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It is STILL Mr. Wu’s Birthday Season

Hold your horses, Pinky! It is still Mr. Wu’s birthday season. We’ll get to yours next week. Meanwhile, if you are still on Fezbook and can follow Patricia Rice’s panda birthday posts, I highly recommend them. Given that she is a real life historian, she writes excellent birthday posts for many of the known captive panda population, including most of our favorite bears.

But now, in celebration of the cute Wu-Self, we bring you…Bears Under the Big Top!

Fanmail from some Flounder?

Voices in the night, a ladder, a letter…adios…

“Are we there, yet?”

This is a case for…Inspector Panda!

episode 5

episode 6

episode 7

episode 8

episode 9

episode 10

episode 11

episode 12

episode 13

episode 14

…and it all ends with Mr Wu’s Birthday party! Huzzah!

Hope you enjoyed our trip down memory lane! (and for those of you who wondered how Wu met Bee, the Bear…)

panda On
Bob T Panda

Day 22 ~ 31 Days of Pandas

We are past the solstice! Is it getting lighter yet? Well, not really! It has been raining like mad, trying to catch up on the rather dry November we had. I’m sure the trees are thirsty, and really, I’d rather have rain than snow. This time last year, I was was stuck at home, because it snowed I couldn’t get down the hill, my power was out, and my car was in the shop because I had hit a deer a week earlier. So a little rain? Meh!

Meanwhile, it’s time for the next episodes of…

Bears Under the Big Top (starring the Wu Self!)

Episode 9

episode 10

episode 11

episode 12

Happy Day 22 of 31 Days of Pandas!
Be the Bear
Bob T Panda

It’s Panda Scout Cookie Time!!!

I was in the ferry line the other day, and I noticed that the Girl Scouts were out selling cookies! They had a captive audience, which changed every half hour. Smart! There was a whole group of scouts and moms/leaders, with multiple teams going out so that they could hit each row of cars as they waited for the next ferry. They also had a centrally located outpost with van and awning to protect the cookies in case of rain.


Before we get to our Fabulous Furry Friday Encore Presentation, I would like to pat myself on the back for breaking my previous world record in cookie balancing! Yes, I may have noted that I am the world record holder in Cookie Balancing (a soon to be olympic sport!!!) My previous world record was 23 seconds (timed from the start of nibbling a stable base, to the moment you attain balance for your cookie. The cookie then has to remain standing for at least 8 seconds.)

The new world record…ta da!!!!…is 18 SECONDS!!!!!!

And to show that this is real…

Actual balancing cookie!

And because it’s Panda Scout Cookie time…

On my honor, I will try…to eat as many cookies as I possibly can….

George Washington Bridge lane closure satire.

Princess Pinky Bao Bao…what have you done now?

zoo atlanta, bao bao, national zoo

Time to call in …Inspector panda!

Mei xiang and bao bao try to cover up highway-gate

Inspector Panda is on the job!

“Hello, Bai Yun? this is Lun Lun…about that detective you suggested…”

…of course Boo-mints are pretty good too.

Inspector panda

Will the twins get a merit badge for their road trip? will Lun Lun fess up to where the girls are? will Inspector Panda get a clue, or at least more twitter followers. Stay tuned!

Bao Bao, washington DC cover-up

Oh, Pinky…what have you done?

Howdy, Mr Kitty, kindly tell us where a tired old cowpoke can get a boo beer and a cuppycake.

I hope you enjoyed this encore presentation of the HighwayGate saga! If you enjoy these ‘toons, consider buying my books, so you can read about bears behaving badly ALL THE TIME! Thank you!

Panda On!

Episode 10: 101 Bebe Panda-Nations

And a Merry Christmas to you all!

My Saturday routine, for sometime, is to head up to my panda studio while still wearing my PJ’s, coffee in paw, and listen to NPR while I work on the weeks cartoons, by this time in the week, finishing up inking the previously penciled pages.

I was surprised this morning to hear a broadcast of The Vinyl Cafe, which was the last recorded and previously un-aired Christmas show, shortly before the show’s creator, Stuart McLean passed away from cancer. Stuart  was headed for treatment, but instead, he died within a very short time after this show was recorded. I started to tear up as I heard his voice, still so strong and full of life. His stories always made me smile. Sometimes they made me cry. His storytelling shoes are large. They will not be filled by me, but maybe someday someone will be able to, if not fill them, then walk beside them.

Telling stories is an important part of our lives. Sometimes stories are true. Sometimes we wish they were. We tell stories about the places we live, and the people we know there; the people we admire; the people we fear. We tell stories of the things people do, both the good things and the not so good. We’ve had a bit too much of the latter in the past few years. But there are so many people doing good things, even if they are drowned out in the news by the evil that some human beings inflict on others.

I hope that my stories of pandas bring light into your life. They make me happy to write and draw. I love every one of these pandas. I guess they are my imaginary friends. You can never have too many friends, imaginary or otherwise.

Peace and Pandas to us all…

Will Pinky save the day?

Panda On
Bob T Panda

Day 20: 31 days of Pandas & the Next Episode of…

101 Bebe Panda-Nation!!!!!

Oh boy, it is really getting tense here! Will they find the baby pandas before Babette rents them all out? Will Inspector Panda find his nose with both paws? Just what the heck is going on around here?????

Okay! Cut the chit chat! here we go with the next episode…

Cue the scary music!!!!

And be sure to tune in tomorrow for the final episodes of It’s a WUnderful Life!

panda on!
Bob T Panda

Fabulous Furry Friday Gets Ready….

…for 31 Days of Pandas!!!!!

I am making a bit of a change to this years festivities, as with my various projects, I am a bit overloaded to do a new cartoon every day. (Booo! Hisss! Quiet in the cheap seats, you pandas!)

As you might remember, I am working on revising my story about Mr. Wu and Inspector Panda, where they are faced with a painting that may (or may not) have been stolen. Not to mention an international panda of mystery! Anyway, here is my plan for this year’s 31 Days of Pandas:

A new cartoon posted every Sunday, multiple episodes each day from some of my longer stories, and, sketches from my work in progress, staring the aforementioned Mr Wu in what I hope will be my first traditionally published middle grade graphic novel. But have no fear! Should the folks in trad. publishing say, “oh no! this is too weird! We can’t publish this! A Panda Detective? Bah, Humbug!” We will bring it to you as all the other Panda Chronicle books have been brought to you, via Leaping Panda Press! Huzzah!

So to get us off to a good start, here are the drawings that I have come up with so far, along with some colorful character sketches.

Yes, Mr. Wu gets to be the smart one!

Yes, Mr. Wu gets to be the smart one!

Hmmm...there is something familiar about this scene...

Hmmm…there is something familiar about this scene…

Mr Wu and Inspector Panda...a dapper duo, if I ever saw one!

Mr Wu and Inspector Panda…a dapper duo, if I ever saw one!

Babette, Minette, and several views of Mr Wu.

Babette, Minette, and several views of Mr Wu.

And because we need to laugh….

I really had no idea what she was up to.

“I didn’t know lawyers could run so fast” hahahahahahahaha!

Be the bear!
Bob T. Panda
Happy 31 Days of Pandas!

Oh yeah! and don’t forget to give the Gift of Pandas this year! Please visit my book page as well as my page on Fine Balance Images’ Gratitude Gallery, where you can buy beautiful full color reproductions of some of my favorite illustrations from Pandamorphosis. and for you black and white Friday special, don’t forget Pandyland, where you can buy “Vote for Bob” and “Pinky for President” gifts to delight your friends and family. Or buy them for yourself…I won’t tell.

31 Days of Pandas: Day 22


Babette has absconded with all the paintings that the panda kindergarten art historians had so painstakingly collected, taking off for parts unknown on the S.S. Tipandic. Will we ever see Babette or the paintings again? Hmmm…I think they (or at least Babette) may turn up sooner or later. Thus, The Case of The Picturesque Panda draws to a close. And because I have them done, and because I have an idea for the rest of 31 Days of Pandas, I give to you, as my little gift, both today’s as well as tomorrows episodes. Which means I have to get back to work to get tomorrow’s holiday extravaganza started.

Oh well…a panda satirist’s work is never done.

"hey boss, am I going to get paid for this?"  "Um...well, you are what is known as an unpaid intern."

“hey boss, am I going to get paid for this?”
“Um…well, you are what is known as an unpaid intern.”

Can you believe those Meihems? blaming everything on Pinky?

Can you believe those Meihems? Blaming everything on Pinky? At least the mystery of Mr. Wu’s tape has been solved.

Keep being the bear!
Bob T. Panda

31 Days of Pandas: Day 21 and my Annual Review

Wow, we are two thirds of the way through 31 Days of Pandas! It is also the night of the solstice, which is the longest night of the year, unless of course, you live in the southern hemisphere, in which case it is the longest day of the year. Go figure. It’s all a little yin and yang to me, which reminds me of pandas, of course. (Okay, quiet in the cheap seats. I know everything reminds me of pandas! Do you have a problem with that?)

And speaking of pandas, here we go with the next episode of The Case of the Picturesque Panda! Huzzah!

Hmmm...what possibly could be in those large, painting sized crates that Babette has had loaded onto the S.S. Tipandic ocean liner?

Hmmm…what possibly could be in those large, painting sized crates that Babette has had loaded onto the S.S. Tipandic ocean liner? And should we be worried that the captain is a polar bear?

I just wanted to add a little reminder that you have a mere 10 more days to order any of the Panda Chronicle Books or Pandamorphosis and have a portion of the profits go to Pandas International. You know you want them, so don’t wait, okay?

Additionally, the National Zoo in Washington DC is inviting people to print, photograph, and post on twitter, the National Zoo’s version of the flat panda. I propose printing, photographing and posting pandas from my paper panda page (especially Princess Pinky) and tweeting them to the NZ at   and use the hashtag #FlatPanda. Feel free to tweet them to me as well @PandaChronicle or @NoirPandas  Here are a few examples of the travels of Babette:

Babette visiting her good friend Po, before Po's trip to China

Babette visiting her good friend Po, before Po’s trip to China

Babette at the ice skating rink in Rockefeller center a few years ago with her good friend Frances A.

Babette at the ice skating rink in Rockefeller center a few years ago with her good friend Frances A.

And now….

The Year in Review…

If you are just here for the pandas, you can stop reading here, and go look at pictures of pandas on Facebook or wherever pandas congregate on the internet. But this has been a year of challenges and changes for me and I felt the need, on this long night of the solstice, to take a look back and reflect on the accomplishments as well as the sorrows.

I wrote a rough draft of my year in review, by way of a challenge from Chris Guillebeau over at The Art of Non-Conformity.  The idea of writing an annual review is something I’ve wanted to add to my decade long Annual Pre-view, which I do along with another artist friend of mine. We write down our plans and goals, personal and work, for the year. It’s been a very useful tool to organize the chaos and actually accomplish work throughout the year.

But the review that I wrote in that draft seemed kind of cold, with no heart to it. So, while it is useful to me to see where I achieved and where I failed in my professional life, it didn’t have enough of my heart and soul in it, if you know what I mean. If I have learned nothing else from pandas, I’ve learned that even when you are an endangered species, heart is everything. That you pick yourself up from what seems like the worst thing ever, and get up, have lunch, and maybe climb a tree.

So this is a bit more and a bit less than that other review. Bear with me.

This is hard to write about, but it was the event that shaped much of how the year felt. I lost a dear friend to cancer this year. I met her 22 years ago when she and her husband moved to our island community, and I took an instant liking to them both. As coincidence would have it, we had all lived in Philadelphia, PA at some point in our lives, so maybe that was part of why we connected. She encouraged and supported all my creative paths, including pandas. Like all friendships, it ebbed and flowed over the 22 years we knew each other, but she was always there when I needed her. Spending time with her in the last weeks of her life was one of the best things I’ve done. I will miss her forever.

This one's for you, Jude.

This one’s for you, Jude.

I published three books, including my pandam-opus, Pandamorphosis, a wordless picture book, which took me more than 3 years to complete. That process had it’s ups and downs, but I can honestly say that I am proud of it. (also The Book of Wu and Pandapocalypse Now!)

I visited three sets of pandas, in two countries, and met more fans of my cartoon panda creations. I can honestly say, that I never really expected to form so many real life connections with people who read my books and blog. It is a wonder and a gift that I am grateful for every day. The other surprise has been the people who have written to me and told me how much my panda-toons have helped them cope with the challenges in their life. Here, I thought I was just amusing myself. The Panda Chronicles was born out of my need for light and humor, when my art career took a dive during the financial meltdown of 2009. I am gratified (not to mention amazed) that it has helped others as well.

I am still trying to cope with rebuilding my fine art career. It is not easy, but as long as I have pandas, I think it will work out okay. The challenge is to to see with clear vision, to see what is possible moving forward, as opposed to trying to retrieve what was. Easy peasy, right?

In the next week, I will start working on my goals for 2015. I’ll let you know how it all works out. In the meantime, keep being the bear, OK?

Bob T. Panda

31 Days of Pandas: Day 20!

Oh, this is getting so exciting! Here we are at day 20 of 31 Days of Pandas and only three more episodes of Inspector Panda’s mystery, The Case of the Picturesque Panda to come! I am on the edge of my seat!

Tomorrow’s post will include my Year in Review post, as well as the next episode of Inspector Panda, but now, let’s just sit on the edge of our seat, have a cuppycake, and get on with the show!

All right all you unruly little pandas! Be quiet for a minute!

All right all you unruly little pandas! Be quiet for a minute!

Hey…where DID Babette go?

I guess you’ll find out tomorrow.

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda

31 days of Pandas: Day 19

…and not only is it 31 Days of Pandas: Day 19, it is also Fabulous Furry Friday!  Huzzah! There are only a few more episodes of Inspector Panda’s first full length mystery, The Case of the Picturesque Panda, and I have a question for everyone.

What would you think if I released it as an e-book, as a short work all by itself? Would this be of interest to anyone? Write me in the comments as an informal poll. Eventually it will be published in an all Inspector Panda print book of the Panda Chronicles, but it will take a while before I have enough new Inspector Panda pages to do that.

Meanwhile, Babette is hatching the next part of her plan….

Getting out the back, Jack....

Getting out the back, Jack….

And meanwhile, on The Cuppycake Cookbook front, here is another version of the Princess Pinky Cuppycake!

Good enough for a princess to eat!

Good enough for a princess to eat!

Until tomorrow,
Be the Bear
Bob T. Panda