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I know you were all waiting for me to pontificate on all things cookie balancing, weren’t you? I thought you might have been! But what with one thing (Pinky and Bubba’s story) and another (my response to the slander from Foxxy News) well, my dissertation on cookie balancing just got pushed back again and again.

But now, with no further ado, The Panda Chronicles brings you…

The truth about the fascinating sport of cookie balancing! (Soon to be an Olympic event!)

Did I mention I broke the world record in cookie balancing?

Panda on!
Bob T panda

It’s Panda Scout Cookie Time!!!

I was in the ferry line the other day, and I noticed that the Girl Scouts were out selling cookies! They had a captive audience, which changed every half hour. Smart! There was a whole group of scouts and moms/leaders, with multiple teams going out so that they could hit each row of cars as they waited for the next ferry. They also had a centrally located outpost with van and awning to protect the cookies in case of rain.


Before we get to our Fabulous Furry Friday Encore Presentation, I would like to pat myself on the back for breaking my previous world record in cookie balancing! Yes, I may have noted that I am the world record holder in Cookie Balancing (a soon to be olympic sport!!!) My previous world record was 23 seconds (timed from the start of nibbling a stable base, to the moment you attain balance for your cookie. The cookie then has to remain standing for at least 8 seconds.)

The new world record…ta da!!!!…is 18 SECONDS!!!!!!

And to show that this is real…

Actual balancing cookie!

And because it’s Panda Scout Cookie time…

On my honor, I will try…to eat as many cookies as I possibly can….

George Washington Bridge lane closure satire.

Princess Pinky Bao Bao…what have you done now?

zoo atlanta, bao bao, national zoo

Time to call in …Inspector panda!

Mei xiang and bao bao try to cover up highway-gate

Inspector Panda is on the job!

“Hello, Bai Yun? this is Lun Lun…about that detective you suggested…”

…of course Boo-mints are pretty good too.

Inspector panda

Will the twins get a merit badge for their road trip? will Lun Lun fess up to where the girls are? will Inspector Panda get a clue, or at least more twitter followers. Stay tuned!

Bao Bao, washington DC cover-up

Oh, Pinky…what have you done?

Howdy, Mr Kitty, kindly tell us where a tired old cowpoke can get a boo beer and a cuppycake.

I hope you enjoyed this encore presentation of the HighwayGate saga! If you enjoy these ‘toons, consider buying my books, so you can read about bears behaving badly ALL THE TIME! Thank you!

Panda On!

Somewhere in London, the pandas wait for the torch bears!

The opening ceremonies have begun…the pandas are at the starting post, poised by the pool, practicing pandanastics pirouettes….The glory of Pandyland is at stake. They have one goal on their minds……

Cuppycakes (or in this case, cookies.)



Going for the …um…chocolate chip.

Happy Saturday!

Be the Bear!

Bob. T. Panda