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Just to warn you…You may want to skip ahead to the ‘toons…or maybe not.

international woman's day

…and due to the International women’s day strike of 2017

The times they are a changing back again. To all of us who were around in the late 60’s and early 70’s, all who marched and protested the Viet Nam war, the killings at Kent State, the corruption that brought down the Nixon administration: We thought those days were over.

But they came creeping back in. Self interest. Corruption. The “Me Generation.” we took our eye off the ball and now it has come back and whacked us in the head.

Can I just say how proud I am of all those students from Parkland Florida, and now across the nation who are standing up and speaking out?

Can I say how scared I am for my friends who are teachers and their students? Arming teachers in the classroom is not the answer. I remember how hard it was to learn when all I had to worry about was whether the mean girls were going to pick on me that day. How do you learn when you think that today might be the day you will die? How do you teach under that threat? I mean, math is hard enough as it is.

For the students who are out there, putting your hearts and minds in the service of stopping the violence: I stand with you. I am so very proud of you. You are the future of this country.

Panda on!

Sad to say, this is even more true than when I wrote it at the end of 2015

Is it any wonder I am now even more “pandy” than I was before?

I think this is an excellent idea.

Maybe Pandas DO have a better idea…..

Mei Xiang and the Zoo Director have gotten their panties in a knot, it seems.

Minion security: you can’t be too careful.

We can definitely use this in Pinky’s campaign….

It’s Shark Week at the panda kindergarten! Roar!!!!

This number is unlisted….Needless to say, this is a previous administration. Pinky would never go near the current occupant usurper.

The parents of daughters never have a really easy time of it, do they?

Mei should not be getting all excited like this in her condition!

Mei puts her paw down…

And this hacking into my title imagery has got to stop!

I thought maybe you all needed a few extra ‘toons today to cope with reality this week. I hear reading panda cartoons is VERY relaxing.

Viva les Pandas!
Bob T Panda

But We’re Not IN the Real World, Are We?

Yes, in the real world, the winter Olympics will be just about over…the cheering, the crying, winners and losers, all celebrating how sports can bring about whirled peas. Or world peace. Take your pick. But here in Pandyland, the Olympics are just getting going, the Torch Bears have arrived to light the torch (more on that later) and Hockey practice has begun.

Um..did you let Pinky have one of those stick things to hit stuff with?

Skate faster, Boo boo!

Viva Les pandas!
Bob T Panda

Canadian Pandas are still on the move!

Don’t you hate packing to move? I know I do. What to take…what to leave…what to toss…what to donate? And when you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a Torch Bear, well! I know what I’d rather do!

Don’t forget your Mr. Bun, Yip!

Packing is such a chore! And a surprise visit from a friend can make it go so much faster!

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

Thanks to all who have already gotten their copies of the lates Panda Chronicles book! Get yours today!

The Year of the Fabulous Furry Friday

Since Chinese New Year is nigh, I thought this week’s Fabulous Furry Friday round-up would serve the panda-satire loving public well by revisiting our previous Salutes to Chinese New Year by the panda kindergarten! Huzzah! Let’s get good and ready to celebrate the Year of the Dog!

Because Nobody Expects the Panda Kindergarten!


Huzzah! it’s the year of the Dragon! Still one of my favorites!)

The year of the bunny…..

Oh that panda kindergarten!


It’s the year of the WUster!!!!

panda cubs on rocking horses

Huzzah! It’s The year of Pandas on Horsies!

Look out!!!! Oh, those triplets!

Well, the FIRE part had Mehitabel a little worried, but…

Viva les pandas!
Bob T Panda

It’s Valentine’s Day Again!

While who wouldn’t love a holiday that’s all about chocolate, I have to admit that Valentine’s Day has never been one of my favorite holiday. It always felt like a day that’s sole purpose is to make single people feel like crap, and even when I was a kid and they had the “everyone must have a card for everyone” rule in school, I only got the obligatory tiny flat “cards” and never one of those elaborate handmade ones that showed you were REALLY loved and valued.

On the other hand, if I’d had a rich and friend filled childhood, I wouldn’t have become an artist and a cartoonist, so it’s a win for everyone. Right? Am I right?

Yeah. Whatebber.

Aw, Pinky…Bubba loves you!

Panda Putti, for all you art history majors! Google it, everyone else!

Clap Louder!
Bob T Panda

Do we REALLY want to review 2017?

I didn’t think so.

The Panda Chronicles Year in Review. (NOT)

In fact, not only was as bad as we thought it would be, it was worse.

Clap Louder
Bob T Panda

The Olympics start TONIGHT!!!!

And in honor of the opening ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Olympics, we thought Fabulous Furry Friday should take a look back at previous Panda-Olympic doings. Fun, huh?

Well, let’s get on with the show!

Sochi Winter Olympics, Pandas

I keep hearing the song “bears on the Run” going through my head…the ski run, that is!

Maybe they have a point…

See, What did I tell you?

This cartoon is one of Bob’s earliest appearances!

The Pandas first attempt at Olympic Glory!

‘and for the record, it’s just “giant slalom.” It’s not just for pandas.’

Pandas using performance enhancing substances? Say it isn’t so!

And don’t forget! Pinky’s new book is OUT! get it HERE!!!

Clap Louder!
Bob T Panda

Pinky says Buy my book!””

It Seems like Chinese New Year Should be Happening Soon

I’m not very good at keeping track of dates (other than my own Birthday Season) so I don’t know exactly when Chinese New Year is, but I did hear through the grapevine that it is The Year of the Dog in the Chinese zodiac calendar. Feel free to let me know what the actual date is! (I know some of you are much better at keeping track of this stuff than I am.) But no matter the actual date! The Panda Kindergarten is ready with their annual Chinese New Year Celebration!!!

Huzzah for the Chinese New Year: The Year of the Dog!

How much is that doggie in da window…

Panda on!
Bob T Panda

Canadian Pandas are on the move!

So sad for Toronto, but happy happy for those of us living west of the Rockies! Er Shun, Da Mao, and Yip and Jip are coming our way! (I’m already formulating plans to go see them! The Canadian pandas are on the move!!! But what about Bubba? And what about their panda world honor of being the Torch Bears?

What about THAT???????

It’s a good thing that Pinky taught Bubba how to use Skype!

And what about Unka Justin? Will he be able to find them?

Panda on!
Bob T Panda


Hey! It’s Groundhog Day

For years, I’ve been thinking I needed to write a Groundhog Day ‘toon, and wouldn’t you know, I don’t start thinking about it until…you guessed it, Groundhog Day. This is also the day that I traditionally procrastinate sending out holiday cards until, and then don’t do that either. So sue me. No, don’t! Just kidding!!!! People ask me how I find the time to be an incredibly gifted painter, write hilarious cartoons, and wrestle 5 acres of Northwest woods into submission. The answer is, I don’t do a lot of things that I probably should do, like clean the house and wash the dishes on some sort of regular basis.

To this I say, do you want to have new cartoons to read each week, or would you rather be able to eat off my bathroom floor without contracting a vile disease or swallow a hairball?

I thought so. You’re welcome.

And it was ever thus….

Meihem, not Mayhem.

Well, they did hang their coats up.

If I have but one life to live, let me give it for a cuppycake.

And for all you brave souls who listened to HWMNBN’s SOTU address. Congratulations. You are far braver than I am. In truth, by this weekend, I will probably have watched it in tiny bits and pieces that I can endure without running out of the house screaming in terror. I am keeping informed, as best I can, but there are limits to my endurance. I call my Senators and Congressman regularly. I’m trying to bring light into the world through art and humor. And I’m going to watch as many panda videos as I can.

Viva les Pandas!
Buy my new book!
Bob T Panda