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Is Tian Tian campaigning for Pinky?

The video of Tian Tian of the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington DC was all over the internet as well as television and newspapers a few weeks ago, as Tian Tian showed us just how much fun playing in the snow is. Well, it is if you’re a panda and don’t have to shovel your sidewalk and figure out how to get to work!

But the rest of us…well, at least the rest of you who live in places where snow shows up on a regular basis, we have a somewhat different relationship with the cold white stuff.

Meanwhile, Pinky seems to figured out how to turn Daddy’s fame into a plus for her presidential campaign…

Pinky never misses a trick!

Pinky never misses a trick!

Well, I did hear that the host of Meet the Press suggested that a panda should be president. Or maybe that’s just hearsay. And maybe it wasn’t Pinky, but a panda with …ahem…more experience that should be considered. I don’t know. But then again….

The results of the Giant Panda Global Awards have been announced and um…Pinky did not win the two categories she was nominated in. I am pretty sure there will be repercussions, especially since baby brother Bubba totally rocked the Cub of the Year category. This is not going to be well received. Stay tuned.

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