I know you were all waiting for me to pontificate on all things cookie balancing, weren’t you? I thought you might have been! But what with one thing (Pinky and Bubba’s story) and another (my response to the slander from Foxxy News) well, my dissertation on cookie balancing just got pushed back again and again.

But now, with no further ado, The Panda Chronicles brings you…

The truth about the fascinating sport of cookie balancing! (Soon to be an Olympic event!)

Did I mention I broke the world record in cookie balancing?

Panda on!
Bob T panda

6 thoughts on “and Now, Back to COOKIE BALANCING

  1. Gloria DeFalco

    Bob, I think the biggest praise would be not for attaining Cookie Balancing perfection, but the fact that you were able to avoid eating the cookies before they got balanced.

  2. Jeanie

    Balance substrate aside, I think the hardest part may be leaving enough delicious cookie left to balance. Another box, please! :))

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Um…well there is the training cookie….and then you get to eat it after the competition!


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