Day 9: 31 Days of Pandas

31 Days of Pandas and Fabulous Furry Friday are here to spread a little holiday cheer, during what has proved to be an otherwise grim end to the year. (There are those opinion thingies again!) Anywho, what better time of year than to rerun one of our holiday classics, It’s a Wunderful Life, starring, of course, Mr. Wu! Plus to start, one of my favorite ‘toons, wherein, Mehitabel makes a gingerbread house for a local competition, which is…um…modified by the panda kindergarten! Huzzah!

And of course, we start with today’s #TravelsofMiniBob*

*editor’s note: Yesterday, I had to rotate the picture from my mePhone so that it would appear in the right direction, and while it appears correctly on the website on the computer, it appears sideways on both my iPand and in the email. I don’t know how to fix that, so I won’t.

31 days

Mini Bob at the Marianne North House at Kew Gardens

This is one of my favorite things about Kew: The Marianne North House. North was a Victorian era woman, of considerable means. Her father died when she was still a relatively young woman, so she took her fortunes and her interest in painting and traveled all over the world, painting landscapes and botanical studies. She bequeathed her entire collection, as well as the funds to build this little cottage, to Kew Gardens. As you can see, her paintings are installed cheek by jowl, floor to ceiling. Some are even on the ceiling. It is a magical place, and if you are ever in London, you should go there immediately. The gardens are pretty nice too, but watch out for the goose poo in some areas.

And now, on with the pandas!

You left the panda kindergarten alone with my house?

And now, Part 1 of It’s a WUnderful Life!

it's a wonderful life

Thank goodness Bee the Bear still has her magical wand from the last adventure.

It's a wonderful life

Wu is a good bear at heart….

It's a wonderful Life parody

Bee the bear tells it like it is

It's a Wonderful Life parody

What part of “you don’t exist” didn’t you get? Ha ha! I love that line!

Wait…you’re going to stop here? Why, yes, I am! Tune in next Friday for the exciting conclusion of It’s a Wunderful Life! (starring the Wu Self!) In the meantime, buy stuff with pandas! or Here! 

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

Day 8: 31 Days of Pandas

Todays #TravelsofMiniBob picture finds us still in the National Portrait Gallery, this time, looking at one of Edwin Landseer’s paintings. I wonder if he ever painted any pandas …


Painting by Edwin Landseer

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

Day 7: 31 Days of Pandas

And now, 31 Days of Pandas returns to our story which was interrupted by our…um…rant about whether we were allowed to have an opinion or not. Word to the wise, do not make a panda mad! Anyway, we left our story with Pinky at home, hiding under the covers as she tried to come to grips with the fact that she lost the election, and not only that, that the forces of evil and self interest had won by possibly sly and devious means. At the very least, the “winning” ticket has an interesting relationship with the truth, by which we mean that they lie like a rug.

But while the possibility that democracy would come screeching to a halt, lying twisted and smashed as if it were a speeding car that had hit a bridge abutment after skidding on a banana peel, a bigger catastrophe was taking place, just down the road at the National Zoo, and it had nothing to do with the 39,465,975 gallons of pink paint that Pinky had stored at the elephant house.

Bubba had a medical crisis!

Yes! the real life Bubba, aka Bei Bei, our junior panda in the seat of power, was not feeling well, from what turned out to be a lemon size wad of un-digested bamboo that was stuck in his intestine. He was hauled off to the hospital, where kind and dedicated, not to mention skilled veterinary surgeons removed the obstruction, sewed him back up, and sent him home to mom, who gave strict instructions to rest, play quietly inside, and for crying out loud, chew before you swallow! Dinner time is not a race! At least I think it was Bubba’s mom who said  this. I might be remembering someone else.

But first, this happened:

31 days of pandas

Meihems to the rescue

And for today’s #TravelsofMiniBob offering, we bring you Mini Bob posing with a portrait of someone who is a shining beacon for all who toil in the gardens of children’s literature. Of course I am referring to that pioneering writer and artist, Beatrix Potter. Her portrait resides at The National Portrait Gallery in London, which is one of my favorite museums, especially when you skip the floor with all the dour looking folks in black coats and big ruffly collars, and head straight to the 19th century.

Beatrix Potter

Look how excited Mini Bob is to pose with one of his heroes!

Until I saw the movie Miss Potter, I did not know that Beatrix Potter was the mother of the Land Trust movement in England; she bought and donated over 3,000 acres of open farmland in the Lakes District in England, thus ensuring it’s preservation for all to enjoy. She also licensed the use of her images on pottery, stuffed animals, and whatnot, thus ensuring that she could buy all this land and save it for the likes of us. It’s no wonder she is a hero to Mini Bob!

Panda on!

Day 6: 31 Days of Pandas

Visiting London is not all about frosting, you know. Even though there are many cuppycake emporiums in London and we are JUST SAYING that it would not be a terrible reason to go there, even if some people think walking for hours all over the city and looking at stuff is a worthwhile endeavor…oh! Heh! I do get carried away when I think about frosting…..but 31 days of pandas takes us to many other places, don’t cha know! Like…

Art Museums!

There are like a gazillion art museums in and around London, and we went to a whole bunch of them. My favorite has always been The Tate Britain. I have been to The Tate Modern, but…well, it’s not my cup of tea. Give me the 19th century when it comes to painting.

Here’s Mini Bob with one of his favorite paintings, which visited  Seattle about 17 years ago. It’s a study for John Singer Sargent’s infamous portrait of Madame X, the finished version resides in New York City at the Metropolitan Art Museum.

31 days

I remember this painting but with a different model…

Recently, another painting, purported to be by Sargent, was discovered. This one, while similar in pose and costume, was of an altogether different model.

Portait of the mysterious "Madame 'P' "

Portait of the mysterious “Madame ‘P’ “

Meanwhile, back at the panda satire ranch….

Panda on!
Bob T Panda

Day 5: 31 Days of Pandas

Oh yes! Mini Bob got some cuppycakes and brought them back to our London Flat, and then all hell broke loose. The was frosting and cake crumbs everywhere! Reminds me of one of my favorite Allie Brosh stories, The God of Cake. I discovered her blog Hyperbole and a Half a few years after I started my descent into pandas, finally coming to live on the island of misfit pandas. Go read it. I’ll wait.

And now, for 31 Days of Pandas #TravelsOfMiniBob


just a little bit of frosting, pleeeeeese?

And now that we are in the deep trenches of the holiday shopping season, may we suggest shopping in your favorite panda emporiums, Pandyland or our book page? Pandas are standing by to take your calls.

Until tomorrow, Panda On!
Bob T Panda

Day 4: 31 Days of Pandas

Before we get to Sunday’s feature cartoon, here is today’s 31 Days of Pandas offering. As you all know, pandas adore cuppycakes and when in London, all pandas head for Peggy Porschen’s Cakes! It’s hard not to read this as “I’d like a piggy portion of cake,” but that’s not the name of the place. The name is Peggy, NOT piggy!

Here is Bob waiting in line to get some cuppycakes!

31 days

I’ll have…um…4 of everything.

And now…here’s today’s ‘toon!

Is Bob still trying to have opinions?

Is Bob still trying to have opinions? Wait! am I a celebrity?

Be the Bear…
Bob T Panda, from the Island of Misfit Pandas (Thank you A.M.Y.!)

Day 3: 31 Days of Pandas

Yes, it’s Day 3 of 31 Days of Pandas! October in Oxford was remarkably not rainy, unlike Western Washington this month and last. Could we please have one sunny day? But I’m getting distracted. While at Oxford, Mini Bob decided he wanted to visit one of the many colleges there. We went on a short self guided tour of Merton College, and pondered what it would be like to study in such a cloistered, academic environment.

Mini Bob even visited the chapel at the college.

31 days

Mini Bob visits the chapel at Merton College

Be the traveling bear!
Bob T Panda

Fabulous Furry Friday

Not only is it Day 2 of 31 Days of Pandas, it is also Fabulous Furry Friday, where we turn on the Panda Way-Back machine, and pull out some of our (okay, MY) favorite ‘toons.

But first, here is another photo from the Travels of Mini Bob!


At the Botanical gardens in Oxford, with The Cheshire Cat.

yoga for pandas

Nothing like a little yoga to mellow a panda….

Here is Babette being a very helpful panda. "Would you like to use my pen?"

Here is Babette being a very helpful panda. “Would you like to use my pen?”

A panda by any other name, would smell...well, they would just smell...

It’s never to early to start getting ready for The Panda Season of Love!

The secret lives of the wild panda!

The secret lives of the wild panda!

What makes a panda run? Cuppycakes, of course!!!!

What makes a panda run? Cuppycakes, of course!!!!

Have a Fabulous Furry Friday!

Be the Bear,
Bob T Panda

Day 1: 31 Days of Pandas

Mini Bob Started his travels in Oxford, which besides being a really cool place, is a hotbed of children’s literature, past and present. Think CS Lewis of Chronicles of Narnia fame, or Professor Charles Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland.

But the other thing England has in abundance is beer, and some pubs are friendly to bears.

31 days

Having a beer at The Bear!

Be the bear…or is that the beer?
Bob T Panda

Bob Has an Opinion

I know, I know, I know…you come here for entertainment. You come for a little pandy relief from the horrors that comprise the real world. I sympathize. I really do. You come to see funny, badly behaved little pandas, doing non-panda-like things. You didn’t come here to get my OPINION on all this mishegas that is going on. But the fact that I know and can use the word mishegas correctly in a sentence, means that I am a target for that meshugener shmendrik and his minions.

So. I have opinions. read them, don’t read them. It’s okay. Hold your hands over your ears and hum softly to yourself while you scroll till you get to the pandas. It’s okay. I’m glad you’re here. But ya gotta know, I have opinions. And one of my opinions is that these are not normal times. This is not a normal president. We must not normalize hatred or discrimination. Pandas are black and white and asian, and sometimes it’s hard to tell what gender they are. If that isn’t diversity, I don’t know what is.

Okay! you can look now! The editorial is over!

oh…um…maybe not.


You just couldn’t keep your mouth shut, could you?

And by the way, tomorrow starts 31 days of pandas! I’m doing something a little different this year, because…um…I didn’t have time to draw a new cartoon every day. The usual schedule of new ‘toons on Sunday and Wednesday continues, along with a bunch of my favorite encore presentations on Fridays. On the other 4 days of the week, we have …(make a  trumpet sound here)…

The Travels of Mini Bob! Huzzah!

Mini Bob has just returned from a fabulous trip, sponsored by the Froggwell Cultural Institute, to jolly olde England, where, among other things, he got to see the honest to god original drawings and sketches from The House at Pooh Corner! More on that later, but be sure to tune in tomorrow for the the first day of Mini Bob’s travel photos!

Panda On
Bob T Panda