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31 Days of Pandas: Day 16/ June Year in Review

Just think, in only six months, we will be heading for the longest day of the year, instead of the longest night. Will Mittens still be living in the White House with his crime syndicate family? Will Pinky stage a hostile takeover? Will Bubba figure out how to lock his door so that Pinky won’t barge in? Stay tuned!

We can’t tell you what will happen next year, but we can tell you what happened last year!


Do we HAVE to go?

Things are about as real as they can get.

Move over Ping! I’m coming in too!


Pinky: i keep telling ebbryone you should have voted for me!

Pinky: “if i want you to have an opinion, i’ll give it to you!”

I can’t believe I started Pinky in Wonderland way back in June!


Curiouser and curiouser…


Pinky: mommee is making jokes again!

Was that Mr. Bun????

Sometimes being spontunerous can get you in over your head, Pinky!

Don’t forget to tune in Monday for Episode 24 of Pinky in Wonderland. If you have just arrived here, go back to this post and this post to get all caught up with our story!

Panda On!
Bob T panda

31 Days of Pandas: Day 14/Don’t be an April Fool!

Yes, it’s Fabulously Furry Friday, once again and being in the middle of 31 Days of Pandas only makes it more FABULOUS! Oh, what a year it’s been, but now the doors of your Indictment Advent Calendar are springing open faster than we can keep up! Who will be the next to sing a song of woe and treason?

Only the “Bob” knows for sure!

April Fools Day has always been my favorite holiday. I know I already ran this one, but I thought, given the latest indictments, it was worth repeating.

I loved this story line, because Bubba got to be the star (at least till Pinky showed up.)

long goodbye

The Long Goodbye, or “Toronto Farewell”

our story

Mommee pandas have laser vision. Don’t even think you can hide, Bubba.

There’s always time for another cupcake!!!

So THAT’S how Pinky got there so quickly!

I wonder what this button over here does….AAAAAHHHHHHHH!

I’m pretty sure Pinky got everyone home safely, because you know what else happens in April…


The only sure things are Pandas and taxes.

The year’s insanity also included some inanity. 


Foxxy “News” lies like a rug.


Pandas COULD bite your head off if they really wanted to.

When the truth is found…
to beeee lies….

Let’s keep Pandaing on, shall we?
Bob T Panda

31 Days of Pandas: Day 5: It’s about Time!

It’s about time we introduced this year’s 31 Days of Pandas!

This is insane! Why do we do this???

Well, people (not me!) run marathons and IMHO that is insane. People collect salt shakers. They eat strange green drinks made of lawn clippings. People do all sorts of quirky things. But why do I do this? Good question!

In the darkest days of the year, (at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere~ *waves to our friends in Australia*) we need something to lift our spirits.
In one of the darker periods of our nation’s political history, I would be going insane without extra pandas;

I hope that you will be so appreciative of this extraordinary effort that you either subscribe to this blog (so you get pandas in your email, no fuss, no muss, no where did Fezbook put that)
You buy all my books, or buy them as holiday presents for your friends and family;
You want to support one of my upcoming projects that will be happening after the first part of the year;
You will tell all your friends about panda satire and invite them to join in the panda fun because
You need extra panda-riffic-ness as much as I do! (and so do your friends!)

So with no further ado, let’s introduce this year’s 31 Days of Pandas!

31 Days of Pandas. You know you want this!

Be the Bear
Buy some Panda Satire
Bob T Panda


Will Fridays ever be Fabulous and Furry Again?

We survived the midterms and while we didn’t get everything on our wish list, we did get some of it, most importantly Democratic control of the House of Representatives. That’s not just chopped liver, I’m telling you!

Meanwhile, we are gearing up for 31 Days of Pandas and I think I have a plan! Meanwhile…

Let’s scamper down memory lane, with Pinky and her minions, who just turned FOUR years old last week!


Triple Trouble indeed!

What are Pinky and her minions getting up to?

Maybe you shouldn’t plug that many things into an extension cord, Pinky.

did someone turn out the lights?

And Zoonooz is on the job!

Cause and effects are very complicated concepts for baby pandas, don’t you think?

Zoonooz is on the job. Can you say “cover up”?

Pinky for what??????

Bob wouldn’t try anything sneaky, would he? Would he??????? Ah…such innocent times…

Panda on!
Bob T Panda

PS: For those of you who have been following the news in Pittsburgh, my friend was recently moved from ICU to a regular hospital room, so I am more optimistic, cautiously so. Thanks to all who have asked.

Make Pandas Funny Again

Just a reminder to everyone, that today is election day in the US. Everyone who hasn’t already voted by mail, or voted in early voting, should be heading out to the polls soon.


Have I made myself clear? Let’s not have a repeat of this:

day after

Remember the song “The Eve of Destruction”? That’s what today feels like.

We shall overcome
Bob T Panda

You know what happens this week, don’t you?

This is the week. This Tuesday it happens.

Tuesday is the day we go to vote, if you haven’t already done so already.

It’s important every year, but this year it is so important all I can do is try to not think about how important it is or I would hide under the blankets eating frosting.

It’s extra important this year because:
Through gerrymandering and voter suppression, the GOP seeks to prevent likely Democratic voters from voting.
The lies being spread by our so called “president” get more outlandish every day, and they are specifically designed to keep the status quo in power.
In order to provide checks on you know who, we need at least one house of Congress to turn Democratic since the current republican Congress is handing you know who everything his heart desires, and then some.

Really GOP, is it so hard to tell the truth? Is it so hard to act in the best interests of the people you serve? When you started to block sensible ideas, just because they were proposed by the Democrats, rather than that you disagreed with them, you lost any respect I had for you. When you got behind a “president” whose actions are so antithetical to your so called Christian values, you lost your credibility. When you equate a church shooting with a disrupted dinner, you lost your soul. And could you guys quit lying and trying to take our healthcare and social security?

Okay, rant over. Now go vote. Here are some pandas. Oops. They are ranting too.

Seriously, don’t forget to vote!

Panda On and VOTE for crying out loud!
Bob T Panda


How could you have any doubts that the female of any species is willing to fight for what’s right?  Would YOU tangle with a mama bear who felt her cubbies were threatened? If the GOP (Greedy Old Poopieheads) stand by the viewpoint that #BoysWillBeBoys then we must recognize the alternative, that #WomenWillBeWarriors.

And more to the point:
Are you brave enough to stand against Pinky and the Meihems?

day after

What is old is new again. #KavaNOPE

Our story continues…

Be the Mama Bear
Bob T Panda

Well this is a fine kettle of fish…

Oh dear. Why did I think that a bunch of rich, white, male Senators would give any credence to what a woman had to say. Sorry to ruin your Friday morning, but if you thought the Senate Judiciary Committee (run by the Repugnant Republicans) was going to…oh, I don’t know…call for a full investigation to either prove or disprove the allegations against the Supreme Court nominee, but oh noOOOOOO. We can’t have that. We might have to believe the women and we know that is just not going to happen.

So, I realize I have too choices here. I could search for all the darkest ‘toons, and sink into the pit of despair (taking all of you with me for company) or…I could search for the pandiest ‘toons that bring us joy. Because we need it, I need it. The world needs it.

Pandas will always #RESIST

Huzzah! Bring pandas to Washington State!

Panda Satire Made Easy

Panda satire explained for you!

I'm not a doctor but I play one on television

Bob, Bob, Bob…when will you ever learn?

Never say “no” to Pinky!

Mei puts her paw down…

Mr Bun has a question, daddee.

Really, Pinky….It’s not nice to tease your little brother.

Nooooo! Not the PINK crayon! and yes, there really is a Panda Chronicles Coloring Book.

What goes around, comes around…

And because this may be my favorite ‘toon ever….

See? I told you it was broken!

Well, I hope this extra helping of pandas being silly has helped you deal with the news of the day, but we have have work to do. Call your Senators, tell them what you think, and remind them that you are paying attention, and that you VOTE.

And then in November, please please please VOTE

Pandas and people are counting on you.


Bob T Panda

Hey! I know! Let’s pack the Supreme Court!

What a great idea (no, not really) #45 has, to add a Supreme Court Justice that does not believe a president should be prosecuted while in office. At the time I am writing this, (some weeks in advance), I have no idea what is going to happen with the Kavanaugh nomination, but it is pretty distressing to see the way the R’s are trying to get him confirmed before all the information has been studied. I mean, been made available!

Of course, you should have voted for Pinky!

Wait…did he say “shoot” or “poot”???


Panda On
Bob T Panda

What could be more fabulous than FriBEI?

So much crazy coming out of the OTHER Washington. (FYI the one in the upper left hand corner is THE Washington, making the home of Mei, Tian and the kids the OTHER one. Hey…I don’t make the rules…oh wait…yes I do!) So let’s get right to the pandas, shall we?

Oh Yes! Pandaing commences now!

Pinky and the Twinkies, eh?

“If Pinky is grounded, can I have her dessert?”

uh oh…

Um…I think Pinky has Daddee wrapped around her fuzzy little paw. Just saying.

Ooooh! Did Daddee actually yell at Pinky?

What do you mean you left a note saying they are at my house?

Bubba is having so much fun with his new friends!

Panda on!
Bob T Panda