them coming!! I have the feeling chocolate will be needed,too!!!!
    Is this a story involving wicked step children? And really funny shoes? And liddle Bikkie? Is Bikkie in danger!
    His Mommee will not like this, no matter where she is( and I believe she took off with the pool boy or some such story involving swimming pools!! And Tian? What has he done? This may be a “too muchie!l for me!
    Bikkie, sweet baby boy! You will need help!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Yes, there is a wicked Step Mother and wicked step sisters. Cookies and chocolate are needed! Get your supplies in before the next episode!


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